The best tips on how to find an IT entry level job in UAE

IT entry level job in UAE

When it comes to finding an IT entry level job in UAE it could be a challenging task since there are many young professionals looking to work and there are few vacancies. For this reason, you have to analyze and study the market and positions available so you can become the perfect candidate and get your dream job.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how you can find the job matching your skills and knowledge, to receive a great salary and start improving your quality of life. Let’s observe:

  • The best tips on how to find an IT entry level job in UAE
  • Focus on being the right candidate
  • Personal networking is essential
  • Choose the employers that interest you
  • Use social networks to expand your opportunities
  • Learn new skills
  • Job portals and recruiting consultants
  • How can Connect Resources help you find an entry-level job?

1. The best tips on how to find an IT entry level job in UAE

IT jobs in UAE are highly demanded because this country is one of the main sources of technological development and services, so it’ common to find many recent graduates trying to land a perfect job in this field.

Knowing some of the best tips for finding a job could make a big difference between waiting too long or achieving your goals, so it’s best if you stay informed on the strategies that are going to help you get the job.

1.1 What is an entry-level job?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about entry-level meaning and you don’t know exactly what it is.

Entry-level jobs are that don’t require prior experience, so it means that are those aimed to recent graduates. Some of these roles may involve training so they are great to shape employees to develop the tasks in a specific way.

If you’re a young professional with little experience, you can always contact Connect Resources to be part of the database, and you’ll be notified when an opportunity arises that matches your qualifications.

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2. Focus on being the right candidate

One of the best advices for finding an IT entry level job in UAE is that you have to focus on employer needs, which means that you have to prepare yourself to become the perfect candidate for every job position that you feel could be the right for you.

How can you become the perfect candidate? Let’s observe:

  • Analyze and understand the employer’s interest in the candidate
  • Pay attention to the skills and qualifications necessary for the job and try to develop them
  • Compare the skills and qualifications needed in your field with those that you possess to evaluate how you can improve and which ones you have to add.
  • Present your skills as strengths to get the employer’s interest in you
  • Stand out your achievements if they match the job description

2.1 How can you use your CV to be the perfect candidate?

Once you know and understand what’s required in each position you can prepare yourself to match it, but you also have to correctly write your resume to prove it. The best you can do is prepare a separate CV for each vacancy, making sure to meet the requirements declared in the vacancy.

How you can prove with your CV that you’re the right candidate if you don’t have any experience? Let’s observe:

  • Adapt your CV to stand out your strengths that are required for the job
  • Write down your experience during your internship if it’s related with the job
  • Describe the achievements you made during your studies or any special project where you participated
  • Write down your skills and qualifications in separate paragraphs to make it look more organized.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to put incorrect information because it will be a lie and the employer can check it, you just have to adapt your professional profile to the job.

When you’re looking for starting your career you have to be very smart about how to become the perfect candidate, because beginning your professional path requires making many strategic choices.

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2.2 Why do you have to focus on employer needs?

Once you know the entry-level meaning you know that the employer isn’t looking for you because of your experience since it might not be necessary. So, it means that they’re looking for a person that matches the professional profile and you have to sell yourself as the best candidate.

If the employer can see your potential, you can become an interest candidate and you may land the job.

3. Personal networking is essential

The best tips on how to find an IT entry level job in UAE

Another great advice for finding an IT entry level job in UAE is that you have to focus on networking. Having a solid personal network is essential to pave your way in the UAE as an IT professional.

Including a personal networking strategy in your career plans is a smart way of finding contacts that could help you with a referral to a good job. Don’t neglect the opportunity of making friends and keeping in touch with other people, especially if they work in your field.

Learn more about how you can plan your career moves.

3.1 How can you do personal networking in the UAE?

As you may know, IT jobs in UAE are highly demanded but if you don’t do networking you’re never going to find out when there’s an open position available.

