Connect Resources has recently appeared in one of the biggest news websites of the region

This last Friday, February 24th, 2022, an article about Connect Resources was published on the Khaleej Times website. This portal is one of the top news portals of the United Arab Emirates. The piece is about how Connect Resources’ can help companies expand to new markets with Professional Employment Organization services.

In this written piece, Khaleej Times talks about the function of the Professional Employment Organization service. They explain that PEO is also known as co-employment and is a type of HR outsourcing service. Professional Employment Organizations like Connect Resources take care of numerous management assignments.

Moreover, comments about how Connect Resources has been successfully providing staffing and recruitment solutions for multiple organizations. Subsequently, offering payroll administration, taxes management, reducing legal liabilities, and many other perks for more than six years.

In addition, Aaron Portero, managing Director of Connect Group says that PEO services give business owners the opportunity of delegating activities. In this way, managers can have more freedom to focus on other issues while Connect Resources efficiently satisfies their HR needs.

Khaleej Times also explains how our company specializes in:

  • Payroll and tax filing: administration of taxes and processing local taxes.
  • Employee outsourcing: hiring, sourcing, and onboarding services. Connect Resources helps clients to find the most competent candidates from a wide range of alternatives.
  • Compliance and risk mitigation: constructing contracts to keep companies compliant with the local labor laws. Including recruitment, payroll taxes, employees’ compensations payouts, and human resources compliance.
  • Visa sponsorship: support in the visa procurement process and other permits for employees to work legally in the United Arab Emirates. The visa sponsorship service contains an application process, insurance, and other additional requirements.
  • Besides, their portal also comments that using the services of Connect Resources will bring many benefits. When contracting Connect Resources, companies can see an improvement in their staff members’ work fulfillment. This is because businesses can guarantee better benefits at lower rates for the organization. Equally, it avoids them from any serious financial issues that legal penalties and fines can bring.

In summary, Professional Employment Organization solutions will be constantly boosting the accomplishments of corporations while permitting clients to focus on the difficulties, growth, and development of their companies. For this reason, having the support of a PEO agency to deal with all HR-related troubles can be considered as an investment to increase your business’ income.

On the other hand, Khaleej Times remarks that research has shown that the regular ROI of organizations that use Professional Employment Organization solutions is 27.2% each year. These companies also see an annual diminution in their staff turnover rate of 10% to 14%. Furthermore, studies show that corporations benefit more from quick growth and a decrease of 50% in their likeness of going out of the market.

Khaleej Times celebrates our efforts

In the article, Khaleej Times takes time to point out our efforts on helping foreign investors to overcome the language barrier in the United Arab Emirates. says that we are continually learning and updating our knowledge of any new immigration regulations. Due to this, Connect Resources is always providing the greatest guidance and support through the establishment process of a company.

This portal praises us for helping in the diversification and expansion of corporations across the United Arab Emirates through our wide variety of specialized services. Subsequently, having a dedicated team of experts makes any difficult process so much easier due to their expertise and knowledge. We have many years of experience dealing with all kinds of business-related issues.

Acknowledgments like this article published on the Khaleej Times’ website, incentivize our whole team at Connect Resources. Knowing that we are being recognized for doing a good job and making changes around the Middle Eastern region, makes us want to work harder and keep pushing boundaries.

Connect Resources will always guide and support companies who want to make their mark in the regional market. Our main objective is to deal with any legal issues they may encounter on their way to success. Ultimately, allowing the community to develop and offer job opportunities to local and foreign professional candidates who may need them.

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