Saudi Arabia Work Visa & Permits: Benefits & Challenges

Saudi Arabia is a promising location in the Middle East due to its solid economy. In this regard, many international employees want to know how to get Saudi Arabia Work Visa & Permits so they can work in the country.

A company that is expanding its operations to Saudi Arabia needs to obtain a work visa for all of its employees. In case you are planning to hire team members from abroad or relocate them, you need to understand the process to obtain Saudi Arabia work visa to obtain this crucial document for your workforce.

Hiring Process in Saudi Arabia

Foreign employees that want to work in Saudi Arabia need to obtain one of the Saudi Arabia work visa types.

Employers are allowed to hire ex-pats and act as their sponsors. Thus, the employer needs to carry out all the processes for the Saudi Arabia Work Visas & Permits on behalf of its employees.

To be hired in Saudi Arabia, first, you need to get a job offer. If you decide to accept, the employer has to provide a work contract and draft an invitation letter.

After that, the employer has to apply for a Saudi work visa by sponsoring its employees. Once the employee gets permission to enter the country, he or she has to travel to Saudi Arabia to obtain the Iqama, which is the residence permit.

This residence permit also includes your work permit, so once you get it, you can start working in Saudi Arabia.

Visa Process

The process to obtain a working visa in Saudi Arabia is quite simple. However, the employer must ensure to have all of the documentation is ready to start the process. Thus, it has to comply with Saudi Arabia work visa requirements before applying.

The process for the Saudi Arabia Work Visas & Permits is as follows:

  1. The employer must make a registration at the Ministry of Interior
  2. The Ministry will open an immigration file for the employers’ international employees
  3. The employer will apply for a work visa in Saudi Arabia at the Ministry of Labour.
  4. The Ministry of Labour will notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when the application is approved. After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of issuing a Visa Authorization Number
  5. The employee has to visit the Saudi Arabia embassy in his or her home country to provide the employment visa application along with the documents
  6. The Saudi Arabian embassy will issue the visa. This process can take from 1 to 3 weeks.
  7. The employee has to travel to Saudi Arabia and apply for the Iqama through the Ministry of Labour.
  8. The application will be sent to the Ministry of Interior. Lastly, the Directorate General for Passports will issue the Iqama.


To obtain a work visa in Saudi Arabia you will need to gather the following documentation:

  • Valid passport (at least should be valid for the duration of employment)
  • Color passport-sized photo
  • Proof of visa fee payment
  • Duly filled visa application
  • Copy of the Work Contract
  • Enjaz Registration
  • Invitation Letter
  • Certificate of business registration

Before collecting these documents, it is advisable to check the eligibility of worker in Saudi Arabia, so you can be sure you can work in this country.


Finding a Saudi Arabia job visa available can be the first step toward starting your journey in this flourishing economy.

However, it is important to meet the requirements of a Saudi Arabia working visa to ensure a pleasant stay.

Some of the additional requirements are the following:

  • Letter of Introduction: this is required only if the person had a previous employer in the country. If this is the first time for the visa application, then it is not necessary.
  • Medical report: the employee has to undergo a physical examination to be deemed fit
  • Educational certificate: employees must provide academic certificates duly attested

In addition to collecting all the documentation and paperwork for the application, you also have to comply with some rules since Saudi Arabia is known for being a very strict country. Some of the requirements you have to comply with are the following:

  • Have decent behavior and respect the local laws
  • Dress properly without exposing your legs or wearing tight clothes
  • Women should not expose their hair
  • Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country and the Islam is the only religion that can be celebrated publicly.

Eligibility & Criteria

Saudi Arabia is a country that welcomes thousands of expats to work and achieve a great quality of life. In this regard, the person that can apply for a work permit in Saudi Arabia must comply with the following eligibility:

  • A person aged 18-60 can apply for a work permit in Saudi Arabia
  • The person should be physically fit and not have any risk of medical condition
  • He or she must provide proof of academic qualifications
  • The person must have a valid passport and should have entered legally into the country.
  • Have an employment contract with a business duly registered in the country

According to Saudi Arabia, new visa rules 2022, employers can only hire those employees that prove to have professional or academic qualifications that belong to a category of workers needed by the country.


Foreign professionals are always looking for Saudi Arabia work visa news today in case there are any changes in the process or duration.

Once the employer has submitted the application for the visa on behalf of the employee, he or she has to apply at the Saudi Arabian embassy of his or her home country. After that, the employee can travel to Saudi Arabia to obtain the actual Work Visa and iqama.

Since there are several types of Saudi Arabia Work Visas & Permits, each one has its duration and processing time.

The employment visa, also known as Work Visa, takes up to two to three months for processing. But, once the employees receive their visa, they can stay for up to one year, but it is possible to extend the duration if the employee wants to continue working and residing in the Kingdom.

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