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Before visiting, it is critical to do the Saudi work visa check online. It avoids problems like denial of entrance or other legal factor that can hinder you from operating in the country. There are several ways to accomplish this verification online nowadays, which is a straightforward process that you can complete from the comfort of your own home.

In this guide, you will see how to check visit visa status KSA online as well as the actions to take to do so. Similarly, you will be aware of the validity of visas depending on their type, as well as other pertinent information on these topics.

Saudi Visa Check Status Online 2023

Saudi work visa check online

There are various options to check online Saudi visa status right now, including through websites or platforms. Nevertheless, as we will show below, there are a few more popular Saudi work visa check online techniques for both locals and visitors:

Saudi Visa Check on Muqeem by Iqama or visa number

Using the Muqeem web portal, checking Saudi visa status online turns out to be a fairly simple procedure. Additionally, you will not need to log into the website to verify, simply enter the data provided on the page. This platform is quite effective and will give you all the data you need in a short amount of time.

The personal visa or Iqama number is another way to do the KSA visa check online. You can also cross-verify by entering your passport number, birthdate, name, and Iqama or visa expiration date in addition to your passport number.

Saudi visa check on MOI Absher portal

The Ministry of Interior’s Absher website is another useful resource for conducting the Saudi work visa check online. In this situation, you can perform the verification by doing the following:

  • Access Absher portal.
  • Select “Services.”
  • Choose “Inquiries.”
  • Click “Passport.”
  • Then, hit “Entry/Exit Visa Status.”
  • Enter details:
    • Sponsor ID.
    • Iqama number.
    • Visa or passport number.
    • Image code.
  • Lastly, select “View.”

In addition, you can quickly cancel an entry and reentry visa for dependents by doing the visit visa status check Saudi Arabia via this Absher portal. Nonetheless, the sponsor is the individual who needs to complete all the formalities if you want to modify this visa.

Saudi visa check on Enjazit – by visa number

Prior to this year, the MOFA website was the only place to do the visa application status Saudi Arabia. Enter the visa’s number, the sponsor’s name, and the organization that issued the visa, as well, for reference.

Saudi visa verification on MOFA – by passport number

You can do your Saudi work visa check online at the MOFA, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of Saudi Arabia, website. Additionally, you can easily and effectively view the status of your visit visa on this platform. Simply enter the necessary information on the MOFA website to do your verifications, and you will get the latest updates regarding your visa.

The specific procedures you must follow when entering the passport number in the internet portal for visa verification are as follows:

  • Go to MOFA.
  • Select “Visa Application.”
  • Enter visa or passport number.
  • Pass CAPTCHA test.
  • Click “Search.”

The page will also display the visa information once you have entered all the necessary data. Additionally, you can check the current condition of the KSA visit visa and perform the Saudi visa number check through this website. Similar to that, you can check the status of your family visit visa through this portal.

Saudi Exit/Re-Entry Visa Validity Check

We will explain what the Saudi visa number check is before discussing the subject. With the help of this travel authorization, temporary foreign residents may leave the nation with a predetermined period to return. Additionally, it is adaptable and permits the holder to travel internationally for leisure or business while still keeping their residency.

Now, join the Muqeem portal to check your check visa status KSA. You must then follow the steps we shall outline:

  • Enter Muqeem.
  • Enter Iqama number.
  • Click “Date of Birth.”
  • Select “Verify.”

You will now see the subsequent information on the screen after inputting your visa data:

  • Visa status.
  • Visa number and type.
  • Validity of visa.
  • Visa issuance date.
  • Return before date.
  • In or out KSA.

Saudi Visa Validity

Saudi work visa check online

As you can see, there are simple ways to perform the Saudi work visa check online. However, as we shall demonstrate below, you should be aware of the basic visas’ validity periods:

Tourist visa

The holder of this visa can remain in the country for a maximum of 90 days during its one-year validity period. It is also a visa that permits numerous entries at once. A single-entry visitor’s visa is additionally available; its issue date is three months after it has been issued. Likewise, this visa permits a 30-day stay in Saudi Arabia.

Business visa

Following receiving it from the relevant authorities, the visa itself is valid for a period of time of 30 to 60 days. This time frame will also rely on the nation of origin or the letter of invitation provided by MOFA-KSA. These multi-entry visas have the same 6-month, 1 year, 2 year, or 5 year expiration dates. With this visa, you can also enjoy 90 days of stay every trip.

Family visit visa

The duration of the family visa for single entry is 30 days, while the validity of the visa for multiple entries is 90 days. Recipients of these visas will also be permitted 4 re-entries with a maximum stay of 90 days per visit.

Personal visit visa

A personal visit visa grants the holder a single entry, 90-day stay in the nation. However, when it is a multiple-entry visa, it will be 350 days. Similar to this, you must check your visa status for Saudi Arabia before visiting the country to prevent delays at immigration.

Umrah and Hajj visa

This visa has a three-month validity term from the date of issuance and has a 30-day expiration limit.

Saudi work visa

Holders of work visas are able to start working in Saudi Arabia for a year after they are issued. Additionally, you will be able to work for up to six months each year without a residence visa. Check the status of your Saudi work visa online to see if it was granted or denied. Before entering the nation, this verification is required. You can also check the validity term.

In conclusion, using the web portals designed for this purpose makes it simple to check a Saudi work visa online. You will also know when to renew your visa if you are aware of its validity period.

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