Top advantages of Recruitment process outsourcing for your business

Recruitment process outsourcing


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Hiring workers for your business could be a challenging task. For this reason, many companies opt for Recruitment process outsourcing. It could be the perfect solution because it helps you save resources and you can focus on your core strategic activities.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know regarding delegating your hiring and recruitment process. In addition, you’ll understand all the outstanding benefits this solution can give to your business. Let’s observe:

  • Top advantages of Recruitment process outsourcing for your business
  • What is RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)?
  • Which challenges can RPO solve in your business?
  • Why should you work with a RPO provider?
  • What are the main benefits associated with RPO?
  • Why can Connect Resources be your best RPO solution?

1. Top advantages of Recruitment process outsourcing for your business

As a business owner you want to make decisions that will help your organization. If you want to hire more workers and fill your vacancies you need to invest a lot of time and effort to achieve it.

Since it’s becoming difficult to find perfect candidates for your company, you can always opt for Recruitment process outsourcing. A RPO provider can help you develop a solid strategy to attract high-level candidates and thus get short and long-term benefits with your new hires.

Keep in mind that you should focus on your hiring and recruitment even when you face difficult times. With the help of an outstanding agency like Connect Resources you will get assistance in each step of your way.

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2. What is RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)?

Recruitment process outsourcing, also known as RPO, refers to the delegation of some or all of your company’s internal recruitment function. It means that a third party will be in charge of carrying out all of your tasks related with hiring and recruitment.

When you opt for an RPO approach to solve your requirements, an external agency becomes your organization’s recruiting arm. The RPO provider could work for you remotely or can sit on-site to offer you a comprehensive solution.

2.1 Why do companies opt for an RPO solution?

When an enterprise decides to work with one of the Recruitment process outsourcing companies does it because its hiring it’s not giving good results. Some of the reasons why a business decides to contact an RPO provider are the following:

  • It’s difficult and/or daunting to find proper talent to fill the vacancies
  • The company has had the position open for a while and it’s unable to find the right talent
  • It’s trying to find a niche role
  • The company has too many openings
  • The recruitment team don’t have the ability to meet the volume of demand
  • There’s a lack of strategic workforce planning
  • The company doesn’t have the knowledge or advanced hiring technologies to carry out the process by itself

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3. Which challenges can RPO solve in your business?

When you consider the Recruitment process outsourcing you may wonder if it’s the right choice for your business. To make a well-informed decision it’s essential to know which challenges the RPO provider can solve in your business.

As a business, you may face difficulties when it comes to hiring. A RPO solution could help you overcome the following challenges regarding recruitment:

  • Sourcing strategic candidates for your open roles
  • Screening prospects
  • Carrying out the interview process
  • Develop an effective onboarding
  • Assessment of your needs
  • Develop a solid employer branding
  • Have an effective workforce planning

With the help of a RPO provider you can get assistance and receive a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment service. Keep in mind that a service level agreement is a great tool when you deal with a partner so it’s useful to know how to use them.

Learn more about service level agreements and why they’re a great tool for partnerships.

4. Why should you work with a RPO provider?

Before deciding for Recruitment process outsourcing it’s crucial to know the best reasons why you should work with an RPO provider.

The truth is that outsourcing has become a major solution for several businesses nowadays. It’s a tool that you can use for your advantage and that can deliver outstanding results.

Some of the reasons why you should outsource your recruitment are the following:

  • You get valuable expertise that otherwise would be too expensive to acquire
  • It allows you to work with an agency you can trust and receive exactly what you want in terms of hiring
  • You’re able to focus on your core business activities
  • You won’t need to hire experts in particular fields because you get a comprehensive service that includes all you need
  • The RPO provider gives you a custom solution based on your requirements
  • It helps you have a better understanding of your company’s culture and the job description
  • The RPO provider knows how to identify the right certifications, skills and qualifications needed for a particular role
  • An external specialist partner can help you avoid certain candidates based on spotting warning signs

A PEO can be the best solution to improve your hiring strategy. You can get an outstanding service that will allow you to obtain top-level candidates.

Learn more about how a PEO can be a great support for your company.

4.1 How to identify the perfect RPO provider for your business?

Before deciding to partner with a RPO provider, there are several aspects you should consider in advance.

