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Connect Resources offers employers of record services to customers that need to employ people and run payroll without establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Jordan. Your candidate can be set up to work with the Jordan Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in accordance with local labor laws in a matter of days instead of the usual months.

Our EOR solution allows customers to administer payroll in Jordan while we take care of HR services, taxes, and compliance management. We are capable of providing the best employment contract practices, statutory and customary benefits, and employee expenses, as well as severance and termination if necessary.

Jordan is situated in Asia and has an estimated populace of over 10 million. Amman is the capital of Jordan, and it has an estimated population of 4 million. Petra, an ancient city, is located in Jordan. It is also referred to as “The Rose City” due to its spectacular architecture carved directly into the rock. With a team of experts ready to assist with every recruitment, you will have the assurance that the new employee will be productive quickly and have a great onboarding experience, working completely for your team.

Hiring in Jordan

In Jordan, it is recommended to have a clear, written contract in Arabic which outlines the employee’s salary, benefits, and termination requirements. A job offer letter and employment contract should include all compensation amounts in Jordanian Dinar, not a foreign currency. Connect Resources offers an employment contract template as part of its Employer of Record and PEO service in Jordan.

Working Hours in Jordan

Jordan has a standard working week of 44 hours, with 8 hours per day from Sunday to Thursday, and 4 hours on Saturday. Overtime is acceptable, but the employer must approve it. This has a maximum of 8 hours per week. There is also a requirement for a rest period of at least one hour per day. The normal working day generally starts between 8am and 9am, and finishes between 4pm and 6pm.

Holidays in Jordan

Holidays here include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Labour Day
  • Independence Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Eid-al-Fitr
  • Eid-al-Adha
  • Muharram/New Year
  • Prophet’s Birthday
  • Christmas Day

Vacation Days in Jordan

Jordan is a great place to work, with generous annual leave entitlements for employees. The country’s labor laws dictate that all employees receive a minimum of 30 days of paid annual leave each year.

Employees can take this as a block of days or in shorter amounts of time throughout the year, depending on the employer’s policy. Furthermore, many employers offer additional leave days, such as public holidays and religious holidays, to employees.

All in all, annual leave in Jordan is a great benefit for employees and a great way to improve overall work-life balance.

Sick Leave in Jordan

Sick leave in Jordan goes under the Jordanian Labor Law.

  • Employees have a right to sick leave with pay for up to 60 days in a year. This depending on the length of service.
  • Employees must provide medical certificates from a licensed doctor to prove their illness. In order to receive payment for the days of leave.

Parental Leave in Jordan

In Jordan, parental leave is slowly becoming a more common practice in the workplace.

  • The law provides for a total of 45 days of paid maternity leave for mothers. Including 15 days prior to the expected due date.
  • Fathers also receive 15 days of paid leave.

During this time, employers have to pay a daily allowance equal to the employee’s average wage.

Health Insurance in Jordan

Jordan’s labor law mandates that employers provide health insurance for their employees. This health insurance is to cover medical expenses, hospitalization costs, and certain medical treatments. Employees are also eligible for cash benefits in case of an injury or illness resulting from their work. The health insurance must cover the employee for the entirety of their employment and should be renewed each year. The employer is also responsible for providing the employee with the necessary information about the health insurance and its benefits.

Supplementary Benefits in Jordan

Some employees may be eligible for additional benefits such as housing allowances, transportation assistance, and bonuses. These supplementary benefits help to make working in Jordan a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Termination Process in Jordan

In Jordan, the termination of employment can be initiated by the employer or the employee. For the employer, the termination process must be in line with the labor law of the country. Generally, the employer needs to provide the employee with a written notice along with the reasons for the termination.

Likewise, employees must receive a certain period of time to appeal the decision. The employee also has a right to receive a severance package or other benefits, depending on the length of the employment.

The employee must have the opportunity to dispute the termination process. If an employee is terminated without cause, the employer must provide the employee with appropriate compensation.

Taxes in Jordan

All income earned by individuals is subject to taxation, with the highest tax rate being 30%.

The government offers a number of tax incentives, such as reduced rates for certain types of income or deductions for certain expenses, to encourage economic growth.

Why choose us?

Connect Resources is an excellent choice for employers looking to hire workers in Jordan. Our Employer of Record (EOR) service simplifies the process of hiring and paying employees in Jordan. Allowing employers to focus on development, rather than managing payroll and other administrative tasks. Connect Resources offers a range of services, including employee onboarding, payroll management, and compliance assistance. Also, we provide personal support and guidance to ensure all legal requirements are met. Thus, making it easy to successfully hire personnel in Jordan.

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