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If you want to work as permanent or long-term employment in Dubai then you need to have a work permit in UAE. This permit is commonly known as a labor card and there are some rules that should be followed in order to get this. The process is done before and after reaching the UAE. You have to follow all the rules before and after, in order to get the labor card.

Once the procedure is done, you will get the card that will be valid for two years and you will be able to get long-term work in Dubai. Along with the work permit, you also have to get the residence permit so you can stay there without any difficulty. The procedure will take almost 40 days to complete.

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Here we are providing you with the 13 steps guide to get a work permit in Dubai.

1- Approval from Ministry of Labor

The first step in the procedure of getting your work permit is to get approval from the Ministry of Labor. In this process, the employer has to apply this on the behalf of the employee, otherwise, the process will not be started. If you are applying for the work permit in free zones then you will easily get the procedure done. Moreover, they also check that if there is a UAE resident who is unemployed and is able to do work in the same position, for which you are applying. If not, then you will get the approval. It will take almost three days to be approved.

2- Job Contract

Secondly, you will have to send the job offer for the signature of the employee. Afterward, it will be returned to the employer. The contract has the requirement that it should be both in Arabic and English. If the employer’s native language is somehow different from these two, then it should be in that language also. It will take almost two days to complete.

3- Work Permit

It is important to get the work permit approved, before the issuance of the entry visa. Moreover, the sponsor must also be a UAE corporate entity and registered. This process will take almost 3 to 5 days.

4- Entry Permit Visa

After receiving the receipt of the work permit, you will be issued with the entry permit visa. This is also known as a pink visa. It gives permission to applicants to enter the UAE easily. You can live there for a period of 30 days on the behalf of this permit and it could be extended for another 30 days until you will get your work permit approved. It will take almost 3 days to complete this procedure.

5- New Entry Permit

If you have the entry permit visa then you will be allowed to enter the UAE, but if you are already living there on any other kind of visa then you will have to change your status or get a new entry permit so as to live there for 2 months. You have to complete the procedure of formal work permit in these 60 days.

6- Emirates ID Service center

After this, the employee needs to go to the Emirates ID service center so as to provide them with an original valid passport and valid entry permit. It is a way to get your ID checked there. You have to verify your biometric data and this process will take almost one day to be completed.

7- Medical Screening

Before providing the employees with the work permit, the UAE authorities require all the foreigners to get their medical screening done in order to detect any kind of medical problem.

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If you are suffering from a serious disease then you won’t be allowed to get the work permit there. It will take one day to complete the process.

8- Medical Result

You have to get the medical screening results and attach it with the application. This will be proof that you don’t have any serious disease. The process will also take almost one day.

9- Labor Contract

In the work permit application, the employee must also attach the signed labor contract as proof. The employee will also be provided with the new deadline to get the renewal of the contract within 14 days and it should be sent to the Ministry of Labor, UAE. The employee also has the option to upload the labor contract on the Ministry of Labor websites. The time duration for this process will be 14 days.

10- Receipt

Once you will get the permit card, it will be a receipt and your payroll will be officially started from the UAE ministry. The time duration for this process is almost 5 days. The card should be kept safe and always with yourself.

11- Medical Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all the people in the UAE, so you should also have to get a medical insurance card. If you do not have the medical insurance card, you won’t get the work permit in UAE. This process of insurance card issuance will take almost 5 days.

12- Stamping from DNRD

Once you have all the documents like medical screening results, medical insurance cards, and work permits, you have to go to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai in order to get your passport stamped. After this, you will get the residence permit.

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This process takes almost 3 days. Getting a residency visa, you will have the permission to register your car, open bank accounts and PO box.

13- ID Collection

The last step to do is to collect the Emirates ID that is used for the day to day verification purposes in UAE. You don’t need to carry a passport with you every time. This process takes almost 10 days after getting the stamped residence visa in your passport.

Now, you don’t need to worry anymore. You are fully ready to work for a long-time in the UAE. Connect Resource can help you get your permit easily with guidance.

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