The main characteristics you have to look for in a provider are the following:

  • Expertise: check the provider has enough experience hiring within your particular industry.
  • References: it’s best to work with a provider that has an outstanding track record. You can check for references from their past clients to have an overview of what they do.
  • Scope of service: each provider has its own specialties and services. Hence, it’s important to check if the offer the services you’re seeking.
  • Technology: contact the provider that can offer you the latest tools and software for recruitment.

The best part about Recruitment process outsourcing services is that you can get a solution adapted to your needs. Whether you need permanent workers or you’re looking for temporary staff, you can get exactly what you request.

Learn more about the busy seasons and how you can react to temporary staffing demands.

5. What are the main benefits associated with RPO?

What is RPO recruitment process outsourcing

If you’re still unsure about the Recruitment process outsourcing then you need to know the advantages of working with an RPO provider.

5.1 Better quality of hires

The main benefit of working with a RPO model is that you get a stronger quality of hires. You won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort in looking prospects because the agency will do it for you.

How can a RPO provider provide you better candidates?

  • The provider has sufficient time, resources and energy to develop a streamlined recruitment process
  • Its experts can source and screen the candidates effectively to shortlist the top ones
  • The agency has a talent pool in which you can search your best candidate

You can get top candidates for any of your particular requirements. A RPO provider could be excellent when it comes to on-demand staffing. This way you can get the perfect workers anytime.

Learn more about the on-demand staffing in the UAE.

5.2 Cost-effective results

When you decide to partner with one of the Recruitment process outsourcing companies you are taking advantage of its cost effectiveness. Some of the cost reduction benefits you get with a RPO provider are the following:

  • It matches your hiring needs whether you need to scale up or down your workforce
  • You can fill your positions faster which helps you save costs
  • Filling vacancies on time boost your productivity
  • It decreases turnover which in turn helps you save time and money

5.3 Reduced risk of turnover

When you hire an employee you expect them to stay for a long time in the company. However, this doesn’t always happen this way. If you don’t want your new hire to leave within their first year then you have to use RPO services.

Turnover is a major worry for every company but you can solve this easily with outsourcing. The agency ensures your new employees will stay longer since they carry out a thoroughly process to identify candidates that will pass the probation period.

If you belong to a particular industry, like oil and gas, you can also use RPO services. You just have to contact an agency that specializes within your industry and you can get the perfect workers for your business.

Learn more about the oil and gas recruitment agencies in the UAE.

5.4 Faster speed in the recruitment process

With the Recruitment process outsourcing services you can get your new hires as fast as possible.

When you carry out the recruitment process by yourself, you may spend a lot of time before hiring the right candidate. Moreover, when the position is being empty for a long time it becomes harder to find the right person for the role.

For this reason, it’s better to use RPO since it can speed the process up. Some of the areas in which it can help you are the following:

  • Prepare your hiring managers to carry out efficient interviews
  • Help you understand the job position and requirements
  • Implement Service level agreements which can help you get your worker in a specific time frame
  • The rigorous screening and onboarding process ensures outstanding workers in less time

5.5 Support to HR functions

Focusing on your HR crucial functions could be exhausting and time-consuming. The RPO provider helps you handle each step of the sourcing and recruitment process. Thus, your in-house HR team can focus on other areas like learning and development while the agency takes care of everything.

HR functions can be difficult to handle, but you need to take them seriously since they’re crucial for the proper functioning of your business. If you want to have specialists assisting you with this matter, you should contact Connect Resources to receive the help from its HR consultants.

Learn more about the HR Consultancy service offered by Connect Resources.

5.6 Compliance with regulations

Compliance is a major subject in the UAE. When you’re planning on hiring workers for your business you need to have enough knowledge about labor law and regulations. If you fail to offer a contract that complies with local standards you may incur in liabilities.

Being up-to-date with the constantly changing regulations of the UAE could be challenging, especially if you don’t have experts in your team. For this reason, working with a PEO could be the perfect solution to stay in compliance.

In addition, the specialists can also help you keep detailed records and make a map of every stage of the staffing process, as well as provide processes and methods that are completely auditable.

6. Why can Connect Resources be your best RPO solution?

Connect Resources

Once you’ve considered the Recruitment process outsourcing perhaps you’ve wondering where you can find a reliable partner. Here in Connect Resources we want to offer you the best solution for your hiring needs.

We have a team of specialists dedicated to solve all of your inquiries to offer you a customized service. You’re going to receive the top-level candidates that your business deserves and at the same time you won’t have to worry about anything.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for recruitment services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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