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One of the most essential legal identities for every firm operating in the UAE is the TRN (Tax Registration Number). Despite its best efforts, TRN fraud still occurs frequently in the UAE despite the UAE government’s strict and rapid response to any TRN and corporate fraud attempts. To prevent fraud in your organization, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about TRN verification Dubai.

In this article, we will be talking all about VAT TRN verification. It is crucial for business managers, investors, and clients to fully comprehend the TRN verification Abu Dhabi procedure; it only takes a few seconds, and you can TRN check UAE while you are on the road. Let us see:

  1. What is Tax Registration Number?
  2. Why is TRN verification Dubai necessary?
  3. How to do TRN checking?
  4. Obtain the TRN for your company
  5. How can Connect Resources help you?

1. What is Tax Registration Number?

trn verification dubai

The term TRN means Tax Registration Number in accordance with UAE VAT Laws. A TRN is a special number that the Federal Tax Authority issues to a business that has registered for VAT. It is also known as a VAT number or a VAT registration number in layman’s terms.

The vast majority of nations in the world, including the UAE, impose taxes on goods and services that are used often. On January 1st, 2018, this modification went into effect in order to spread out income sources. The Value Added Tax was implemented to wean the UAE off its heavy reliance on oil because of this dependence.

The adoption of VAT and other charges is intended to increase revenue through a number of ways, according to the website of the Federal Tax Authority. This is done to make sure that government agencies can uphold the standards set and give future generations good amenities and a high standard of living.

These initiatives are also in existence as a way to change socially destructive behaviors. One such is the introduction of excise taxes on products that are harmful to UAE citizens’ health. Carbonated drinks, sports drinks, and cigarettes are a few of these things. Registration numbers and TRN verify became necessary with the implementation of VAT.

Following the completion and acceptance of your company’s VAT registration, your TRN is automatically provided to you. When you submit a VAT application, you will be issued a VAT certificate that enables you to collect your tax on sales.

1.1 VAT Laws

According to UAE VAT Laws, companies that are listed for Value Added Tax and have a current Tax Registration Number (TRN) need to include their TRN on every invoice they produce. The TRN, a 15-digit number, is necessary to distinguish between different businesses. Additionally, the taxable individual who has a TRN may only add VAT to invoices.

Businesses must cite TRN in all tax documents, such as:

  • Tax Invoices, according to UAE VAT laws.
  • Return of VAT.
  • Note on Tax Credit.
  • Other documents necessary, per UAE VAT Laws, to specify TRN.

1.2 Are Emirates ID and TRN the same thing?

Because both contain 15 digits, a foreigner unfamiliar with the UAE might easily mistake the TRN for the Emirates ID. But keep in mind that their structure and intended use are fundamentally distinct.

The TRN is used for company identification, whereas the Emirates ID is for individual identification. The UAE government mandates that all nationals and residents apply for and carry around an Emirates ID at all times.

TRN, on the other hand, is solely required for all UAE enterprises in order to legally conduct all commercial activities and report.

TRN and Emirates ID have various issuing authorities as well. In order to obtain an Emirates ID as an individual, you must pertain to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security; also, in order to do your federal tax authority TRN verification, register your business, and obtain a valid TRN, you must apply to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

2. Why is TRN verification Dubai necessary?

In Dubai and the UAE, a tax registration number acts as a company’s official identification. In January 2018, the UAE government established VAT with a maximum rate of 5% for companies in a variety of industries. The UAE wanted to become less reliant on oil and more dependent on sustainable economic activities, therefore they implemented VAT.

In accordance with the FTA’s taxation guidelines, you may add up to 5% VAT to your clients’ final payment amount when you invoice them.

There are several examples of dishonest companies billing clients for VAT but failing to reimburse the government because they lack a valid TRN.

The UAE authorities established a quick and easy FTA VAT verification mechanism for clients and companies in the UAE to put a stop to this wrongdoing.

You should charge VAT to clients as a company owner until you have a valid TRN. When you submit your financial reports, this could get you into a lot of difficulty, leading to fines and perhaps the suspension of your business license.

Customers can quickly proceed with TRN validation to make sure that their money is directed to the appropriate party. Also, that the company to which they are doing the VAT payment can accept VAT transactions.

2.1 The importance of TRN

The VAT laws in the UAE are not quite as old as those in the UK and Europe, for instance. The business world is still attempting to comprehend these changes. Unfortunately, some people might try to take advantage of people who don’t yet have enough VAT knowledge and experience.

