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The Executive search Abu Dhabi is highly requested by companies located in the second large Emirate since there’s an ever-increasing growth in the industries that work there and they constantly need specialized staff to continue operations successfully.

Perhaps you’re considering hiring senior-level workers or specialists for your company, and if this is the case then you need to know that by contacting a recruitment agency you can ease this process. 

In this article you’ll learn all the basic aspects that you need to know when you’re considering hiring executive staff, let’s observe the topics that will be discussed below.

  • What is the Executive search Abu Dhabi?
  • What are the services offered by the executive search?
  • What is the executive search process?
  • Why should you contact an executive search firm?
  • Contacting the best executive search firm

1. What is the Executive search Abu Dhabi?

The Executive search Abu Dhabi is a process done by the recruitment agencies, and it’s a specialized type of recruitment aimed at selecting high-skilled workers for a company that is looking for filling an executive role to improve their business.

This process is also known as headhunting and consists of identifying and selecting the top candidates for a high position in a company. Since this is a very complicated process because it involves selecting the right staff, some companies might not be well prepared for doing it, so this is when they’d decide to contact recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi.

  • Doing the right hire

Hiring the right staff could transform your business and it could take your company to another level because you’ll have the workers that will be able to develop strategies and ensure the company’s growth.

It’s an important decision, and as your company continues growing you’ll need to count on with talent that can support the boom, and that adapts to changes so they can offer solutions in technology and economics.

If you’d like to save time and effort in doing the right hire for your company, you count on Connect Resources since they have proven expertise in the solid executive search process.

1.1 Why do companies sometimes fail in hiring executive staff?

Some companies that are looking for making a new hire for an executive position might have trouble finding the right candidate, and they could end up hiring the wrong person, which means that the whole process will be lost and they’d have to start everything up again.

Why does this occur? This might happen when the company lacks HR expertise, or when they don’t have enough resources for doing the search and selecting the best candidates, and they struggle to find the best match for the organization.

This is when it’s useful to contact an executive search firm that can help you with the process, and they can find the best individual for the role that the company has in mind.

2. What are the services offered by the executive search?

The executive search Abu Dhabi offered by the several agencies located in this place can vary according to the services offered by them. This is why the company that is interested in contacting them should know exactly what they offer so they can consider all the options that they have.

  • Top-level management search

When the company requires hiring an experienced senior manager they can contact a recruitment agency that can help them fill the strategic role they have in mind. This search can be done for a position that involves the entirety of the organization such as a top-level manager.

  • Middle-level management search

A company should do an executive search also when they’re looking for a manager for a division or department, which is known as middle-level management. It’s best to contact an agency because they will know exactly what you need according to the company’s business function.

  • Executive development and training

Another service offered by the recruitment agencies is the executive development and training, which is focused on improving the efficiency of the executive team. This is highly important for an organization because it can help to improve the processes carried by the company.

For doing al of these searchs it’s important to know some tips for doing outsourcing to receive exactly what you’re looking for.

2.1 The roles filled by executive search

One of the most common questions when it comes to executive search Abu Dhabi is what roles can be filled? It’s important to know this because this way you’ll know that the agency in Abu Dhabi can help you to find the candidate for the job position that you have available.

  • Owner/partner

When the company is looking to grow, they have to contact one of the recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi so they can find the person that can have full or partial operational control within the company since this can boost the business.


Some of the most requested is the highest managerial-level positions, and since it’s hard to find a candidate available, having the help of an executive search firm can come very handy for the company.

  • VP

The Vice President belongs to the executive management, and it’s an important role that can be filled by doing a thoughtful executive search so the company can find the head of a business of a function within the organization.

  • Senior

The role of the senior position involves having leadership responsibilities and doing direct reports, and it’s highly requested by companies that would like to improve a determinate department.

  • Manager

Having an individual with some level of influence in a department or division can help the company to have better performance; this is why the organization should contact a recruitment agency to carry out the executive search of the right manager for them.

3. What is the executive search process?

What is the executive search process?

The Executive search Abu Dhabi is a long process that starts when a company gets in touch with a recruitment agency so they can work as a third party partner that would help the organization to engage the best executive talent in the market that also suits the business requirements.

It’s essential to note that if you’re planning to hire foreign workers, you need to follow the steps for getting the work permit.

3.1 Establish the priorities

The first step for making a successful executive search is that the company has to establish all the requirements for the candidate, this means the skills, abilities, experience, and knowledge that they’re looking for.

The company also has to define its mission and values, so the executive search firm can consider all of this in the process to find the perfect match.

All of this information allows having a better overview of the candidate specification.

3.2 Talent mapping

Once the executive firm knows exactly what the company needs in a senior-level staff they’ll start searching by analyzing the market so they can identify the candidates available for the job position.

After identifying the possible candidates, they make a list with the best-qualified prospects for the job position so they can define the best approach. In Connect Resources they’re experts in doing the executive search because they have a client dedication that allows them to understand exactly what the company is looking for.

3.3 Approach candidates

The executive search agency will now approach the candidates on behalf of the company interested in hiring them and they will see if they’re interested in this role. 

Keep in mind that the greatest difference between recruiting a junior staff and a senior staff is that the later might not we looking for a job, so it’s possible that they might not be interested in relocating to another company.

If there are several candidates interested in the job position, then the executive search firm has to perform a comprehensive qualification assessment so they can select the best match.

3.4 Interviews

Once the analysis of the candidates is finished, the recruitment agency presents the most qualified candidates to the company, according to the qualifications evaluated in the previous stage.

The company has to consider the candidates based on their values to decide if they’re a good match. If the candidate is selected by the company, then the interview phase comes along. Some firms might carry out this process on behalf of the company, and some companies would prefer to do it by themselves.

