Salary Certificate in Saudi Arabia: Format for salary certificates

A Saudi Arabia salary certificate is a document that certifies the monthly income of an employee in a company. This is an essential requirement to carry out different procedures and procedures in Saudi Arabia. For example, apply for a family visa or loan, open a bank account, renew the Iqama, and many more. The Saudi salary certificate must contain basic information about the employee. That is the nationality, name, passport number, profession, and salary of the employee. In addition, it must have the seal and signature of the employer, together with the authentication of the chamber of commerce.

In this article, we will explain how to obtain a certificate of salary in Saudi Arabia. That is, the format you have to follow depends on the purpose you need it for. Also, you will see how to check salary certificate in Saudi Arabia. Especially, its validity and authenticity. We will also show you how to print the document through the GOSI login platform. This way, you can have your salary certificate ready to use when you need to do any procedure.

GOSI Saudi 2023

Saudi Arabia salary certificate

The General Organization of Social Insurance or GOSI is an autonomous government body of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its purpose is to assume financial and administrative independence, and at the same time offer protection and social security services. This organization operates under the direction of a board of directors, headed by the Minister of Finance. You can find the GOSI headquarters in Riyadh.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GOSI is responsible for implementing certain laws and regulations. Of course, everything related to social security. This includes the Social Security Law, its branches, the Civil and Military Pension Laws, and Executive Regulations. All of these provisions apply to all Saudi civilian and military employees. Specifically, those whose salaries come from the State budget or the budgets of public organizations.

Furthermore, all of these laws apply to Saudi employees who belong to private sector establishments. However, they are optional for freelancers or freelancers.

On the other hand, GOSI operates and carries out all its operations from its main headquarters in Riyadh. Additionally, it maintains 21 field offices in different locations in KSA.

GOSI Saudi registration

It is essential to register on the GOSI portal if you want to keep track of all the contribution deposits made by your employer. In addition, it allows you to print your salary certificate in Saudi Arabia or GOSI certificate.

If you want to register with GOSI Saudi, you just have to follow the following steps:

First step: The applicant has to visit the GOSI login online registration portal.

Second step: On the next page, you have to select the type of beneficiary. You will see three options, hospital, establishment, and collaborator.

Third step: Subsequently, you have to click on Register.

Fourth step: On the next page, you have to enter all the required details. That is, phone number, email, password, and Iqama number.

Fifth step: Enter the Captcha accurately and correctly. Then you have to press continue.

Sixth step: Finally, they will validate your data thanks to a code that you will receive. Afterwards, you will complete the registration.

GOSI Saudi calculation

GOSI is calculated based on the employee’s monthly housing allowances and monthly basis. Furthermore, the calculation is independent of whether the sector is state or private. With this in mind, you can learn how to get a salary certificate in Saudi Arab.

There are two GOSI calculation methods, which are as follows:

  • GOSI calculation for Saudi citizens.
  • GOSI calculation for foreigners.

Saudi Nationals

The contribution on the part of the individual by both the employer and the employee amounts to 22%. Of course, from the housing subsidy and the base salary. This 22% distribution is as follows:

  • Charged to the worker on behalf of the annuity (pension) – 9%
  • Collected from the employer or entrepreneur on account of the annuity (pension) – 9%
  • Collected by the employer or entrepreneur on behalf of the unemployment contribution – 1%
  • Collection by the employer or entrepreneur on account of occupational risks – 2%
  • Collected by the worker on behalf of the unemployment contribution – 1%


Only employers are responsible for collecting the contributions of foreigners. Which amounts to 2% of your applicable income, that is, your housing subsidies and basic salary. The contribution range is a minimum of 400 SAR and 45,000 SAR.

You have to keep in mind that the GOSI calculation varies according to different GCC regions.

GOSI Saudi benefits

The main purpose of establishing the General Social Insurance Organization is to provide first-class social insurance benefits. Especially for taxpayers and their families. Therefore, some of the benefits of GOSI certificate for foreigners and Saudi citizens are:

Saudi nationals

Health insurance benefits: According to the Social Security law, citizens who suffer occupational risk receive comprehensive treatment. This includes treatments, medicines, diagnostics, supplies, and prosthetics. Of course, this benefit remains until the individual’s recovery process is complete.

Daily allowance: If a person suffers an accident at work and results in temporary disability, he or she is entitled to receive a daily allowance. This subsidy can reach a maximum of 100% of the person’s daily salary for each day of disability. However, in case GOSI covers the treatment expenses, the daily allowance will be 75% of the daily salary for each day of disability.

Total benefits for permanent disability: If an individual suffers total permanent disability due to an occupational hazard, he or she is entitled to receive substantial monthly compensation. That is, equivalent to 100% of your average salary for the last 90 days before the injury.

Unemployment Benefits: GOSI provides an unemployment insurance program. This insurance is called Saned for those who are unemployed and meet some criteria or requirements.

Old-age retirement pension: The taxpayer is entitled to an old-age pension as long as the conditions are met.

  • Be 60 years old or older.
  • Have a contribution period of at least 120 months.
  • Interrupt contributions for those who have a previous mandatory contribution period or cease carrying out the activity.

Early retirement pension: The taxpayer has the right to an early retirement pension before turning 60, as long as he or she meets the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum contribution period of 300 months.
  • Require payment of pension.
  • Not practice any other activity covered by the scheme or cease carrying out the activity for which they were registered in the scheme.


Occupational hazard benefits: If a foreign taxpayer suffers an injury at work, he or she will receive one-time compensation instead of ongoing benefits. Compensation will depend on the type of injury the employee suffers. For instance, if the injury produces permanent total disability, the disabled person is entitled to global compensation equivalent to 84 months. The value of the compensation to which you are entitled is a maximum of SAR 330,000.

Permanent Disability Benefits: In case the disability percentage is less than 50%, you are entitled to lump sum compensation. Regardless of whether it is Saudi or not. To make the calculation you have to multiply the percentage of disability by the total value of disability. However, two exceptions must be taken into account and they are the following:

  • If the contributor is under 40 years old, they will have access to global compensation equivalent to 60 times the value of the monthly benefit.
  • If the taxpayer is over 40 years old, the compensation is reduced by the number of monthly benefits corresponding to years over 40.

GOSI Saudi contribution certificate

Saudi Arabia salary certificate

A Saudi Arabia salary certificate is a document that contains the taxpayer’s salaries and the duration of the contribution. To obtain it you have to enter the electronic services portal of the General Organization of Social Security. Thus, it may allow the taxpayer to issue a certificate that includes the salaries and periods of the taxpayer subject to the establishment.

To obtain the Saudi Arabia salary certificate, you have to follow the following steps:

First step: In principle, you have to log in to your GOSI account.

Second Step: Enter your collaborator’s account details.

Third step: Subsequently, you have to click on Certificate Issuance.

Fourth step: You have to select the type of certificate you need. That is the terms and wages of the taxpayer’s insurance.

Fifth step: Finally, you have to download the Saudi Arabia salary certificate.

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