Connect HR has been appraised by one of the world’s biggest reviewers

This last Thursday, March 1st, 2022, Software Suggest released a review of Connect HR, our newest HR and Payroll Software. This website is one of the biggest platforms that suggest new software and service partners for companies. Software Suggest reviews, lists, and compares different business solutions and applications to see how they can function.

In this review, Software Suggest starts by pointing out the flaws there can be in common HR and Payroll Software. The reviewer comments on how most of them do not have the perfect amount of features. How their software can be problematic to navigate, their lack of automation, and more.

In addition, they express their negative feelings on how most agencies have been finding it difficult to properly function in a pandemic circumstance. Most Human Resources Agencies do not evolve when necessary. But, this is not the case with Connect HR. Software Suggest praises the way our application is the most intelligent cloud-based solution for HR management needs.

Defining ConnectHR

The team of Software Suggest defines our Connect HR and Payroll Software as a premium platform. One that easies and innovates human resource processes. In the same way, they comment that our software is a complete solution that helps companies minimize their HR workload. Also, helping them supervise other aspects such as insurance, payroll, compliance, and more.

They go on to describe how we use artificial intelligence to take care of processing payroll documentation while making sure that every company remains compliant under United Arab Emirates regulations.

Subsequently, appointing that our HR and Payroll Software is highly customizable. Allowing managers to supervise their employees’ visa information through the application and alert them when they have any pending documentation. Moreover, they commend Connect HR for allowing individuals to manage more than one company at a time and organize numerous permissions to staff members according to their roles.

Software Suggest keeps the appraisal by thanking Connect HR for being the bridge between foreign workers and local corporations. Hence, being responsible for their salaries, payroll, insurance, and work permit, all of this under the United Arab Emirates regulations. Ultimately, noting how our software addresses necessities by automating some processes.

Their team goes on to confirm that our HR and Payroll Software is specially dedicated to companies, third-party payroll, and HR service suppliers who manage HR duties for numerous organizations at the same time.

At the same time, allowing users to bill workers for various projects, companies, or contracts. In the end, automatically calculate their payments in compliance with United Arab Emirates Laws. Software Suggest also denotes that our mobile application lets employees log their attendance from any place, while managers are able to check it in real-time.

Benefits of Our Software

The Software Suggest team explains that companies using Connect HR and Payroll software can suffice their staff members’ payroll in many different currencies. They acclaim the application for being highly customizable depending on each business’ necessities.

It is also worth mentioning that we count on an efficient team behind this software. Our agents will help businesses navigate the application. Thus, organizing workflows, permissions, approval structures, and payroll according to the requirements of each client. denotes that our HR and Payroll software offers an internal messaging alternative for users. This is an effort to boost communication within companies and allow cooperation. Moreover, team members can chat, view conversation history, create groups, and share files rapidly. Managers can easily implement barriers to separate departments if necessary.

Our HR & Payroll Software helps your company keep under compliance, following regulations provided by the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE), and provides alerts to any member of your workforce that needs to supply any necessary documentation.

Key Features of Connect HR and Payroll Software

Software Suggest takes the time to explain the key features of our software, providing their insight on how to benefit from each of them.

Employee Reimbursement

The Software Suggest team comments on how efficient our employee reimbursement system is. Allowing employees to seek out remuneration for payments incurred on customers. To do so, they just need to create a request through the application. Subsequently, they will have to add the reason for the expense, amount, date, and other details. Finally, they need to send it to their managers for approval.

Due to the software’s automation, this process is now easier than ever. Managers get notified instantly when a request is sent, so they can process it quickly and the employee will be alerted once it is done.

Leave Management

This feature allows managers to fully see the employees’ leaves across the company. They can filter leaves by their type and then view them through various payrolls and organizations. On the other hand, employees can apply for leaves, put more details, and see their leave balances or status in the application.

A great benefit of our HR and Payroll software is that managers can accept or deny multiple leaves through the application. And, in case of emergency, they can place leaves for their staff members. In the end, our software computes the absent employees’ payroll according to the United Arab Emirates Labor Laws.

