Learn how service level agreements can benefit your staffing partnership

Learn how service level agreements can benefit your staffing partnership

Having a staffing partnership can be a great decision for your business because you’ll receive an outstanding service, but you need to clarify everything so you get exactly what is best for your business.

In this matter, service level agreements can be very helpful to keep your business protected if anything goes wrong, and at the same time ensures to set out the level of service that you expect to receive from the third party.

If you’re considering choosing a supplier for any service for your business, then you have to continue reading this article where we will outline all the important aspects related with this important document. Let’s observe:

  • Learn how service level agreements can benefit your staffing partnership
  • What are service level agreements?
  • What are the specifications of service level agreements?
  • What is the purpose of service level agreements?
  • What are the key metrics related with service level agreements?
  • Why is a service level agreement important to your partnership with a staffing agency?
  • What are the benefits of using SLA with your staff partner?
  • How can Connect Resources help you with service level agreements?

1. Learn how service level agreements can benefit your staffing partnership

Any business that would like to improve a specific business function or area should consider a staffing partnership because it has many benefits and advantages. But, it’s not always easy to define all the aspects related with the service you’re going to receive.

For this reason, it’s important to ensure that you receive exactly what you expect, and this is when service level agreements, also known as SLA, are highly useful because they’re great to define everything that comes after choosing the right service supplier.

With Connect Resources you can receive an excellent recruitment service and the best part is that you can trust that you’re going to get what you requested and together can write the perfect service level agreement.

1.1 What is a staffing partnership?

A staffing partnership is a relationship that a company makes with another company to receive a specific service related with the workforce, like recruitment, hiring, or any other.

If you’re a business owner you may have considered making a staffing agreement so you can be assisted to hire the workers that you need for your company. So, the staffing agreement meaning is very important to know what kind of service you’re going to receive.

It’s also important choose the correct staff outsourcing agency for your business, because only this way you’re going to receive all the benefits that come with this kind of partnership.

2. What are service level agreements?

When you have a staffing partnership you need to consider establishing all the specifications of the service you’re going to receive.

A service level agreement is useful to set out the scope or level of the service that you expect from the third party, and additionally it specifies the remedies in case the service fails to comply with the level stated.

These are a standard part of any contract that you have with a supplier, and are considered as strategic tools to evaluate the performance and value of the program.

2.1 Service level agreements with a staffing agency

A staffing agency helps you place workers for your business so you can fill the vacancies and receive high-quality employees. It’s important because you won’t have to waste time and money hiring people since the agency is going to be in charge to do it.

If you’d like to trust in one of the best service level agreements then you have to contact Connect Resources and hire their staff outsourcing service, so you can get the solutions that perfectly fit your business.

2.2 Why a service level agreement can add stars to your staffing partnership?

Whether you’re looking for a permanent placement staffing agreement or any other type of employee for your business, you need to know the reasons why an SLA can be excellent for your recruiting solutions.

Let’s observe some of the reasons why SLA can speed up your processes and be perfect for your partnership:

  • It’s an effective way to improve recruiting results
  • It helps to increase recruiting consistency
  • It’s excellent to strengthen relationships between managers and recruiters
  • It helps improve the quality of hiring
  • It’s great to reduce position vacancy days
  • It helps you achieve process compliance
  • It reduces the chances of making mistakes

Additionally, an SLA is part of the ethical codes that outsourcing agencies follow with manpower, so if any time you decide to choose a service provider you have to request it to make sure that you receive what you expect.

3. What are the specifications of service level agreements?

SLA benefits: why do you need SLA and what does it cover | Hacker Noon

When you incur in a staffing partnership you have to know all the specifications that are included in the service level agreement. Let’s observe its essential parts:

  • It should specify what service will be measured
  • SLA also specifies the services that are excluded in the contract
  • It includes the service availability in different times
  • It specifies the responsibility of each party
  • It includes the escalation procedures
  • It has to set out the cost/service trade-offs
  • Sometimes includes specifications regarding the management: measures, data reporting, conflict resolution procedures and mechanisms for updating the agreement.

3.1 Do service level agreements have to be updated?

A common mistake that companies make when it comes to the SLA is that they write it and then forget about it. If you’re interested in having a successful company and receive an outstanding service you have to update your SLA as your business changes.

What are some of the essential reasons to change your SLA? Let’s observe:

  • If the market conditions change
  • If there’s a new technical infrastructure
  • If the metrics or measurements improve
  • If there are changes in responsibilities

If your business changes and you need to hire executives, you’re going to have to know about the things you can and can’t do when hiring senior workers, but with Connect Resources you won’t have any troubles with this staffing solution.

