Qatar Visa Check Status Online 2024: Track, Validity, and Inquiry

If you have a Qatar visa, you must be aware of the visa renewal status Qatar to avoid being expelled from the country by the authorities. In addition, this verification, as well as the visa status in general, will help you take measures to avoid receiving fines. Furthermore, you can do all verifications online through the MOI portal with the passport number.

In this guide, we will show you how to do a visa validity check Qatar step by step. Likewise, you will see how to verify its status and renewal through the MOI and QVC websites.

Qatar Visa Check Online 2024

visa renewal status Qatar

There are two ways by which you can do an online Qatar visa validity check with just the passport or visa number. Thus, you can go to the website of the MOI (Ministry of Interior) or the website of the Qatar Visa Center or QVC.

Qatar Visa Check Online 2024 by Passport Number

You can do the Qatar visa status check online, with your passport or visa number. However, make sure you have both documents to be completely safe in the process. Additionally, you can check the status of the document or follow up the steps below:

Visa inquiry and printing through MOI

You can see the visa renewal status Qatar consult, and print it, by entering the web portal of the Ministry of the Interior. In this case, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the MOI website
  2. Then, click on VISA SERVICES
  4. Next, with your visa number or passport number you can do the verification
  5. Choose your nationality and enter the verification code
  6. Click SEND and you can check the Qatar visit visa status
  7. Finally, if you would like a printed copy of the visa status, click on PRINT

Nevertheless, when you are checking visa status Qatar and you have an invalid one, you will need to check the following:

  • Make sure your visa has been issued
  • Check the authenticity of your visa
  • Make sure you have not collected a duplicate visa
  • Check that your travel agency processes your Qatar visa correctly

Qatar Visa Approval Status Check

Checking Qatar visa online as to whether the authorities approve it or not, you can go to the MOI site. Therefore, Just follow the steps we will show you below:

  1. Enter the MOI website
  2. Next, select VISA SERVICES
  3. Go to VISA APPROVAL TRACKING with one click
  4. Write down your visa application number
  5. Write down the date you applied or the QID of your sponsor.
  6. Enter verification code
  7. Last, select SUBMIT and you will be able to do the Qatar visa validity check

Qatar Visa Check for Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Philippines Passports

The visa validity check online is available through the Qatar Visa Center portal or QVC. However, this is possible for applicants from the countries we mentioned above. Therefore, to begin the visa verification process, just follow the next steps in detail:

  1. Enter the QVC web page
  2. Choose the language and country of origin
  4. Then, fill out all requested details, including passport or visa number
  5. Carefully enter the CAPTCHA
  6. To view the status of your visa application click on SEND

How to Check Qatar Visa Status Offline

At one time you may not have a way to check the visa status or visa renewal status Qatar. In this case, you just have to follow the steps we will show you next:

1. Find the Qatari Embassy or Consulate in your region

Get the contact information for the nearest embassy in your country. You can find these in telephone directories or online.

2. Contact or go to the Embassy or Consulate of Qatar

After making sure you have all the contact information for the Qatari Embassy or consulate, you can call or go in person. In addition, it is advisable that in both cases, you verify their customer service hours.

3. Be sure to provide the required information

When you call or visit the Embassy or Consulate, have all the information you will need to check visa validity Qatar. Also, you must include your full name, passport number, and visa application number.

4. Know your visa status

Once the receipts have been delivered, the embassy or consulate staff will help you verify the Qatar visa in your records. Likewise, they can contact the relevant authorities for this consultation.

5. Follow the instructions of the authorities

Based on the visa status results, the embassy or consulate staff will tell you what steps to take next. Additionally, they can inform you if the visa was approved or if it requires an extra requirement.

6. Document verification

If your visa is approved, you must present your passport so that you receive the official stamp. For this, the staff will inform you what documents you need as well as the relevant processes.

Qatar visa validity extension

We recommend that you keep an eye on the visa renewal status Qatar after applying for the extension. This is because, if it is expired and you renew it, you must be aware of the process, or whether it has been approved or denied. You can do this verification through the MOI online portal. Likewise, embassy staff or authorized persons can issue it.

To apply for a visa extension, follow this step:

  1. Start a session with your smart card on the MOI e-services website
  3. Fill in the passport or visa number
  4. Choose your nationality
  5. Next, make sure you enter the correct captcha code and select EXTEND
  6. Choose the extension period you need
  7. Make the corresponding payment of the fees

Therefore, the visa renewal status Qatar will help you know if your document will be ready soon or if you will have to wait longer.

Qatar Visa Check Meaning

visa renewal status Qatar

In this section, you will see a small glossary of meanings of visa control terms:

  • Valid to use. It means that the authorities issued the visa and you can print it and use it.
  • Ready to print. This means that you receive authorization. In this case, the sponsor must pay the visa fee through the MOI website or the Metrash mobile application.
  • Used within the country. This means that the visa has already been used to travel.
  • Transferred to resident. This happens when the visa is converted into a residence permit.
  • In external process. This means that the employment contract or other documents have not yet been finalized.
  • In progress. Simply the visa application is in process.
  • The request has not been approved but rejected.
  • Expired visa. The visa time expired.
  • The visa was not processed and has been cancelled.
  • Sorry, the requested visa was not found. It means that it is in process or that I entered the wrong information.

Also, this information is important if you do the visa renewal status Qatar to know if your visa is in any of these situations.

Qatar visa extension fee

The stipulated fee that you must pay for the visa extension is QR200 per month.

Common Reasons for Qatar Visa Rejection

You should be aware of the visit visa status Qatar because the authorities may reject it and you will not be able to travel. Likewise, the most common reasons for the rejection are:

  • Incomplete or incorrect application
  • If you have a criminal record
  • If you have a bad travel history, for example, if you exceeded the deadline or were deported
  • Financial stability or funds to cover your expenses
  • If you have a poor medical condition
  • Negative employment status for application

Accordingly, make sure to check the visa status or visa renewal status Qatar by the means given so that you take precautions. It is also necessary that, when making requests, you have everything required for this on hand. However, if you have questions, you can contact us and we will gladly answer these and other questions regarding the Qatar visa.

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