What can you do to increase your personal network? Let’s observe:

  • Check for any IT conference or event and attend it to start getting to know people
  • Focus on adding new contacts to your list, especially those that may help you find a job
  • Keep a constant communication with your contacts to build a solid relationship
  • Go to training events to acquire new skills and also to make friends that have your same interest since they may let you know whenever there’s a chance to get a job

4. Choose the employers that interest you

Landing an IT entry level job in UAE is a long process but you can make it shorter if you make smart decisions. There could be many vacancies, but you have to focus only on those that are the right ones for you.

How can you know which employers are the best for you? Let’s observe:

  • Choose those trusted employers with a serious name
  • Make a list of potential employers and check their reputation
  • Ask employees that work for a particular employer to get to know more about them

Another factor that you have to take into account is the salary reduction in the UAE that is being implemented as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, so you have to do some research to know if the salary that comes with the offer is what you expect.

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4.1 How can you check the right opportunities?

Once that you have selected the potential employers that may be the right ones, you have to follow other steps to complete the process:

  • Verify the information regarding the company
  • Read reviews made by former employees about the company
  • Research about working conditions
  • Check the chances they have given to inexperienced workers like you
  • Find about the company’s industry and production to know what to expect

Checking the employers could help you to be highly prepared for the interview process since you can be smarter about how to answer the questions and show yourself as an interesting candidate, particularly during remote interviews.

Learn more about how to succeed in remote interviews.

5. Use social networks to expand your opportunities

IT entry level job in UAE

Using your social networks professionally could help you land an IT entry level job in UAE. Stop wasting time and use your resources smartly to start making connections. Additionally, keep in mind that many employers check candidates’ social media profiles before hiring, so you have to polish yours and make them look professional.

What strategies can you apply in your social media to land an IT job? Let’s observe:

  • Join groups and online communities to get the latest news about job openings
  • Contact people in your field to help you expand your opportunities
  • Look for job openings posted on Twitter or LinkedIn, you can even find a part-time job there
  • Subscribe to the employer’s job page that interest you to find out about the new job offers

When you know how to use all of your resources available you can improve your decision-making skills and you’ll know how to use them for your favor. You have to develop several skills to become a great candidate.

Learn more about the keys to master the decision-making process in the business world.

6. Learn new skills

Since you want to land an IT entry level job in UAE you have to train yourself to become the perfect candidate, and if you don’t have any experience you have to prove that you have many skills to be a great employee.

You probably know that you require having several skills if you want to get your desired job, so it’s crucial to know the latest trends and qualifications that are most wanted by employers since it will help you become a great candidate.

Learn more about the essential skills you need to have as a candidate.

6.1 Why do you have to continue with your training?

You don’t have to stop your training. Evaluate your capabilities and continue studying to improve in those areas where you don’t have enough knowledge. Keep acquiring new skills since it’s the best way to stand out from the competition.

An important advice is to re-skill and up-skill based on what the market is looking for, so you can dedicate a few hours a week to start developing them and be the perfect candidate.

7. Job portals and recruiting consultants

Finally, jobs portals and recruiting consultants are a great resource that it’s available for candidates that are looking for landing an IT entry level job in UAE.

What are some of the places where you can find out about new job openings? Let’s observe:

  • Job boards: many employers post their vacancies and skills required for the position
  • Newspapers: some businesses inform about job positions available
  • Career fairs and events: many agencies and businesses carry out events to gather candidates and to explain the services that they offer
  • Recruiting agencies: many businesses in the UAE are devoted to connect candidates with employers, so you can take advantage of it and use it to find a job.

Outsourcing has become in one of the most demanded services for companies around the world, and if you get in touch with recruiting consultants like Connect Resources you’re going to be closer of getting your dream opportunity by being part of the outsourced staff.

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8. How can Connect Resources help you find an entry-level job?

How can Connect Resources help you find an entry-level job

Finding a job is one of the major challenges recent graduates have to face, particularly during these difficult times when the economy has been hugely impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

If you see it’s something you can’t handle, you can always trust Connect Resources to meet your hiring demands. Once you become part of the talent pool you’re going to be more visible to companies that are looking for an IT professional like you.

It’s not easy to land a job in the UAE since there’s too much competition, but with the help of experts you can be one step ahead of other young professionals.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources to help you find an entry-level job? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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