The Latest Outsourcing Trends influenced by technology you should know

Outsourcing Trends


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If you’re considering partnering with a service provider, you must know the latest Outsourcing Trends so you can understand what to expect. Learning about the improvements that are continuously making to the outsourcing model could help you obtain the most out of your business relationship.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about what to expect in a short-term period regarding technologies applied to outsourcing. In addition, you’re going to learn why it’s necessary to be updated with this.

  • The Latest Outsourcing Trends influenced by technology you should know
  • How is technology shaping outsourcing?
  • What can we expect in terms of process automation?
  • How will Artificial Intelligence improve outsourcing?
  • What will the future for virtual employment be in terms of outsourcing?
  • How can Cloud-Based Management become a crucial part of outsourcing?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best option to get an updated outsourcing service?

1. The Latest Outsourcing Trends influenced by technology you should know

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why you should learn about the latest Outsourcing Trends. If you want to delegate some of your business functions to a third party it’s essential to understand how they work and what they can offer to your business.

As technology keeps becoming a crucial part of our lives it’s expected to see its influence in several business areas. Outsourcing was service-oriented but it’s now becoming a technology-intensive process. Therefore, in the coming decade, we expect to see several changes and you should be aware of them.

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1.1 How technology has been incorporated into outsourcing

There are several technologies that have been implemented in outsourcing. Some of the most relevant are the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence to assist and automate several processes
  • Virtual employment is a great solution for having a remote workforce
  • Technological improvements in data security to ensure confidentiality and better data management
  • Use of tools and software to improve digital communication

Your hiring activities should be boosted by applying some great strategies. A common trend nowadays is developing a marketing plan for your recruitment process. This can help you improve your company’s image to attract outstanding candidates.

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2. How is technology shaping outsourcing?

How is technology shaping outsourcing?

Opting for delegating some of your business functions could be a strategic decision. However, it’s important to know how technology has influenced the latest Outsourcing Trends if you really want to know what the future holds for this type of service.

We have seen many changes in the business world and since outsourcing is a great solution we need to be aware of how to take advantage of this resource. Since 2020 was the worst year for businesses due to the economic crisis, by knowing the latest trends in outsourcing we can know how to boost our operations. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai, in particular, have shown significant resilience and innovation in adapting to these trends.

2.1 What are outsourcing trends?

It’s important to know the Outsourcing trends meaning so you can have a better understanding of the matter.

When we discuss about the trends we refer to the changes that we may see in the future in terms of outsourcing. One of the most impacted areas in this regard is IT outsourcing since is continuously updating due to improvements in technology.

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2.2 Why should you learn about outsourcing trends?

Once you know the Outsourcing trends meaning perhaps you’re wondering why you should know about them.

Some of the reasons why it’s important to be updated with the latest trends in terms of outsourcing are the following:

  • It allows you to select the best service provider that will guarantee high-quality outcomes
  • Knowing about the trends puts you one step ahead of your competition
  • It helps you work with a service provider that will ensure a great management of your business
  • It allows you to make wiser decisions regarding outsourcing
  • Knowing about the trends helps you have a better planning of the tasks you want to delegate
  • It helps you get more benefits of your strategic partnership

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3. What can we expect in terms of process automation?

One of the best expected Outsourcing Trends we foresee relates to process automation. Every business wants to have automated processes that allow them to focus in their core activities. Hence, it’s essential to know about the latest trend which is Robotic Process Automation also known as RPA.

Some of the benefits you can get with RPA are the following:

  • Allows you to have a super-effective workflow
  • You get an efficient management of your business tasks
  • It allows you to have a better time management
  • You can focus on expanding your business while the RPA handles the tedious tasks

3.1 Robotic process automation in outsourcing

The RPA refers to an implementation of advanced computer software that allows businesses to manage secondary tasks at a lower cost and without too much effort. Such tasks could be record input or processing which tend to be done manually.

How will outsourcing agencies implement this trend? Some of the initial steps are the following:

  • The agency analyzes the current business condition and its needs regarding process automation
  • The agency’s specialists develop an automated approach combining Machine Learning and AI.
  • After the development and implementation, the specialists eliminate errors and mistakes to ensure higher precision and accuracy

Having a solid hiring and recruitment strategy may help your business expand and grow. Even when you face challenging times such as the covid-19 pandemic you can still make progress. For this reason, it’s advisable to not neglect this important area of your business.

