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We offer alternatives to provide temporary staff requested to cover your emergency and short-term requirements. A worker may have requested an impromptu or planned break, or an unplanned emergency. If this is your case, you can give them the support by providing the indicated personnel that will cover your immediate need in just half a day. As We are the Best Outsourcing Companies in Dubai and Temporary Agencies in Dubai , Regardless of how urgent the need for personnel that comes your way, we can quickly provide you with the necessary personnel to continue with your daily business activities and meet delivery times as you used to.

For this reason, if your company is under a lot of stress, either because your employees are on vacation or because the requested staff may have to do some additional work, please feel free to contact us.
You will not need to worry about paperwork and visa, as this will be handled by our staff.

What are the benefits of working with temporary staff?

We are an employment agency that provides a transparent, effective and complete alternative for all the requirements of its temporary staff.
What we do eliminates having to interview staff, verify your history and carry out all the necessary procedures. We can take care of all the aforementioned so that you can have the indicated staff at the time you require it.

Recruitment and personnel alternatives.

There is a huge database that allows you to search intensively for the right employees, mapping and connecting them with the client’s corporate philosophy, and carrying out a rigorous and diligent selection process.

Because we have a large pool of available and well-diversified talent, we have succeeded in providing our clients with employees who have become very devoted and loyal. Furthermore, they have left successful growth graphs with our clients as results.

Our duty is not only to provide the necessary personnel, but we also put the best professionals at your disposal.
We provide human resources services that provide comprehensive recruitment alternatives and we operate in the UAE. We have a vast knowledge of this field and many years of experience that support us. We are among the companies that provide employees in the UAE and also connect clients with the right professionals.

We are not only to cover an absence, we are also to locate the most competent employees in the market who share our philosophy of excellence.

Alternatives for recruiting and staffing also involve incorporating resources, writing an offer letter, processing and stamping a residence visa, making sure that the hiring and benefits of the workers are complying with labor regulations.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a temporary or long-term alternative, we have human resources professionals who can advise you on locating and recruiting the right employees for the position.

As for the personnel alternatives; We train them so that their team of employees grows and they can count on the appropriate workers.

As one of the most reliable recruitment agencies and assists companies in Dubai and the entire UAE, we always try to be sure of their requirements in order to provide them with the appropriate alternatives.

With the passing of the years we have been able to build and sustain a stable database with a lot of talent in different fields and specialties. This in turn has given us the opportunity to optimize the recruiting system while choosing the most outstanding professionals.

What can temporary staff do for your business?

If you’re planning on contacting engineering recruitment agencies in Dubai because you’d like to have temporary staff in your company, you need to know how this decision can positively impact your business.

Staff recruitment in Dubai is a long process, whether you’re planning on hiring temporary or permanent workers, so for this reason, you should have Connect Resources as your best ally for receiving the solutions that you need.

There are many reasons to hire temporary staff because they can do a lot for your enterprise, and you can take advantage of their knowledge to boost the company’s productivity.


When your company is experiencing rapid growth, or it’s going through a busy period, you don’t have time to hire permanent employees, and it’s not necessary because eventually, you won’t need to have that many people working for you.

Temporary workers provide that flexibility you need for handling difficult times or working in small projects because it allows you to scale down or up according to your needs.

Access to new skills

One of the most significant advantages of counting with temporary staff is that they provide a new set of skills and perspectives to the job position that they’re handling, which in turn can improve production.

Fewer costs

The process of hiring temporary staff is usually less expensive than hiring permanent workers. If you count on with Connect Resources, then you’re going to receive an excellent solution based on your budget.

Additionally, for temporary staff, you can implement hourly rates rather than a salary and negotiate some of the benefits, so they will cause you to have fewer expenses.

It leads to permanent hiring

It’s always challenging to find a great worker for your business, especially if you’re looking for long-term hires. However, if you hire temporary staff, you can evaluate their performance and if you like the way they carry out their tasks you can propose them to become a permanent worker for your company.

