High-volume recruitment: the most common challenges and how to overcome them

High-volume recruitment:


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As an employer you’re aware that hiring is tough, and when it comes to high-volume recruitment it could be even more difficult as you have to deal with many job openings and hundreds of applicants.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to deal with those situations where you need to hire tons of workers for your business whether you’re planning an expansion, opening a branch or any other related.

  • High-volume recruitment: the most common issues and how to overcome them
  • What is high volume recruitment?
  • Understand and know the jobs
  • Lack of time
  • Managing candidates
  • The method of application
  • Filling leadership positions
  • Lack of technology
  • How can Connect Resources help you with high volume recruitment?

1. High-volume recruitment: the most common issues and how to overcome them

Companies tend to face challenging situations throughout the development of their businesses, and one of those is when they need to fill several positions in a short time period.

Since hiring can be complex, many challenges arise and don’t allow them to do a great hiring, and this is highly detrimental for any business.

One of the many challenges people face is related with high volume recruiter job description because it’s important to know how to best define the positions that are going to be filled with excellent candidates. So, if you want to know how to overcome all of these issues, you need to know how to address the problem.

2. What is high volume recruitment?

When we talk about finding candidates for a large number of open positions we’re referring to high-volume recruitment.

There are two main characteristics that define high volume hiring, and it’s defined as the practice of hiring people for a large number of job vacancies and positions in a given period. The amount of people to be hired can range from hundreds to thousands, and as the number gets larger, the tougher is to deal with it.

2.1 When does a company need to do high volume recruitment?

Why do some companies have to do high volume hiring? Let’s observe:

  • For a project or deadline they have to meet
  • There’s the need of seasonal hiring
  • For a new branch opening
  • Because of a rapid growth in the organization

If you’re struggling with high volume recruitment for your expanding business, perhaps you need to leave it to a third party that can help you achieve the best results. With Connect Resources you’re going to have a great ally in this matter.

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2.2 Why do companies face challenges with high volume hiring?

Having to deal with high-volume recruitment is one of the many challenges employers have to face with in any particular time of the development of their business.

Why is it so difficult to deal with a large number of applications? Let’s observe:

  • It’s required to spend too much time with the screening and shortlisting process
  • It’s a tedious and long process
  • It’s harder to develop an effective recruitment process

When it comes to recruiting many candidates at a time, it comes very handy to use technology to improve some of the processes that you implement for hiring workers for your business since they can ease the development.

Learn more about the technologies that have been impacting the recruitment process.

3. Understand and know the jobs

The first challenge with high-volume recruitment relates to knowing the jobs. Although it might seem simple, when you have many open positions it could be difficult to define each one of them since it could be a lot of work.

Why do knowing the job is a challenge for high volume hiring? Let’s observe:

  • The hiring needs are unique to the project
  • The company has to define how many employees they need
  • It’s important to define the abilities, knowledge, and skills required for the vacancies

Carrying out the previous steps could be easy when recruiting for one or two open positions, but when you have to deal with hundreds of them, it could be overwhelming.

Doing a recruitment process is challenging especially when it comes to managing a high volume of candidates and you need to define all the positions that need to be filled. For this reason, you have to follow the best recommendations for doing the process as smoothly as you can.

Learn more about the advices for doing an outstanding selection and hiring process.

3.1 Methods for getting the information

Doing a job analysis is one of the best ways to overcome the high volume recruiting challenges because you can learn more about what you need in the position and this will help you to better define the profile of the candidate.

How to carry out the perfect job analysis to deal with high volume hiring? Let’s observe:

  • Use employees of similar facilities to study the abilities, skills and knowledge required for every job
  • Have meetings with your organizational leaders and ask them to help you identify what you need to look for in the candidates
  • Do some research about jobs descriptions and tasks related with those you need to fill

4. Lack of time

Since high-volume recruitment involves analyzing and reviewing tons of applications, lack of time is one of the main challenges companies have to face when dealing with it. It’s especially true when there’s a deadline and you need to finish by that time set.

An average job opening receives hundreds of applications, so imagine having to deal with several job openings; it means that you’ll receive thousands of applications! The amount is so high that it’s impossible to handle within the time frame set for hire the workers.