With Connect Resources you’ll have the help that you need to manage the selection process in the best way since they’ll provide all the information regarding all the best candidates so you can make a good decision.

3.5 Selection

The company has to select the best candidate after the interviews are done, and they may continue doing another process for evaluating their strength and weaknesses, to finally decide if the person is the best for the job.

The executive firm can help the company with the negotiation process, and with other requirements as the company decides. 

3.6 Job offer

Finally, the company must present the job offer to the candidate selected, and the candidate may present a counter-offer, so this is when the recruitment agency can help the company to have the perfect deal and close the negotiations.

If you know all the tips for outsourcing you can be aware of all the crucial decisions that you have to make during these stages.


4. Why should you contact an executive search firm?


Doing an executive search Abu Dhabi can be an exhausting process for a company, and if they don’t have any experience doing this, then they might not get the result they’re expecting. This is when it’s necessary to contact an executive search firm to provide you the solutions that you need.

In what areas can an executive search firm support your business? You’ll have additional support in the following aspects:

  • Excellent understanding of the market
  • Larger experience 
  • A different point of views
  • Find new solutions to problems
  • Secure highly skilled talent
  • Strategic advice
  • Improve your company’s image
  • Add to your credibility as an employer
  • Build your company’s brand in the market

4.1 The benefits of the executive search

When a company wants to improve its process so it can continue growing and be competitive in the market, it’s crucial to have the right talent that can make the right impact in the organization.

But, is it worth it to perform an executive search? If you’re wondering what could be all the benefits of having senior-level executives in your company then you need to know the positive influence that they can have on your business. 

  • Access to top-network candidates

When you contact one of the recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi your company immediately will have access to industry-leading candidates that otherwise you couldn’t contact because it’s very hard to find them.

The recruitment agency can help you map the market so you can know the skills, roles, and salaries of each candidate, and even you can look for staff in another country and knowing if they can be relocated to Abu Dhabi.

  • Talent matched to the organization

Hiring an executive worker can’t be done only based on their CV because you need to hire a person that is qualified for the job, but also that can achieve cultural adjustment, can collaborate with the other employees, have an excellent performance, and consider the company’s goals.

As you can see it’s not easy, but with the help of an executive search firm you can obtain the solutions that you’re hoping for, and you’ll have the staff that will match the distinct needs of your company.

  • Help business grow and evolve

One of the mistakes that many companies make is that they look for senior-level staff that is exactly like the previous one, but the recruitment agency can help you think outside the box, so you can find the right people that will make your business to continue expanding.

Doing the outsourcing process correctly will help your company to go to another level and you’ll receive a lot of benefits and advantages.

5. Contacting the best executive search firm

Once you know all of the benefits that considering an executive search firm can give to your company, you’ll want to know which one of them is the best for helping you with the process.

In Connect Resources you’ll have all the assistance that your company requires, so you don’t hesitate in contacting them for obtaining the solutions that your organization needs.


How can an executive search firm help your business?

When you’re trying to find the best senior candidate for a specific job position it’s crucial to find a great match, but sometimes this is difficult to accomplish. This is why you need to contact an executive search firm to help you with this process.

There are many aspects where an agency can help you, but more specifically, if you find the best worker this can impact positively your business, taking it to another level.

  • Cultural and technical fit

Finding a worker with great skills and qualifications it’s the goal, but you also need to find someone that can be a great fit according to your company’s culture and environment. This way you can have an excellent worker in every aspect.

With an executive search firm like Connect Resources, you can be sure that you’ll find a candidate that fits your technical needs and that can align with your organization’s values and culture.

  • Productivity and success

Once you have a workforce at a senior level that has enough skills, it’s enthusiastic about its job and that feels identified with the company, you can increase your company’s productivity and this can take your business to succeed.

What’s the difference between executive search and recruitment?

The terms executive search and recruitment are often used interchangeably, but you need to know that they’re not the same, and it’s a huge mistake to think they refer to the same process.

Why is it important to know the difference? Because if you’re looking to hire staff in the senior-level position, you have to contact a company that specializes in this type of hiring, and you can’t just hire the services of any recruitment agency because it’s not the same.

  • Executive search

The executive search is the process that agencies do to find the best candidate for a senior position, and you need to contact a firm that can place the right worker in your company, so it’s best to contact one that has been doing this for a long time, like Connect Resources.

Recruitment, on the other hand, aims for filling positions that don’t require specialized skills, and this is an easier process.

What do executive search firms do? These agencies are specialized because they do a more specific search to place senior and executive candidates, and this is considered a business-critical hire, so it can be done by just any company.

Why do companies contact executive search firms?

Many companies decide to contact executive search firms because this hiring process is more difficult to do than just regular hiring for a junior position, and if they don’t have the personnel or resources to do it then it can be even harder.

These are some of the reasons why some companies contact an executive search agency:

  • Fill senior management and executive roles
  • Fill a difficult role (specialized staffing)
  • Recruit and retain passive candidates
  • Fill confidential roles
  • Hire a person for a niche role or specialist
  • Do multiple hiring for senior levels

If you have one of the previous requirements for your company, then you need to contact Connect Resources, so you can receive the solutions that you need for specialized hiring that can’t be done with just any company, or that can be done by yourself.

Once you have found the best match for your organization, you’ll start seeing how your business starts reaching success.

Why should you contact Connect Resources? Because it has wide expertise and a long trajectory doing this type of hiring for many companies in several industries, so you can find your best match with this agency.


Would you like to contact Connect Resources for doing the Executive Search? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or you can send an email to and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that gladly will answer all of your questions.

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