Improve overall workplace mood

Having a high workload could be frustrating and exhausting for your workers. Still, if you hire temporary staff, it could ease the responsibilities of your workforce, so in turn, you’ll have people working comfortably and doing their best for your business.

When should your company use temporary staff?

If you’re considering the Staffing solutions – Dubai for your business, but you’re still not sure about when to hire temporary staff, then you need to know how to identify when it’s the best moment to do it for your business.

There are many occasions in which it’s better to hire temporary staff over permanent staff. Let’s observe:

  1. Cover eventualities: you should hire temporary staff when your business is facing last-minute contingencies like holidays, parental leave or sickness, and you need to fill a job position right away but not for a long time.
  2. Maximize efficiency: you can consider hiring temporary staff to handle routine business functions for your company while your permanent team focuses on the company’s core activity and critical-issues. It will allow you to maximize efficiency and get more benefits.
  3. Projects that require specific skills: if your company has to work on a new project, but you need to have staff with expertise on particular skills or knowledge, then you can hire temporary staff to help you achieve your strategic goals.
  4. Seasonal fluctuations: there are times when your company might face periods of increased activity, but you know that these might not last long, so you won’t need to make a permanent hire. Instead, you can hire temporary workers to handle more tasks, thus relieving the stress of your current workforce.
  5. Challenges in finances: if there’s a period where your business is facing a hard time financially, you can consider having temporary staff instead of permanent staff to do some savings on overhead costs.

How to involve and integrate temporary staff to your workforce?

After you hire the temporary staff that you need for your business, you need to apply some strategies to involve and integrate them into your workforce. Why is this necessary? Because it allows them to feel welcomed so you can make the most of their performance.

If you want to get the best results from your Staffing solutions – Dubai, then it’s time to apply some of the best tips for your temporary staff. Let’s observe:

  1. Assign a person to introduce the temporary staff to your workforce and to give them a tour of the work station and facilities.
  2. Make sure your temporary staff has access to childcare and similar facilities of your business so they can feel included.
  3. Notify your temporary staff about vacancies so they can decide if they’d like to apply.
  4. Make sure your permanent staff understands the value and duties of your temporary staff so they can respect and appreciate the contribution that they’re making for the business.

How to successfully hire temporary staff?

There are many steps you have to follow to hire temporary staff, but if you do this process alone, then you’re probably going to waste much time and invest much money only to obtain a mediocre solution.

If you’re planning on hiring temporary staff, you need to contact a trustworthy agency that can help you with all the stages of the hiring process. So how can you successfully hire temporary workers with the help of Connect Resources? Let’s observe:

  1. You’ll be able to define your company’s needs and requirements
  2. You’ll have the help of one of the top-agencies in Dubai
  3. You’ll maximize your benefits by partnering with Connect Resources
  4. You’ll receive assistance and guidance in hiring.

If you’re not sure about how to do outsourcing in Dubai, you can always contact Connect Resources, so they can help you find the best match for your business. It’s one of the best engineering recruitment agencies in Dubai because it works with several companies in a variety of industries.

What other services do we provide as a temporary staff agency?

We offer quick adaptation by competent professionals prepared to join the organization. Regardless, if our clients need workers to meet the demand for a busy season or to replace existing staff, we can provide you with exactly what you need including your respective already validated work permits. You could even check CVs and profile videos.

If you choose to partner with us you will not need to worry about paperwork because we will do that for you, too.
Regarding the fulfillment of the requirements of the requested personnel, you will only have to complete the registration process for free and select the professional of your choice to work in the UAE.

If you have already completed the registration, you will be able to meet the resource requirements of last resort or substitute personnel for your company, in case you require people for a major project, peak workloads, events, or just replace existing employees, but as surplus.