3.2 What should you include in your SLA?

It depends on the type of document that you’d like to write since SLAs range from basic to detailed documents. However, there are upfront basics of an SLA that you have to include. Let’s observe:

  • Set the goals of the service
  • Clarify the business impact of the process
  • Define the role of each party involved
  • List the recruitment process in clear steps
  • It’s helpful to include a flowchart or process map to clearly follow the process
  • Specify the deadlines and deliverables
  • Set out how to measure and monitor the success of reaching each activity and goal

3.3 Tips for making the SLA work

An important part of writing the SLA is involving your hiring managers in the process, so they know what everything is about, and they can begin a relationship with the staffing agency. It’s essential because this approach will help you get rid of any negative reactions.

What are some of the tips for making the SLA work? Let’s observe:

  • Train your managers on the expected hiring process according to the specifications of the staffing agency
  • Be flexible with how you’re going to apply it
  • Make sure to have the latest recruiting software so the process can flow smoothly
  • Have the manager to be in continuous contact with the recruiters
  • Make sure the managers understand the market and company’s requirements

4. What is the purpose of service level agreements?

When you have a staffing partnership and you decide to write an SLA, then you have to know what the purpose of this document is, so you can be sure about what to include. When you contact a recruiting agency, you have be sure of everything you’d like to receive from them, so you can better define the purpose of the SLA.

What are some of the reasons to use an SLA with your staff partnership? Let’s observe:

  • They give value to the business relationship
  • They help parties to understand the needs of each one
  • They’re excellent to start the conversation between the parties involved
  • They help achieve process improvement to reach the goals of both parties

With the help of Connect Resources, you can be sure that you’re going to have the best service level agreement since this company knows all the advices to carry out the recruitment and hiring process to deliver excellent solutions.

5. What are the key metrics related with service level agreements?

Whether you’re writing a permanent placement staffing agreement or any other kind, you have to know the essential key metrics that you must include so you can evaluate the results. If you’d like to write a detailed document, then you have to include the process of how you’re going to measure it.

However, the metrics are based on what each party considers essential to measure, so they are not always the same. In that case, some of the most commons advices for establishing them are the following:

  • Consider what you’d like to prioritize
  • Whatever goal you choose you should be able to measure it
  • Both parties must agree on how the goals are going to be measured
  • It’s important to choose metrics that can be measured easily
  • The metrics should be defined after the baseline measurements are done

Once you know it’s the right time to outsource your staffing processes it’s time to contact one of the best agencies in the UAE, which is Connect Resources, to receive an excellent service and make sure that you hire the correct people for your business.

6. Why is a service level agreement important to your partnership with a staffing agency?

If you decided to contact a staffing agency because you started to take headhunting into consideration as an employer since you want to hire the best employees for your business, then you have to know why an SLA could mean a significant difference in the partnership.

Knowing the staffing agreement meaning could make you improve significantly your relationship with your supplier, so you can hire the workers that you need.

Let’s observe why the SLA is crucial for your partnership:

  • You can focus your SLA on quality control or can be time-bound
  • You and the agency are going to agree on specific commitments and deadlines
  • There are many aspects that can be improved like resume review, interview scheduling, feedback and selection.
  • It works as a process improvement

7. What are the benefits of using SLA with your staff partner?

There are many benefits that come with a staffing agreement with your supplier, so you can be aware of all the advantages of keeping this in mind.

Let’s observe the several improvements that you could see with the use of an SLA with your partnership:

7.1 Hiring

  • You’re able to set minimum and maximum times for recruiting
  • You’ll get recruiter and manager satisfaction
  • The overall process will improve
  • The hiring costs will decrease
  • You’ll reduce complications in confusion and duplication

7.2 Accountability

  • The rest of the team can get more information about the candidates
  • The number of false positives decreases

7.3 Coordination

  • The process of writing the SLA helps create a better relationship between managers and recruiters
  • The negotiation process helps to clarify expectations and understand the needs
  • The problems of the parties can be solved

8. How can Connect Resources help you with service level agreements?

Connect Resources

Once that you know the importance of a SLA and how it can help you with your staffing solutions, then you may worry that you can’t receive the service that you expect if you don’t choose the correct agency.

For this reason, you can trust in Connect Resources to help you receive the best staffing service since it’s one of the top leading agencies in the UAE and they will offer you the solution adapted to your requirements.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for assistance in your career change? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to contact@connectresources.ae, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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