Everything you need to know about executives search firms in Dubai

Nowadays, companies specifically in Dubai seek new qualified talent who can bring better results to the workplace since it industries there are in constant growth and need a faster and precise way to hire employees, in order to do this; a service of recruitment is hired by the requesting company so it is easier to find a candidate that may fit to the job with no problems. If you do not know any of the information about the executives search firms in Dubai, keep reading to learn more about it.

In this article will be explained how all this process of recruitment is done and how hiring a recruitment service can make things easier for companies.

Now, before hiring a recruitment service the employer or company interested in this process should ask themselves a few questions to make a decision afterwards.

  1. What is exactly the executive search firm process?
  2. What are some of the Pros and Cons of executive search firms?
  3. What are some of the features of this process?
  4. Why should you or a company hire a service like this?
  5. Are long-term employees better than short-term ones?

1. What is exactly the executives search firms in Dubai?

This process is mostly done by the employment service which normally aims to choose the best applicants for the company which is requesting the service so their business and results improve.

Also, another thing to know is that this process is called headhunting where they (out of a certain amount of candidates) choose the person who best qualifies for the spot.  The industry may also need to acquire this feature they may not have the experience or the time to hire people, so that is when recruitment services are called.

If you as an owner of a business is in the need of people who can help in the growth of it, hiring a service like this, can avoid the cost of a bad hire.

1.1 Why is failing at hiring new people a thing happening in the companies?

This may be one of the main problems industries or businesses owners can face. There are times where companies do not have the knowledge in HR (Human Resources) or they just simply do not have the available resources so they may end up hiring the wrong person and, as a consequence they will have to do the process all over again.

1.2 How do companies find qualified staff for jobs?

Companies have interesting methods to hire applicants. Now, for them this process of finding a job may be difficult, so, it is necessary to see some of the advisement process the market has to offer

Job boards and career sites: Basically, resumes are uploaded to the databases of the site by the applicants because the webpage asks them to do so. Somehow, it is a faster way for companies to gather some information of the people who is applying for the job. For the applicants it is important to highlight some information in their resumes since the company will use a variety of keywords to find a potential candidate faster.

LinkedIn: This is one of the most useful tools for recruiters because of its lack of difficulty in terms of use. Again, it eases the time the company can spend seeking for applicants by itself. This page finds people for jobs based on their career history or college background since they may not be actively applying for jobs every time.

Applicant tracking systems: What recruiters basically do in this part is to type a series of keywords that match with the resume uploaded by the applicant, once the employer has an open spot or a vacant, they will use this system to track an applicant who fits with the keywords provided in their database.

Networking events: technology has made its way through the years and it is not a secret that is also a better way to either find a person for a job or person finding a job. It is a well-known fact we can connect easily this way, nevertheless, it is more attractive for recruiters you attend to this events, since they can have a better view of your intentions as an applicant and also, develop a connection face-to-face which is always the best way to bond with a person.

Employee referrals: Despite the tools and the plenty of ways companies and recruiters love to have candidates referred by their own workers inside the company, since it is a more reliable source to find an applicant. Companies sometimes offered kind of compensation if one of their workers bring someone they know who is willing to work for them, of course, if it has all of the skills or abilities the company is requesting for. Recruiters like this idea because allows them to minimize the amount of work and time they may have. Also, they already have an idea who are they going to have as an applicant.

2. What are some of the Pros and Cons to executives search firms?

This is a question most of the HR employees have asked at least once. Is it better to have a recruiter who can make things easier when finding new prospects?   Saving money can be a solution if you want to hire a recruitment service?  Let’s take a look to some of the pros and cons this process may bring:


  • It reduces the amount of time and work invested for the HR team
  • Recruiters have a wider view of the market and what the company is able to offer, so they can be more precise at the moment of targeting some applicants.
  • Recruiters have connections, more contacts so it is easier to aim for applicants who are not even applying for a job at the moment.
  • Some agencies (recruitment) even offer the possibility of hiring the prospects as if they were one of their own, that is to say, the company avoids taking the responsibility of paying some extra money to the applicant if the process does not work out.


