The Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates


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When considering contacting one of the outsourcing firms in Dubai, you first need to know the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates.

There are many firms in the UAE that offer many services related to contract staffing in Dubai, and perhaps you’re thinking about hiring specialists that can help you in the hiring process, because you may not have all the resources available to find the right staff for you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the benefits and disadvantages that outsourcing can give to your company so you can make a well-informed decision if you’re planning to delegate one of your activities to a specialized team, or if you’re considering hiring professionals from abroad. Let’s observe:

  • Why do you need to know the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates?
  • The pros of outsourcing staff
  • The cons of outsourcing staff
  • How to contact Connect Resources to get Staff Outsourcing Solution in Dubai?

1. Why do you need to know the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates?

Every company needs to evaluate every decision they’re planning to make, especially when it comes to very important topics such as hiring staff to fill a job position since it’s crucial to count on with experts that can provide the best service.

If you own a small or medium-sized company, and you’re considering expanding your business, you need to hire top-professionals to have the best talent to face all the challenges that may arise.

But, if you don’t have enough resources for putting together a good HR team, or you don’t have time to develop a hiring process, perhaps you’re considering outsourcing because it’s a well-known solution for this case.

Before jumping to that decision, you need to know the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates as well as how to do outsourcing, this way you’ll be completely sure that this decision is going to be the best for your company, or on the contrary, you’ll see if it’s not for you.

  • Why do companies outsource?

There are many reasons why a company decides to outsource some functions of their business, but the main one is because it needs employees for a specific area that probably are difficult to find.

If you’re considering outsourcing you need to know that with Connect Resources you’ll receive specialized staff outsourcing services based on your needs, and the employees will fit perfectly your requirements and company’s culture.

One of the main reasons to outsource it’s to avoid hiring mistakes since the agency can help you find the perfect match.

2. The Pros of outsourcing staff

The Pros of outsourcing staff

Considering the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates is a must for each company that is planning to make this crucial decision because you’ll be well-informed and there will be no surprises for you.

2.1 Reduce operating costs

One of the main benefits of outsourcing is that you can save money when you decide to contact one of the staff outsourcing companies in the UAE because you won’t have to invest in technology and people to carry out a determinate process to be done in-house.

There’s no need to have office space and equipment for a department or a team if you can outsource it. So this is a way of saving costs. 

How can you reduce costs with outsourcing? Let’s observe:

  1. Less expenditure in maintenance
  2. No need for complementary services to employees
  3. Less investment in resources and technology
  4. It’s not necessary to provide extra facilities 

2.2 Time saving

It’s not easy to run a business since everything requires your attention, and when there are many things to be done you may not have enough time to supervise everything. Also, when it comes to hiring people it can be a very exhausting and demanding process.

By contacting a staff outsourcing company like Connect Resources you’ll have available the best candidates to do a specific task for you, especially in those where you feel you won’t be able to dedicate time.

It’s best to outsource the areas where you feel you would not be able to give time, this way you’ll have the capability to focus on other activities, while the top-professionals take care of this situation.

This is very helpful if you’re looking for hiring people from abroad, since there are many rules for employment visa that you need to follow and it usually takes a long time to achieve a solution.

2.3 Maximize the use of resources

Every company needs to optimize its processes so the organization can continue growing, but sometimes this can’t be done if you don’t have a solid company’s structure that allows you to keep pace with the world.

If you don’t have the expertise that you need, then your company won’t grow. You need to recognize the areas where you need help, and the best solution is to outsource it so you can start improving it. This is why there are differences between outsourcing vs. inhouse solutions.

Once you have specialized staff doing their job, you can start improving other areas of your business, and this will allow you to maximize the use of your resources. With Connect Resources you can find exactly what you need to take your company to a whole new level. 

2.4 Improve company focus

One of the highlights of the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates should be in the fact that once you decide to take this road, you’ll be able to improve your company’s core business.

To reach the success you need to have great managed areas in your organization, but if you don’t have the people necessary to do this, then you’re going to continue being an average company forever.

If you’d like to become one of the top companies in your industry, you need to outsource the areas that you don’t manage well so your business keeps expanding and this way you can focus on your main activity because you won’t be wasting time in any process that you don’t know how to handle.

How can you improve your company’s focus on outsourcing? 

By the following:

  • Further improvement and optimization
  • Enhance your current approach
  • Innovative and creative approach
  • Create further business opportunities

2.5 Reduce the risk of fraud

When a company is expanding, it’s not easy to maintain the business, particularly because many challenges arise, and they need to be handled immediately. Once you see that your business is growing, you start hiring more people, but can you trust them?

