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Depending on your nationality, you should need a visa to enter Kuwait, and the procedure for doing so will change. Online visa status checks are necessary before going to Kuwait. You may verify your Kuwait visa status using the step-by-step instructions we’ve provided in this page.

Kuwait visa check online

Kuwait visa status

Travelers can check the visa status Kuwait through the online visa check service. You must input the passport number you used to apply for the Kuwait entrance visa check together with your Kuwait visa request number in order to use this service. Consequently, you can check to see if your visa application has been approved after entering this information. Visitors can make their trip to Kuwait as hassle-free as feasible by taking the time to comprehend the prerequisites and procedure for acquiring a visa.

Kuwait visa check by passport number

Visitors can use Kuwait’s online tool to track the progress of the visa request by entering their passport number. You must input both your passport number and the Kuwait visa reference code corresponding to your application in order to utilize our Kuwait visa check by passport number service. Once you’ve completed this, you can check to see if your visa was actually issued.

You must go to the Kuwait Ministry of Interior site to determine the status of your visa.

  • Enter the website.
  • Type passport number.
  • Click “ok.”

If your visa is still in effect, you will be able to see when it expires. Thus, if it has, you must get in touch with the Kuwait MOI to renew it.

Kuwait visa number validity check

By submitting their visa number, visitors visiting Kuwait can also check the progress of their application for a visa.

  • By accessing the website of the Kuwait Minister of Interior, you can do the MOI Kuwait visa check.
  • Your visa number must be entered on the website in the relevant box.
  • The present state of your visa will be visible once you have input your passport number and visa number.
  • If the visa is still valid, you may check its expiry date and other pertinent details.

You must get in touch with the Kuwaiti Embassy or Consulate in your nation of residency if your visa has run out in order to learn more about how to renew it.

Kuwait visa status check by civil ID

Additionally, using their Civil ID, travelers can do their MOI Kuwait civil ID validity check. The most crucial document to use to determine your visa status is the Kuwait Civil ID. Your civil ID code is the link between you and the details of your visa, regardless of whether you’re a guest or an expat.

  • To do the Kuwait visa status check, visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Select “civil ID services.”
  • Submit civil ID number.
  • Click “query.”
  • Obtain the civil ID Kuwait status.

It is significant to remember that Kuwait’s government modifies the status of expat visas frequently. Because of this, it can take a while before your new status is shown in the system whether you just requested a visa or had one that was already on file extended.

Visa application check

The following steps describe how to check the status visa check Kuwait online:

  • Firstly, visit the website to check the application Kuwait visa status. The “Visa Applications Status” feature can be found on the homepage. You can access the page detailing the status of your visa application by clicking on this section.
  • Then, you must input your Kuwait visa request number in the field provided on the visa request status page. Your confirmation page for your visa application is where you may obtain your application number.
  • Subsequently, enter the CAPTCHA.
  • Thus, the application Kuwait visa status will be visible on the screen. This, once you have completed the appropriate fields and hit the “submit” button.

How does the Kuwait iqama check online works?

Kuwait visa status

You must go through a Kuwait visa check before being granted entry to enter the nation. Any traveler, irrespective of nationality or purpose, must have it. You will need to show both your passport and a current Kuwait visa in order to enter the nation. Consequently, you will be free to enter the nation with it.

Having your travel paperwork in order and having the necessary permission to enter Kuwait are both ensured by an entry visa check.

Kuwait visa types

Depending on your trip objective, Kuwait offers a variety of visa categories. The most popular type of visa is the tourist one, which gives visitors up to 30 days in Kuwait. Other types of visas include transit, work, and business visas.

Tourist visa: The most prevalent type of visa for Kuwait is the 90-day tourist visa. You can only go abroad and enter Kuwait with this visa. Therefore, you have no right to stay and work or study there.

Business visa: You can enter Kuwait for exclusively business purposes with the 90-day business visa. However, you cannot study or work on the visa.

Student visa: You can enter Kuwait to enroll in an official school while holding a student visa, which has a one-year expiration date. Also, you have the option to work part-time while you are a student with this form of visa.

Work visa: The work visa allows you to go to Kuwait and work at an officially recognized business for a period of one year. Additionally, you can take night classes while you are in Kuwait.

Residency visa: You can reside in Kuwait with your relatives if you have a two-year resident visa. Furthermore, this sort of visa is valid for both work and study.

How to know if your visa is fake or original?

The strongest currency currently in use is the Kuwaiti dinar (1 KWD = 3.32 USD). This has led to a large influx of people seeking employment in Kuwait as well as, regrettably, artists hoping to profit from the circumstances by issuing Kuwaiti e-visas.

You can follow these methods to determine if your Kuwaiti e-visa is legitimate:

  • Go to e-visa portal.
  • Enter visa request number.
  • Enter Passport number.
  • Submit CAPTCHA.
  • Click “submit.”

If you are unaware of your passport number, you can also:

  • Go to Kuwait application status site.
  • Enter visa request number.
  • Submit CAPTCHA.
  • Hit “submit.”

Your e-visa number will appear on the screen with a “approved” status if it is recognized. The status “invalid number” will be shown, nonetheless, if the electronic visa number is fake.

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