What you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff

what you should and shouldn't do when recruiting senior staff.


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When you look for experienced staff for your company, you have to know that there’s a big difference between recruiting entry-level candidates and them, so you have to know what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff.

The hiring process tends to be more difficult for senior-level employees, but you don’t have to worry because you have to know how to take the correct approach, and this way, you’re going to find the workers you need.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the correct way of dealing with senior executives and the mistakes you have to avoid so you can have a streamlined process. Let’s observe:

  • What you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff
  • The dos of recruiting senior staff
  • The don’ts of recruiting senior staff
  • How can Connect Resources help you hire senior staff?

1. What you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff

When it comes to the question of how to hire senior executives, you may find yourself in an unknown territory since it’s very different from hiring entry-level employees.

If you don’t have the resources and personnel to carry out an excellent interview process to deal with the high-skilled and experienced people, then you’re probably going to make wrong hiring, or you may end up without the worker that you need.

In this regard, you have two options; you can invest in your in-house HR team to have HR specialists or contact a third party like a recruiting agency that helps you with this.

1.1 Why is the recruitment process necessary?

You need to know what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff to hire the perfect employee for the vacancy you have in your business.

Why is it essential to have a reliable recruiting process for senior executives? Let’s observe:

  • Know how to assess all the different types of candidates
  • Know how to find the senior-level talent that matches your requirements
  • Develop concrete recruiting strategies to attract senior workers

With Connect Resources, you can be assisted in the whole hiring process since it’s a UAE recruiting agency that counts on a team of specialists readily available to solve all of your inquiries related to finding senior staff.

2. The dos of recruiting senior staff

The dos of recruiting senior staff

When considering all the aspects and what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff, it’s essential to think about what you have to do to have a successful recruiting and interviewing process.

2.1 Define skills and attributes

The first thing you have to do when hiring C-level executives is to define what you’re looking for in your future executive. It means that you have to detail the specific skills and knowledge you’re looking for in the person who will take that vacancy.

What are some of the considerations you have to take when defining the job offer? Let’s observe:

  • The attributes that this employee has that would enhance your business
  • The skills required for the job position
  • The vision that you’re looking for in an employee
  • The qualifications that the candidate must have

Once you determine the traits that would be perfect for the position, you can start the selection process. It’s essential to do it because this way you can be sure about what you’re looking for.

2.2 Offer the best job opportunity

Offering a great job opportunity for senior executives is more appealing than offering just a good salary because these candidates are often looking for a complete package, which allows them to develop professionally.

It’s one of the top tactics that you can apply to engage candidates and potential employees to identify with the company’s goals and objectives.

How can you be sure that you’re offering the best job opportunity? Let’s observe:

  • Listen to what the candidate has to say and predict what will appeal them to join the company
  • Match the candidate to the job opportunity based on what they’re looking for
  • Explain the role clearly

2.3 Plan the interview process

When considering what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff is essential to plan the interview process, so you don’t improvise, and you can look like a serious employer and recruiter. Hence, they decide to get on board.

Senior-level candidates know that they’re valuable, so you don’t want to make them feel like they’ve wasted their time. So, it’s advisable to have a lot of organization for carrying out the interview.

2.4 Highlight the benefits

There are many basic aspects related to the senior executive search in the UAE. Still, one of the main things you have to do is highlight the benefits of the specific position, not only the salary but also the compensations the worker will receive once they start.

How can you highlight the benefits? Let’s observe:

  • Offer a senior-level salary
  • Explain the comprehensive employee benefits package that you have
  • Point out the benefits that will be right from the beginning
  • Ask the candidate about what kind of benefits is him/her expecting to receive

2.5 Keep top talent around each other

Top-level candidates like to work around another top talent, so it’s essential to share the following information with them:

  • Leaders that already work in the company
  • The people whom your candidate is going to work with
  • What they can learn from their colleagues

2.6 Be relationship-focused

One of the aspects of hiring senior staff that will prevail after the COVID-19 crisis is that you’re going to have to start building relationships with your employees, and you can start applying this strategy in the interview process.

Don’t make the interview process look like a mere requirement; you have to show real interest in the candidate, listen to what they have to say, and talk about their expectations, experience, knowledge, and more.

