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Finding the best pro services in Dubai could be challenging, particularly if you don´t have enough knowledge about this type of partnership. When you´re looking for expanding your business, there are many tasks you have to handle, and for this reason, you need to have all the help you can.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about PRO services and how you can take the most out of it. Don’t be afraid of choosing an excellent provider because it can give you a lot of benefits. Let’s observe:

  • Everything you have to know about the best pro services in Dubai
  • What are PRO services?
  • Why do companies require PRO services?
  • What are the different PRO services?
  • How to select the best PRO services, providers?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best solution for PRO services?

Everything you have to know about the best pro services in Dubai

Setting up a business in another country means that you have to follow several guidelines and regulations if you want to do it successfully. For this reason, many companies look for Pro services near me that can help them with this task.

A Government Liaison Officer also referred to as a Public Relations Officer or PRO, is a necessity for any organisation in the United Arab Emirates. PRO services refer to any actions linked to processing governmental documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labour cards, and corporate trade licencing documentation and approvals. As one of the top firms in Dubai for business development and support, Connect Resources offers a variety of PRO services that are dependable and affordable for both people and businesses.

The company that wants to expand to Dubai may face several challenges due to language, customs, local laws, and more. Additionally, there is a process that you have to follow which involves contacting several authorities.

Although you may think that opening an office and running a business is an easy task, you have to admit that the process never ends, and you have to be continually aware of everything you need to do to run your company smoothly and without any trouble.

Therefore, it’s essential to know how you can get a complete solution that relieves all of your burdens.

1.1 PRO Services can help you

The perfect solution for your troubles when expanding internationally to the UAE is to get the best pro services in Dubai. A consultancy firm can help you achieve your goals, become your business advisor, and increasing your chances of success.

How can PRO services help you? Let’s observe:

  • You’ll save time and resources to focus on your strategies for the expansion instead of being worried about paperwork and legalities
  • The PRO services provider will complete all the tasks and errands for you
  • You’ll get your company formation easily and without troubles

The executive search could also be part of your strategy, so if you’d like to get the best result from this service, you have to contact Connect Resources. We can help you fill your senior roles so you can improve your company’s productivity by having the best leaders in charge.

Learn more about the Executive Search offered by Connect Resources.

Most Popular PRO Services

As a company, Connect Resources can fulfill the role of the Government Liaison Officer (PRO) for Companies and their staff.

Connect Resources is equipped to handle the most common requirements for PRO services in Dubai, which include:

  • Resident and Employee Visa
  • Investor Visas
  • Family Visas
  • Green Visas
  • Notarisation of Legal Documents
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Payroll & WPS
  • Mission Visas
  • Golden Visas
  • Retirement Visa
  • Labour and Immigration Cards
  • Labour Quota applications
  • Company and Branch formation
  • Offshore & Security Passes (CICPA)
  • Emirates ID Cards
  • Annual Licence renewals and updates
  • Changes to Trade Licences, transfers
  • Regulatory approvals and NOC letters

What are PRO services?

Before start searching for the best pro services in Dubai, you have to understand what it is so you can be aware of what you’re going to receive.

When a company is planning on expanding and opening a branch in the UAE, it needs to follow some steps before setting up the business. So, PRO services are those aimed to assist businesses to successfully carry out the company’s establishment.

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    Perhaps you’re still unsure about using services from an outsourcing company, but you have to know that it can bring you a lot of benefits. Your business can be improved if you decide to partner with an agency that can help you with some of your business functions.

    Learn more about why you have to consider outsourcing services for your company.

    Why do companies require PRO services?

    You should know that the best pro services in Dubai are highly demanded by several companies that want to set up an office. But, why is it so wanted? Let’s observe:

    • It’s an excellent way to get assistance to handle all types of requirements and issues to set up the business.
    • The company doesn’t need to focus on preparing a lot of paperwork
    • You can get the most satisfaction thanks to a comprehensive service
    • The company doesn’t have to contact government services since the firm will have to do it
    • It’s a great way to ensure the process goes smoothly
    • The company will get a quick and error-free registration and formation

    As you can see, there are many reasons why businesses opt for PRO services, so if you’re planning on opening a company in Dubai, you have to contact a firm provider.

    Keep in mind that when you hire any type of service, you have to follow the ethical code for manpower. With PRO services it’s very important to follow the regulations and rules, so it’s essential to discuss it with the agency you decide to hire.

    Learn more about why ethics are so important when it comes to manpower.

    What are the different PRO services?

    When you look for the best pro services in Dubai, you have to ensure the firm offers a comprehensive list of services. It’s the best way of getting a successful completion of the company formation process.

