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Knowing the UAE Employment Visa Rules is important for you if you’d like to work in Dubai or if you’re a company looking for hiring staff from abroad since there are many regulations that you need to follow.

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When a company wants to expand its workforce it might be necessary to bring people from another country because there are many prepared people around the globe. Also, one of the reasons might be because they’re looking for specialized people that can’t be found in the UAE.

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But, for non-national UAE employees to work in a company located in Dubai it’s necessary to have a valid work permit and an employment visa so they can work legally there. The company can do this process for expatriates, or it can hire the service provided by a visa agent so they can help them with all the legalities.

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If you’d like to know the UAE Employment Visa Rules so you can be sure of how the process works, then you need to continue reading this article because let’s observe some of the questions that will be answered here:

1. What are the UAE Employment Visa Rules?

For foreign who are looking to be allowed to work in Dubai, they need to have a work permit for the UAE, and this might not be an easy process because there are many UAE Employment Visa Rules and requirements that have to be fulfilled first.

These rules are important because this way the country ensures the rights of workers looking to have a job in the UAE are not violated. So, why is it important to know the rules? Because this way both employee and employer are protected in case of any eventuality happens. 

If don’t know how to do outsourcing, you should be aware that the first step is to find the work visa for your future employees.

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  • The company must fulfill the conditions

Each country has its own rules, and if you’re planning on traveling to Dubai because you want to work there, then you need to know them so you can trust the company that is hiring you and you can make sure it’s not a scam.

The company that is planning to hire staff from abroad must have a valid license and must not have any violations. This is a rule that each company has to follow and has to prove it.

Whether you’re planning to hire workers for outsourcing or in-house job, if they’re foreigners you need to follow all these steps.

  • The employee must comply with the rules

The employee must also follow some rules to be eligible for working in Dubai. When it comes to age, the employee must be at least 18 years old since it’s not allowed to hire underage people for working in the country.

Regarding the Dubai work visa age limit, there’s not a maximum age for a worker to be employed in the UAE, but people who are older than 65 years old represent a higher fee for the company, so perhaps they’ll prefer to hire younger people so the process won’t be too expensive.

Another condition for workers is that the work they’re going to do must correspond to the nature of the company that is planning to hire them. This makes complete sense since the person is going to do a job that is required by the company so they have to be related.

  • Eligibility of workers

Any foreigner that is older than 18 can work in the UAE, but some rules classify them, so the company can pay a fee for the workers they’re planning to hire.

The company must pay a fee for the worker depending on their academic skills and qualifications, and they have to complete a procedure for getting the work permit. One of the best steps in this process is when they get the pre-approval of the application.

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The pre-approval for work permits means that the worker can now enter the country and they can continue the process in there, and it takes them closer to working with the company.

Once you start doing the process and you hire the workers that you need, you’ll start receiving all the advantages and benefits of outsourcing, so it’s a process that it’s worth the effort.

2. What are the documents and requirements for the UAE Employment Visa?

In the UAE Employment Visa Rules is specified all the documents that the employee needs to submit as well as all the requirements that the employer needs to fulfill so they can obtain the permit for working legally in the country.

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Why are these requirements important? They are necessary so the process can be done transparently so each party is protected, and also the government needs to have good control of every expatriate that enters to country, so these documents and applications are required to prove that everything is done legally.

All of these documents are highly important because the Ministry of Labor can reject the application if something’s missing or if they consider that the documents are incomplete. As you can see, there are many steps for getting the work Visa.

If you’re having trouble collecting all the documents you need to submit with your application form, then you can count on with Connect Resources, and you can trust in them to help you with the process for hiring the expatriate workers that your company needs.

  • Personal documents

The employee needs to submit some personal documents to prove their identity and their origin, so what documents do you need for this procedure?

The expatriate worker needs to have an original passport, and they also have to provide a passport-size picture that is according to the UAE requirements.

They also have to demonstrate their academic qualifications, and they need to have the approval of the UAE Embassy or Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their country, so they can prove it’s valid.

Perhaps the employee will be required to submit references from their previous jobs or any other document that proves their qualifications for this new job opportunity.

  • Medical certificate

The Pre-approval for work permit means that the person can continue the process in Dubai, so they have to travel to the country to follow a series of steps to obtain some documents that are mandatory for the application.

According to the rules, the medical certificate is of high importance since the worker needs to prove that is suited for working and that they don’t have any medical condition or serious illness.