2.7 Discuss career development

The senior staff likes to know every detail about the job description. One crucial aspect that you have to point out when hiring C-level executives is the possibility of growing as a professional in the company.

Make sure to point out the projects that the candidate is going to take, so they can feel more engaged with the job, and also ask them about what project they would find engaging. Senior executives wouldn’t want to be stuck on boring and tedious projects.

3. The don’ts of recruiting senior staff

Another essential part of knowing what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff is to recognize what doesn’t work to avoid making any mistake in the hiring or interviewing process.

3.1 Don’t set the bar too high

One of the common mistakes that recruiters make when interviewing senior staff is that they fail in recognizing the abilities and skills that the workers may have, and in turn, they set the bar too high for the candidate.

It’s important to point out that you don’t want your candidates to feel like they’re going to be challenged in a way that will burn them out.

Connect Resources is one of the senior executives recruiting agencies in Dubai that can help you find your company’s perfect talent. You don’t have to worry about the process because you’re going to receive assistance the whole time.

3.2 Don’t neglect the interview process

The interview is an essential part of the process; therefore, you have to develop some executive recruiting strategies that you can apply when you’re talking with the candidates to be sure about everything that will come if they get selected for the job.

Make sure to have all the information related to the job offer with you, and prepare all the questions that you want to ask beforehand; this is going to give a good impression of the company and will prove that you know what you’re looking for in a candidate.

3.3 Don’t treat senior candidates as entry-level candidates

If you’d like to know how to hire senior executives, you have to understand that you have to treat high-level candidates differently as entry-level candidates because they don’t like to feel like they’re treated inexperienced since they know they’re a highly capable talent.

They won’t like to be asked to provide the same proof of expertise or credentials that you’d request to an entry-level candidate. Be careful about this because it could harm your interview process, and the candidate may not want to accept the job.

3.4 Don’t forget to give a complete overview

One mistake that you have to know about what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff is that employers and recruiters fail in giving a complete overview of the job position and the company.

What information should you provide to the candidate? Let’s observe:

  • Complete information about the job position: skills and abilities needed
  • The responsibilities of the job
  • The benefits and payment
  • The expectations of the company about the person who will fill the vacancy
  • The goals and objectives you want them to achieve

3.5 Don’t mistake performance with potential

One of the ways in which technology has improved the hiring process is that you can use several resources to find the perfect candidate that matches your criteria. When it comes to senior staff, you’re going to find several people with excellent skills and that has performed excellently in previous jobs.

Some of the attributes you have to look for in a candidate to know their true potential are ability, engagement, and aspiration.

3.6 Don’t rush into a decision

Making the right executive hire is crucial for your business’s future, so as you may know, it’s not a decision that you have to take in a rush. The common mistake that employers make is that they tend to hire the first persons they interview.

How can you be sure that you don’t rush into a decision? Let’s observe:

  • You’re correctly analyzing each candidate based on what they can provide to the company
  • Consider the pros and cons of each person you interview
  • Evaluate the skills of each candidate to see if they make a good fit
  • Consider how the candidate would adapt to your company’s culture

One of the reasons why you should use outsourcing services for finding senior staff is because you can make a well-informed decision since you’re going to receive guidance from a team of experts that made the process easier for you.

3.7 Don’t leave it all to one person

If you’d like to succeed in your executive recruiting strategies, you can’t do it alone or leave it to one person. Since hiring a top-level candidate is a significant decision, you have to involve more than one manager in the selection process.

It’s not necessary to involve many people, but you can ask two or more managers to be with you in the interview so they can give you insights about the candidate, and you can hear other opinions.

By doing it, you ensure that the decision doesn’t rest on one person’s shoulders, which can also help you make the best decision.

4. How can Connect Resources help you hire senior staff?

Connect Resources

Once you know what you should and shouldn’t do when recruiting senior staff, you may feel like it’s too much to handle, so you’d like to find all the help you can have to make the right hire.

You can trust an executive search firm to help you find the best workers for your company, and more importantly, to help you attract those senior executives with a passive search that will provide you the best candidates.

Connect Resources is one of the top-leading agencies that has been offering senior executives recruiting services to several companies in a variety of industries for the past two decades, so they have enough experience to deal with your unique requirements.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for hiring senior staff? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to contact@connectresources.ae, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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