    4.1 Visa Processing

    One crucial step when forming your company in Dubai is processing the necessary documents for your workers. A working visa is required if you want to send some of your employees to that place. Additionally, you have to carry out the renewal from time to time.

    For this reason, the processing and renewal of visas are included in PRO services. With an efficient firm, you can process each type of visa depending on your company´s requirements, even the family visa for your workers who decide to take their relatives with them.

    If you’re planning on expanding your business to new markets, you have to consider using PRO services. Perhaps you’re curious about if you need visas for your employees because you want to send them to Dubai, and an agency can help you solve all of these inquiries.

    Learn more about if you need to have an office to process your employees’ visas.

    4.2 Documents Attestation

    One of the main aspects you have to look for in Pro services near me is the document attestation and processing. You need to prepare and attest several documents to submit them to the required department.

    Why PRO services can make it easier for you? Let´s observe:

    • Document processing and attestation is a long and tedious process, and you can avoid it thanks to PRO services
    • You save the time of doing the preparation and attestation of different documents
    • The firm can submit the documents for you

    4.3 Legal services

    Pro services Dubai meaning relates with legal services. During company formation you have to handle several legalities like processing legal documents. With an experienced PRO service provider you can get assistance with this.

    Connect Resources has excellent legal experts that can help you carry out notarization, translations and preparation of legal documents, as well as getting the necessary legal advice.

    4.4 Local sponsor

    To set your business in Dubai, you need to have a local sponsor. With PRO services you don´t have to worry about looking for this since the firm can help you find the suitable and reliable agent or sponsor for your specific type of business.

    PRO services are excellent for helping you deal with all kind of government services. If you want to know how you can get this done easily, you have to contact an outsourcing agency that can help you with all of these matters.

    Learn more about how you can manage government services and get Dubai Working visas.

    4.5 Trade license

    Before starting your business in Dubai, the trade license is the most important thing you have to process. For this reason, Pro services Dubai meaning it can assist you with this lengthy and challenging process.

    How can PRO services help you with your trade license? Let´s observe:

    • It can work as a consultancy firm to help you with the process
    • The firm ensures you to receive the approval of your trade license
    • It´s also helpful to get the renewal for the license
    • The firm can help you fulfill all the conditions to get this important document

    How to select the best PRO services provider?

    Selecting the firm to get the best pro services in Dubai is a major decision. For this reason, you have to follow some criteria that will allow you to determine which agency could be the best for your business.

    5.1 Scope of services

    The first thing you have to evaluate from a firm is the scope of services. You have to request the agency to be specific about each service they offer. It should be easy to understand and perfectly clear so you can avoid future misunderstandings. Additionally, they should mention their costs and procedures with each one.

    If you need assistance with your recruitment, you can always trust in Connect Resources. We’re one of the top-leading staffing agencies in the UAE and we have been providing our service to several companies in a variety of industries.

    Learn more about the Recruitment Agency in Dubai offered by Connect Resources.

    5.2 Reputation and credibility

    Another significant aspect about a PRO services firm is their reputation and credibility. How can you check it? Let’s observe:

    • Check the firm’s market reputation
    • Research about the firm’s performance with other companies in your same industry
    • Get references from businesses that have worked with the firm

    Selecting the best agency to receive PRO services could be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look. You have to know that an employer of record can be the best solution for what you’re looking for, and they provide an excellent service in the UAE.

    Learn more about the services you can receive from an employer of record.

    5.3 Local presence

    When you’re searching for the best pro services in Dubai, you have to look for the firm that has a local presence in the place where you want to set up your business. It means that the firm must have offices and workers delivering the service for your company.

    Why is this necessary? Let’s observe:

    Having effective management of your HR functions can be difficult if you don’t follow the best practices. For this reason, you have to know about the guidelines for doing business so you can deal with all of your tasks effectively with the help of PRO services.

    Learn more about the guide to manage your HR tasks effectively.

    5.4 Size of PRO team

    Since a PRO Service provider has to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, it must have a proactive and efficient team with enough strength and capability to handle all of them. They need to have dedicated specialists to each task, to ensure a great performance.

    Although a big size of a PRO team doesn´t ensure anything, it´s a great indicator to see if the firm takes their job seriously and they have specialists to handle each task.

    Why is Connect Resources your best solution for PRO services?

    Why is Connect Resources your best solution for PRO services?

    Receiving a comprehensive solution to help you set up your business in the UAE it’s crucial for starting your operations in this country. If you’re looking for an excellent provider, you have to trust Connect Resources.

    We’re one of the top-leading firms in the UAE, and we have been providing PRO services to several companies that are looking to open an office to enter this new market. You can contact one of our specialists since we have a team readily available to solve all of your inquiries.

    Would you like to contact Connect Resources to receive PRO Services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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