A corporation must pay taxes to the government when it registers in the UAE. To authenticate users and keep track of their transactions, the FTA utilizes a TRN. Registrants include the 5% tax rate in their charge and transfer the cost of the tax to their clients. The government then receives the money that was raised by the VAT.

A company now has a special TRN that the nation can use to track its transactions if it is not abiding by the FTA. As a result, noncompliant businesses are unable to collect VAT. However, there can be situations where firms use unauthorized TRNs to collect VAT from their clients. They do not have to transfer the VAT they receive from customers with the government since they are not in compliance with the FTA. This money frequently finds up in their hands as a result.

3. How to do TRN checking?


The TRN verification FTA procedure UAE is quite convenient for anyone who owns a computer or a smartphone. When a company acquires a FTA TRN, the system recognizes the company as a valid registrant. Anyone can use the FTA website to check a company’s legal registration status. Here is how to check TRN number:

In order to undertake TRN verification Dubai, the FTA previously required users to sign up on their site with identifying information. Now that registration is open to everyone, the procedure is extremely transparent.

3.1 Visual FTA TRN check

You can instantly recognize the format of the digits on all TRNs. You can just examine the code to verify if it has the correct format before checking it digitally for TRN verification in Dubai.

The first digit of a TRN is always 100, followed by three rows of 4 digits. As a result, the structure is 100-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

One of these could be a sign of a false number when you check TRN:

  • Not having precisely 15 digits.
  • Not having 100 as the first three digits.
  • Lacking the appropriate format.

Once you do your visual VAT TRN check to see if it is in the proper format, you can verify it electronically with TRN verification Dubai.

3.2 Steps for TRN verification Dubai

You may complete your TRN verification in a few easy steps. Let us check:

To start check TRN number on the VTA website. You can easily get the TRN verification through the website’s direct URL. On the other side, you may quickly find it by doing a Google search.

You will then see a text box where you can enter the TRN and another text area in which you can submit a captcha or provided security code when you reach the TAX verification Dubai site. With caution, insert the Tax Registration Number from your receipt, invoice, or business documents. Be sure to precisely enter the pin code and press or select “Validate” after.

Finally, the website will check the TRN you submit to their company database once you click “Validate.” The statement “TRN is Present in the Network” will show if the database finds a match with a valid registrant. The Arabic and English versions of the firm entity’s legal name will also appear on the screen. The message “TRN does not exist in the software” will appear if the system is unable to find a match.

With the help of this approach, you may be sure that the business you are interacting with as a customer is registered with the UAE and has a valid TRN. To ensure that your customers can always verify your TRN, you should authenticate it as a business owner.

4. Obtain the TRN for your company

What if you do not have a TRN and need to get one for your organization in the UAE now that you are aware of how to perform a TRN verification Dubai?

Through the Federal Tax Authority e-services site, FTA enables firms in the UAE to submit an online TRN registration application.

Open an FTA account by clicking on this link:

The online portal will give you information detailing the paperwork needs after you join up. The following details about your company, among others, must be provided here:

  • Business type.
  • Location of the business and whether it is in a UAE free zone.
  • Registration requirements (mandatory or voluntary).
  • Details about the business owner.

You must submit scanned copies of the following papers when requesting your TRN in Dubai:

  • For partnerships in business, a partnership agreement.
  • Articles of incorporation.
  • UAE ID or a passport.
  • Any further records that mention ownership.

You will need to supply information about your company’s bank account. You must provide the contact information of an authorized business manager that the authorities can get in touch with for legal reasons if you are not running the company yourself.

4.1 How can people return a counterfeit TRN?

In the UAE, failure to have a current TRN when issuing VAT invoices to customers is dishonest and illegal. Consumers need to report any counterfeit TRNs they find through visual inspection or TRN verification UAE.

Thankfully, reporting a fake TRN is a simple procedure. You can contact FTA by phone or email. Contact the FTA by phone at 600 599 994 or email at

5. How can Connect Resources help you?

Your best ally in dealing with your TRN verification in Dubai is Connect Resources. You can be sure that you are in compliance while running a business in the United Arab Emirates with the help of our professional support.

Our company can help you if you want to learn more about TRN search UAE. We have a long history of assisting businesses in the United Arab Emirates in expanding and achieving their goals. As a result, we provide a range of services that could aid in a business’s development and success. Therefore, you may depend on us to provide the necessary HR services if you wish to advance:

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