  • The executives search firms duration needs to be known by the employer, because it is not only finding a person and it is done. It take time to find a candidate and then bring him/her to the company to start working.
  • The employer needs to be aware of the recruiter’s salary, because it can be initially higher than the expected for the applicant. Additionally, if it will be worth the time and money spent in the long term.
  • The trust you need to have with the recruitment agency, it needs to be a trust-worthy agency so you can rely all your trust in them.
  • It can be a possibility but it can never be discarded, the fact that the recruiter hired may misinterpret your requests and can lead to a miscommunication between the applicant and the job seeker.

3. What are some of the features of this process?

The executives search firms‘ process starts when a company contacts a recruitment agency so they can work with them and serve as a mediator to find new talent for the company.  It is essential to have these points in mind when an employer wants to have new talents:

3.1 Set what the priorities are

This involves, filling all the requirements the company is requesting, especially an international executive search is, so the recruiter can see if the applicant they chose suits for the job. The requirements involve:

  • Skills
  • Background experience
  • Abilities
  • Knowledge in the spot they are looking for

3.2 Talent Seeking

Headhunting in Dubai is mostly done to locate prospects that suit better for the job, once the job seeker knows what the company is looking for, the recruiter offers the company the applicants they have gathered.

Once this step is done, they set a list of potential prospects and create the best approach for the company and the prospect, so a final decision can be made and make a proposal to the applicant.

3.4 Catching up candidates

This part is when the recruiter gets a closer look to the applicant’s profile and contacts him/her in order to see if they are interested in the job position and also if the company is willing to hire them.

If by any chance the recruiter has some other applicants on the list, which is more likely to happen since the Executive search in Abu Dhabi market is wide. They will make a thorough evaluation for the job in case the first prospect is not accepted by the company or did not accept the opportunity.

3.5 Interviews

This step is done when the recruitment agency has made all the procedures of selecting the applicants who qualify for the job offer and once they know the applicants fulfill the requests of the employer. Of course, the abilities and skills are evaluated before all of this happens.

What is interesting about this specific part of the process is that the company can rely on the recruitment agency to carry out the interviews for them. As previously mentioned, this can save money and time for the employer. However, the company itself (employer) can carry out with the interviews if they want to do it.

3.6 Picking

Once the interviews are done, the employer can finally make the final decision in order to choose the best candidate for the job. Making an evaluation to show the weaknesses and strengths of the applicant is really helpful.  Another aspect the recruitment agency can offer is to help the company to select the applicants with the best profile on the list.

3.7 Job opportunity

In this case, the company is already at the final step of the selection process to see if the applicant fits for the job. The company will show why switching jobs can bring benefits for them. This offer it has to be attractive to the applicant. In that way, they will show a counter offer to the company and finally get to an agreement.

Also, another benefit of the executive search firms’ process is that they can help you offer a better deal to the prospect, so in that way the employer can close negotiations and both parts get to an agreement.

4. Why should you or a company hire a service like this?

Recruiting in Dubai can be an exhausting task, besides; not having the experience in the topic can cause an unexpected result which may lead to have a waste of money or time. This is when the recruitment agency is hired, to give you solutions.

In which sectors can an executive search agency support your business? You can have a wide list of sectors in your business but here are some sectors which the agency can help you with.

  • Understanding the market perfectly
  • Background experience
  • A variety of opinions
  • Creating more solutions than problems
  • Completely sure you prospects fulfills with the requirements
  • Modifying the company’s image.
  • Developing a level of reliability as an employer
  • Making your brand grow and make it popular in the market

4.1 Benefits of the executives search firms

Making your company grow and get people to know your brand has always been a challenge for business owners and employers, the most important aspect is to have an impact on people’s points of view. Of course, this does not occur if you are working alone, you need a set of workers who help you make that possible, also, they need to be reliable and experts on the matter so your money and time is not waste.

This is why recruitment agencies are looked up; they basically take care of your needs and demands so the applicants they hire are worthy. Besides, since their work is not going to be under a long-term contract, applicants need to show their skills

5. Are long-term employees better than short-term ones?

Being an executives search firms, you not only want to hire the person but to have the confidence this person is going to be at a company for an unknown period of time, that can also tell you if a company is successful, because it also depends on the success of the employees . So, having long-term employees assure you to achieve success in your company since it guarantees you better productivity and better results in the long-term.

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