  • Documents from the company

The company is responsible for starting the process in the country, and they have to apply to hire staff from abroad. They have to provide some documents so they can prove that they’re planning to hire qualified people and they’re a registered enterprise.

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The rules establish that the company must provide a valid commercial license, valid company card, the labor contract, and any other document required by the Ministry.

The valid insurance card is another document that must be submitted by the company because the UAE demands that any expatriate worker should have health insurance in case any accident occurs.

  • Paying the fees

Since there’s not a Dubai work visa age limit, any foreign over 18 that would like to work in there can do it, but the company needs to pay a higher fee if the worker is over the age of 65, and also the application for them might be rejected, so the company must be prepared if they’re planning to hire people over the retirement age.

3. Who is eligible for obtaining an employment visa in UAE?

Any foreign expatriate that would like to work in the UAE needs to get a contract first from a legally established company in the country and additionally needs to comply with specific requirements.

The person should be over 18 years old since it’s not allowed to hire minors to work in the UAE. There’s not a limit on age, but the company needs to know that if it’s planning to hire a person over 65 years old, it has to pay a higher fee.

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Additionally, the person is categorized based on their skills or academic qualifications, and this is important because it determines the fee that the company has to pay for obtaining the documents.

Since the process for getting the work permit is so long and tedious, you could use some help from one of the top Dubai working visa agents: Connect Resources. Its team of specialists is readily available to help you obtain the documents that you need for your employees.

4. What are the types of employment visa in UAE?

If you’re wondering how many types of employment visa in UAE then you should know that there’s only one type of working Visa, and it’s the same for skilled and unskilled workers, the difference it’s in the fee that the company has to pay for it.

If a foreigner wants to enter the UAE, they need to apply for a visa, but if they would like to live and work in the country, then they need to have a work visa because it’s illegal to offer your services as a professional or to have a job if you have a tourist visa.

5. What is the UAE employment visa procedure?

The UAE employment visa procedure it’s crucial for the Dubai recruitment, and it might be exhausting and bothersome for companies, but it’s completely necessary if you’re looking for hiring experts from abroad so you can take your business to a whole new level.

Since there are many UAE Employment Visa Rules you need to know the procedure so you won’t skip any step and you know exactly what to expect in the way. It’s important to know all the requirements and getting to know the process, so the company can instruct the expatriate employees in whatever they have to do.

How is the procedure for getting the UAE employment visa? It’s not complicated and since Dubai is a popular expatriate destination they’re looking for making a very straightforward process, but each person has to follow the rules so they can receive all the documents at the end of the way.

5.1 Find a job in Dubai

The first rule for getting an employment visa in Dubai is that you need to have a company interested in hiring you, and they must give you a job offer that you need to evaluate.

The employee must sign the contract, but according to the rules, the job offer must match what is stated in the contract, and the employee should keep a copy for themselves.

Another important rule when it comes to the UAE Employment Visa Rules is that the employer must pay for all the expenses related to the recruitment, so the employee won’t have to cover any cost.

5.2 Apply for the work permit

If the company plans to hire staff from abroad, they’re responsible for starting the procedure while the workers are still in their home country since one of the rules is that the employee is responsible for applying.

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The application process can be done easily with the help of Connect Resources since they help companies along the way from the very first start of hiring expatriate workers. You won’t have to worry about the formalities of the application because they’re experts in this area.

5.3 Enter Dubai

Once the employee receives the work permit application approval, they’ll receive the employment entry visa and they can now arrive in Dubai so they can stay there for continuing the process.

5.4 Undergo exams and applications

When the employee arrives in the UAE, they need to undergo a series of exams and do some applications for receiving all the documents they need for working legally. According to the rules, the employer is responsible for arranging all of these appointments, so it might be a difficult process because there are many places where the employee needs to go.

You can trust in Connect Resources so they can follow along the process with you and they can give instructions to the staff that you’re planning to hire, so they won’t miss any appointment and they can do everything in the perfect time. Keep in mind that the employee only has 60 days for completing the procedure.

5.5 Receive the documents

After the employee finishes all the procedures, the rules establish that they can receive the Labour Card and Emirates ID Card, so they’ll have the legal status in the UAE. This means that they can start working because they’ve fulfilled with all the UAE Employment Visa Rules and they can stay for two years in the country doing their job.