User Management

Software Suggest applauds the way our HR and Payroll software lets companies control staff members through the system and assign them particular rights. Managers can individually add details to their employees’ profiles, as well as specify their positions, business category, visa quota, and more.

Through the application managing users who are in various companies and setting reminders to them is way easier. Additionally, you can process staff members’ workflows according to the organization’s structure. This allows you to smartly customize it according to the project’s need.

Recruitment and Insurance Management states that a great feature that the Connect HR and Payroll Software provides is the recruitment service. Through this amenity, managers can notify their staff members about an open vacancy within the organization. Due to this alert, the position can fill faster.

On the other hand, Connect HR’s application contains a module to supervise insurance information. Individuals can renew insurance, see their expiration dates, and edit other details. Managers can quickly notify their staff members about any required documentation while also being able to filter employees based on this data.

Payroll Management

According to Software Suggest, this is Connect HR’s centerpiece. It is the most advanced payroll management service in the market. The HR and Payroll software quickly simplifies payment operations and organizes data in one dashboard interface. Ultimately, managers only need their employees’ labor card ID number and bank routing code to start processing their payments.

Our company’s software also lets managers directly produce SIF archives for Wage Protection System agreement. Even if your organization does not necessitate SIF files for payments, Connect HR and Payroll applications offer three alternatives to pay employee earnings.

Our Payroll Management feature provides a selection of reports, which can be downloaded in PDF or Excel format. Furthermore, it also provides alerts if the details in the payroll documents are incorrect. Successively, making sure that the bank entity does not throw away any requests due to compliance difficulties.

Visa Processing

Most foreign corporations have to manage their visa documentation manually, which requires a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, with our HR and Payroll software, you can just use visa patterns to process information quicker. In addition, it lets managers ask for specific visa documentation according to nationality while helping your staff members see the status of their documents.

Plus, supervisors can customize reminder periods, check the status of workers’ visas, form and adapt visa quotas. It also has a Master Tracker feature that allows them to see the status of all visa documentation.

In addition to the above features, Software Suggests talks about the Document Generator. A service that helps companies decrease paperwork. With the aid of precise letter templates for different employee teams, your HR division can considerably diminish its workload.

Documents and archives can also be accessed and stored in the File Administrator feature, where users of the software can search and organize data and files according to their roles and admission levels.

The application also has an FAQ feature for staff members who want to know more about the guideline, general inquiries, and company policies. Our team of experts will happily help anyone who may want to know more about our services do not hesitate and contact us.

Software Suggest’s Last Thoughts on Our HR and Payroll Software

According to Software Suggest, Connect HR and Payroll Software takes matter into various issues that staff members and HR teams have in the United Arab Emirates. In the same way, it modernizes some organizational processes, such as payroll, insurance, attendance, and visa documentation. However, it asks more of it and demands a feature that can allow managers to monitor their workers’ productivity.

They consider that with our application, companies can significantly moderate the load of handling large and dispersed teams and progress with no problem. Besides, it provides many features that will improve internal communication processes, streamline workflows, and boost compliance.

In the end, after considering the immense need for an application like this, specifically in the United Arab Emirates region, the user-friendliness, and how functional it can be to control entities and their staff member proficiently, Software Suggest provided us with a five out of five stars review.

Acknowledgments like this five-star review published on Software Suggest’s website keep the team behind the Connect HR and Payroll software motivated. Knowing that we are obtaining this incredible recognition makes our staff members want to work harder to improve more and more with time. We will be pushing boundaries for decades to come, maintaining our place as the best HR and Payroll software in the market.

Our main objective will always be working alongside companies who want to make a change in the world. Providing them the chance to expand into new regions and beneficiate individuals who are looking for new job opportunities.

Connect HR and Payroll software is a secure platform, that will safeguard its clients’ sensible data. This way, they can freely navigate our application, taking advantage of all of our services, amenities, and more.

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