This is a risk that many companies face when they decide to handle an operation in-house because some employees might betray the company and this could harm your business in a great way. This usually happens when it comes to accounting.

To diminish the risk of fraud in some areas, you can choose outsourcing and this will reduce the burden of your organization. Additionally, with Connect Resource you can be completely sure that they will provide only the high-level professionals that you need and that won’t detriment your organization.

2.6 Gain access to specific skills

Having specialized staff is difficult because they’re not always available and they’re usually hard to find. For example, if you don’t have experts in your IT department, then it’s likely that you won’t receive the service that you expect. For this reason, many companies decide to follow the best IT outsourcing tips to receive a great solution in this matter.

If you choose to outsource, you’ll have people to do the IT service or any other job function for your company, and you can be sure that they will carry out the activity in a flawless manner. Besides, by counting with experts you’ll have availability to a specific set of skills that can complement your business.

What are the benefits of gaining access to specific skills? Let’s observe:

  • Bridge the skill gap with ease
  • Keep track of new tools and technologies
  • More varied talent
  • Access to best practices
  • More innovative solutions
  • Have enough expertise across departments

2.7 Improve company’s productivity

When you have solid in-house solutions and trustable outsourcing staff you’ll see how your company starts improving its productivity because you’ll have everything under control. 

If you’re planning to boost your business, then you need to contact Connect Resources to start planning your future and start opting for the best solution for your organization.

It has been proven that outsourcing helps in business growth, so it can be the best for your company.

2.8 Focus on your customers

Once you stop wasting time in activities that you can’t handle, you’ll have more time to listen to your customers and to receive the proper feedback that will allow you to continue growing.

You can start developing strategies and dedicate quality time to listen to what your audience has to say, and this can help you improve your business in a great way.

3. The Cons of outsourcing staff

The Cons of outsourcing staff

Knowing the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates can help you consider all the aspects that perhaps you haven’t thought of well. 

You need to know that this decision has its benefits and disadvantages, but the most important is to choose the best contract staffing company so you can decrease the risks and gain a great solution for you when you’re looking for doing Dubai recruitment.

3.1 Hidden costs

There could be some extra costs when you contact one of the manpower outsourcing companies UAE, but this usually happens when the staffing company and the organization don’t clarify at first all the expenses that need to be covered.

With Connect Resources you won’t have this problem, because they are a professional employer organization and they won’t hide any cost from you, on the contrary, their team of experts will be always available to solve all of your inquiries and you can be sure that there will be no surprises and no complications.

3.2 Control Issues

One of the cons of outsourcing is that you won’t be able to control or supervise the staff directly because they won’t be working in-house and you’ll have to talk to them by phone, video call, or email.

This could be a problem for the people who like to have everything at their reach, but you don’t have to worry about this because if you have experts working for you, you can be sure that you’ll get the things you want them to be. This is possible thanks to the professional team of Connect Resources that are committed to finding you only the best candidates.

3.3 No direct hiring

If you’re used to hiring people face-to-face, outsourcing could be a problem for you because you won’t be able to do direct hiring.

However, with Connect Resources you can be sure that they will find the best match for the function that you’d like to fill, and they provide a list of the best candidates so you can select the one that fits your requirements, so basically you’re highly involved in the hiring process. The best part is that they will assist in all the steps.

3.4 Performance risk

With outsourcing, there’s a performance risk conditioned to external situations, but sometimes delays can happen, and this affects your business. This may happen if you contact a company with a doubted reputation.

You won’t have this risk with Connect Resources, because they’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and they have a top-professional database where you can be sure that they’ll provide the best service for your organization.

4. How to contact Connect Resources to get Staff Outsourcing Solution in Dubai?

Now that you know all the Pros and Cons of outsourcing staff in United Arab Emirates perhaps you’ve seen that outsourcing is the best solution for your company because you want to improve your activities and start expanding your business.

To decrease the risk of bad hiring, you need to contact one of the best contract staffing companies which is Connect Resources. You’ll get the most of outsourcing with them because you’ll receive all the following benefits:

  • Timeline flexibility
  • Less stressful procedure
  • No third parties involved
  • Solutions adapted to your requirements
  • Faster hiring
  • Solid communication and specialized attention

You can trust them to outsource a determinate business function that can take your company to a whole new level. You won’t need to waste time and effort in hiring, and you’ll get assisted during the process so you can make the best decision for your permanent, part-time, or temporary staffing needs.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or you can send an email to and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that gladly will answer all of your questions.

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