Receiving the documents is the last step in the process, and you can receive help in all the steps with Connect Resources, which is one of the top leading outsourcing agencies in Dubai.

6. What are the documents that an expatriate needs to stay in the UAE?

There are several documents that the company must arrange for its employees so they can stay in the country working and residing legally. Still, it’s also essential to know the difference between all of them to avoid confusion.

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Employment Visa: this is the first document that the employee receives, and it has a validity of 30 days. It’s used to enter legally to the UAE to start the process of getting the work permit. It’s like an entry permit, and it could be extended just once, so the employee has a maximum of 60 days to finish the paperwork and get the work permit and residence visa.

Work Permit: this is the final document that the employee receives after finishing all the steps of the process for getting the work permit, and it has a 1-3 year validity depending on the application. It’s also known as the Labour Card.

Residence Visa: The residence visa allows the expatriate to stay in the UAE for three years while they’re still working for a company in the country.

If you don’t know how to handle all of this documentation for your employee, you can contact Connect Resources. Its team of experts can help you process all the legalities to obtain the working Visa so you can have your staff working for you without any troubles.

7.How much employment visa cost in dubai?



The employment visa UAE cost depends on the category in which the employee is classified, and also if it’s a skilled or unskilled worker, and it also depends on the company’s category. Hence, it’s essential to know how these are divided so you can know the fee that you’ll have to pay for your employees. for More details visit our Website Now.

7.1 What is the difference between skilled and unskilled workers?

When you’re requesting the Visa for your employees, you need to pay a higher fee if you’re planning on hiring an unskilled worker, although it’s not much of a difference. However, it’s crucial for you to determine if you need a skilled or unskilled worker to fill the job position that you have in mind.

  • Skilled worker: this is used to refer to labor that requires to have specialized training or a set of skills to carry out a business function in your company. They’re usually known as professionals, and it could be a doctor or a lawyer.
  • Unskilled worker: this term refers to labor that doesn’t require any specialized training or skill to carry out a job. Usually, for this type of job, it’s only required a high-school diploma, or a high school dropout could fill it.

7.2 What are the categories of labor for getting the working Visa in Dubai?

Foreign professionals that are applying for a working visa are classified into three categories based on their level of education. Let’s observe:

  • Category 1: These are the persons who have a bachelor’s degree. Some of the job positions that are filled by professionals under category one might be Managers, Engineers, Marketing Specialists, Computer Operators, and others.
  • Category 2: Individuals classified under this category are those who have a post-secondary diploma in any field. Under this category are the workers for technical or mechanical jobs.
  • Category 3: People who have a high school diploma are the ones under this category. Some of the job positions that they can apply are Sales Executive, Cashier, Store Keeper, and others.

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7.3 What are the company’s categories?

The fee for the working Visa also depends on the company’s category, and it’s based on the percentage of skilled/unskilled workers it has, being A for over 40% skilled workers and D for less than 5%.

7.4 What is the fee for the Dubai working Visa?

Based on the employee category and if it’s a skilled or unskilled worker, it’s determined the fee that the company must pay to hire them.

  • Category 1: The fee for both skilled and unskilled workers is AED 300.
  • Category 2:
    • A: 500 AED for the skilled worker; 1200 AED for the unskilled worker
    • B: 1000 AED for the skilled worker; 2200 AED for the unskilled worker
    • C: 1500 AED for the skilled worker; 2700 AED for the unskilled worker
    • D: 2000 AED for the skilled worker; 3553 for the unskilled worker
  • Category 3: 5000 AED for both unskilled and skilled workers.

8. How to contact a leading outsourcing agency to help you?

contact a leading outsourcing agency

People looking for working in Dubai need to have an employment visa, which requires a lot of time and effort, both for the company and for the employee. But, it’s mandatory because it’s one of the rules for working legally in the country and living there.

When it comes to hiring new staff, the company must have a whole department dedicated to this task, especially if they’re planning to hire qualified expatriate staff. It might be a time-consuming task, and it could mean that the company would have to focus more on doing this than in its core business.

How can you ease this procedure for your company? If you’d like to have some help with the employment visa application for your staff, then you should contact a leading outsourcing agency that has enough experience to guarantee success with the procedure.

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Connect Resources has been working with the UAE Employment Visa Rules with several companies for over 20 years, so you can trust them to help you with the documentation and worries that come with hiring staff from abroad.

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