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4. How will Artificial Intelligence improve outsourcing?

How will Artificial Intelligence improve outsourcing?

Artificial Intelligence is making outstanding improvements in the outsourcing industry. For this reason, it’s one of the most notable of the Outsourcing Trends.

AI not only allows businesses to automate data entry, create better brand identity, and other important tasks with RPA, but also serves for essential processes like the following:

  • Preparation of financial statement procedures
  • Identification and management of information
  • Error-free Data processing
  • Provision of high-quality customer service
  • Implementation of Chatbots

4.1 Machine Learning (ML) as a promising trend

In the IT outsourcing trends we expect to see businesses using Machine Learning also known as ML. It’s an area that is very useful for businesses and it applies AI to carry out the following processes:

  • Analysis of bigger and complex data
  • Deliverance of faster and more accurate results based on data analysis
  • ML tools will allow you to identify opportunities that give you profit as well as potential risks
  • Building of models, strategies and plans by analyzing vast amount of data

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5. What will the future for virtual employment be in terms of outsourcing?

El outsourcing en México – Centro Mexicano de Estudios Económicos y Sociales

Virtual employment is one of the Outsourcing Trends that we will see in the upcoming future. Since the COVID-19 pandemic where businesses were forced to implement remote working, it has become a great solution that will be used in several areas.

5.1 Evolved call centers

Many businesses will opt for outsourcing their customer service by implementing evolved call centers. There are technologies that can work for responding to many customers efficiently while avoiding errors.

Perhaps you think that there’s no difference between outsourcing your payroll and investing in your payroll department to process it by yourself. However, you should know that both solutions can give different outcomes, and you must choose the one that can benefit you business the most.

Learn more about why in-house payroll processing differs from outsourcing.

5.2 Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are also part of the trends that are on the rise.  Due to technological improvements, a business can obtain support from a remote location. From administrative services to marketing support, outsourcing will evolve to offer this trend.

It’s a rising trend because it offers great savings to businesses and allows them to save time. Thus, it’s a great opportunity for small businesses because it helps them focus on their core activities by delegating some tasks at a competitive price. Therefore, outsourcing will implement virtual assistants to offer a comprehensive service.

5.3 Virtual work

Another trend we will expect is virtual work. Businesses that opt for outsourcing do it to delegate some business functions and with virtual work they can have their own remote workforce.

In addition, it’s expected that firms offer project management software that allows them to monitor remote employees. The development and implementation of software aimed to virtual work will increase and thus businesses can obtain benefits from this.

Since employee relocation is a major part of any global mobility strategy, it’s important to understand how it works and how you can do it. You probably have several questions regarding this process, and for this reason you should read more about the information we have gathered.

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6. How can Cloud-Based Management become a crucial part of outsourcing?

When it comes to Outsourcing Trends we also have to mention cloud-based management. It’s a modern improvement of traditional IT outsourcing. Store, analysis and processing of data and information

It’s important to note that a cloud is an interconnected network where businesses can store, process and analyze data and information thanks to a connected server.

6.1 Cloud computing in outsourcing

Cloud computing is one of the significant IT outsourcing trends we visualize for the future. Many businesses will start digitalization and it could give an outstanding improvement of their operations.

It’s a solution that has a lot of potential. Some of the services offered in this regard will be the following:

  • It offers several types of service that allow the business to develop and manage applications
  • Improves data visualization
  • Provides immediate data and information
  • It allows collaboration among businesses worldwide thanks to a cloud-based platform
  • It offers security, flexibility and constancy in outsourcing

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7. Why is Connect Resources your best option to get an updated outsourcing service?

Connect Resources

Here in Connect Resources we want to offer the best service to our clients. For this reason, we are always updating our technologies to provide an outstanding performance. We have a team of specialists readily available to help you obtain the most out of your partnership with us.

We have worked with several companies in a variety of industries and our experience has helped us develop an outstanding process. You can start focusing on your core business activities while we handle your HR tasks and workforce.

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