4.1 How to make this process more efficient?

Finding the ideal hire for a single position could take a lot of time, and if you need to find dozens of them it could take even longer. How can you solve this challenge? Let’s observe:

  • Use processes that help you automate the application process
  • Technology can help you do background checks
  • Find out about the resources that can help you review and filter the CVs based on a specific set of skills or qualifications.

If lack of time is an issue for your recruitment process, you need to apply some strategies so you can know how to better distribute your efforts and optimize your resources.

Learn more about how you can save time and money applying the best tips for recruitment.

5. Managing candidates

Managing the candidates is particularly difficult with high-volume recruitment because there are many applications that you need to consider and perhaps you don’t have enough resources or time to look at them all with detail.

Since you’re going to receive a lot of applications, you need to invest time and effort to analyze everything. It’s a challenge even for HR pros and specialists. And if you don’t have HR experts in your team, the problem gets bigger so you need to find a quick solution that allows you to handle and manage your candidates.

5.1 How to handle the high candidate volume?

When you need to define the high volume recruiter job description you can implement some strategies to deal with the volume of applications that you’re going to receive.

How can you overcome this issue? Let’s observe:

  • Automate data gathering.
  • Make your process more efficient by automate decision-making.
  • Use software to automatically screen candidates.
  • Focus on the screening stage of the hiring process by carrying out test skills
  • You can implement online employee assessment.
  • Use your personnel resources once you’ve filtered the candidates to a pool with the most qualified ones.

Handling a high volume of candidates can be overwhelming for any business and if you also need to process their visa it could be particularly daunting to think about it. If you need to do a lot of paperwork for your potential employees, you can contact Connect Resources so it can take this burden from you.

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6. The method of application

Using an efficient method of application could help you relieve the burden when it comes to high-volume recruitment. Unfortunately, many employers don’t know how to select a great platform to do it, so it becomes a challenge.

The standard job application consists in filling out a form and attaching a resume, and it may work for a single job opening but it could be exhausting when it comes to a large number of applications for each position.

Additionally, you have to be organized to sort these hundreds of applications received and you probably end up having a bulk of papers and folders that are going to be a huge struggle for your HR team.

6.1 How to improve the application process?

Having a streamlined and effective application process makes a big difference when you’re dealing with high volume recruiting challenges. Reading all of the resumes and handling all the material you received is not the answer, so let’s observe what you should do:

  • Implement AI technologies to screen resumes
  • Apply recruiting metrics to find shortcuts
  • Consider designing a job application platform for your business
  • Use a skills test software to eliminate unqualified candidates immediately

Keep in mind that having an excellent application platform is one of the best strategies you can implement when you decide to hire high-level or top candidates for any specific job position where you need to have well-prepared people.

Learn more about the recruitment marketing strategies and why they’re so important for your hiring process.

7. Filling leadership positions

High-volume recruitment:

If you’re planning opening a new office or branch for your business you’re probably dealing with another challenge you may face, which is finding the perfect leaders for the new facility or expansion.

Although the leadership positions don’t involve a huge amount of applications, it’s always a problem that comes with high volume recruitment. How can you overcome it? Let’s observe:

  • Approach strong leaders within the company or from similar industries
  • Consider carrying out passive hiring methods
  • Implement a leadership assessment to identify employees that have the potential to become leaders

Finding leaders for your branches could be exhausting and if you don’t know how to do it then you may incur in mistakes that could jeopardize the success of your business. If you’d like to be successful in the business world, you need to know how to do effective human resources.

Learn more about the business guide for dealing with human resources.

8. Lack of technology

Dealing with an overwhelming amount of applications is a major challenge for high volume recruitment, and if your HR team doesn’t have the resources to handle it you can be sure that the result isn’t going to be what you expect.

Using technology and resources for screening and finding candidates is the best way for dealing with high volume recruitment, and many resources have been designed to help companies deal with these matters.

Learn more about the ways in which technology has been a great solution for dealing with hiring issues.

9. How can Connect Resources help you with high volume recruitment?

Once that you know there are many challenges when you decide to hire a large number of employees, you realize that you need all the help you can get to solve this problem. With Connect Resources you’re going to have the best ally since we’ve been carrying out hiring and recruitment processes for the past 20 years.

We’re one of the top-leading recruitment agencies in the UAE, and we’ve worked with several companies in a variety of industries, so out team of experts can perfectly understand your requirements and help you with your expansion and growth.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources to help you with recruiting? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to contact@connectresources.ae, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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