It may be for days, weeks, months or years, we take care of satisfying all the requirements used in the short term. We provide you with worker alternatives and one of the most efficient and reliable temporary staffing agencies in dubai
You may be wondering who will be in charge of managing the employee’s work permit or visa in a short time. Well, we will have workers prepared for the visa and with all the documentation ordered according to the labor regulations in force in the UAE.

What are the different trades offered by the temporary staff services?

Our staff temporary agency has the solutions what you need in your oganization.
Find the right person for your needs.

Sales promoters:

their role is to determine what companies’ bottom line achieves. There are different sales staff agencies that only focus on providing an employee option so that you can meet the high season requirements.
We focus on providing well-known sales promoters, effective communicators and experienced in the same field. Even if your needs require personnel to work a single day, we also enable it.
Professionals are internally evaluated and undergo periodic training so that they can perform better in any temporary job that arises.
The workers are chosen by a team of applicants based on their experience, language proficiency, personality profile and background, among other aspects.

What characteristics must sales promoters have to be chosen by a temporary staff agency?

Positive attitude and good image;
An employee with a powerful attitude is not afraid to meet new people or face new challenges.

Know how to listen; Since the elect are evaluated and trained in their listening skills, they must be vigilant while speaking to customers, take time to understand, and ask the right questions without inappropriate interruptions.

Ability to persuade: this virtue is very valuable, since it is about insisting until convincing customers to finally achieve the sale.

Customer service agent to temporary staff .

It makes it possible to clearly distinguish the secret between a good company and a great company. As expected, the clientele expects an excellent quality service, and for that to happen, someone needs to be patient, have a positive attitude and be a good communicator.
To do this, we provide professional employees with appropriate training, even when required for a short time.
Here, employees are also chosen by a team of applicants based on their experience, language proficiency, personality profile and background, among other aspects.

What characteristics must customer service agents have to be chosen by a temporary staff agency?

Be tenacious
; You must be willing to make the necessary efforts so that customers perceive that they have been listened to, and that their request will be attended carefully and with the same degree of importance as others.
Pay attention; They must listen carefully to the opinions of customers, so that communication does not result in frustration for both of them.

Be proficient with the use of language; A professional can be considered for this role if he has a natural inclination to speak positively in his daily life.


You can find the best qualified receptionist with us. His role is essential since it is the first interaction with the brand for everyone entering his office. You need a professional who, from a very good first impression, has a pleasant personality and is proficient with languages.
To do this, we provide professional employees with the appropriate training, even when required for a short time.
Here, workers are also chosen by a team of applicants based on their experience, language proficiency, personality profile and background, among other aspects.

What skills must Receptionists have to be chosen by a temporary staff agency?

Effective Communication
: If a worker is a very good communicator, they will be able to be a good speaker and an active listener, you may be shortlisted as a receptionist during hiring.

Technical skills; they are evaluated and trained in basic computer skills, handling of printers and copiers, knowledge of Microsoft applications, among others. This way they will be ready for when they have to work temporarily, once they have been chosen by a company.

Good organizer; You should have a natural inclination to organize, fill, and maintain a current calendar or contact list.

Data entry operator: precision and speed are required in all business management. A system can enjoy precision and efficiency if the data entry is carried out accurately. So it takes someone who has excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation, coupled with great writing speed.

For that, we provide professionals with the indicated training, even when needed for a short time.
Here, workers are also chosen by a team of applicants based on their experience, language proficiency, personality profile and background, among other things.


What skills must data entry operators have to be chosen by a temporary staff agency?

: You must have the skill to understand, first, and then feed and organize data appropriately.

Analytical skills: Workers must have appropriate analytical skills to check data, looking for errors, flaws, or inconsistencies.

Confidentiality: they must be able to handle confidential matters showing absolute discretion.

In summary, a temporary staff agency can be very usefull in the industry around Dubai an all the UAE. May be considered as plan B if some company need cover a vacant of worker in its organization. Like we know now there are alot of benefits if we choose explore the staffing solutions Dubai.

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