EOR in Abu Dhabi: the expert guide

EOR in Abu Dhabi


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Contacting an EOR in Abu Dhabi is a great way of getting access to a vast range of resources that are going to help you entering this new market. Companies that want to start their international expansion to the UAE should get assistance from experts to obtain excellent results.

An EOR can be the best solution for managing and administering some of the tasks you must do to enter the UAE. In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about an Employer of Record and how it can help you achieve your strategic goals. Let’s observe:

  • EOR in Abu Dhabi: the expert guide
  • How can an EOR help you?
  • Why an EOR can be the best solution for employment contracts?
  • When should you use EOR services?
  • Can an EOR assist you with onboarding?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best choice as an EOR?

1. EOR in Abu Dhabi: the expert guide

Abu Dhabi is a top destination for businesses looking to increase their production and revenue, but if you don’t know how to properly open your office there or how to employ workers, you aren’t going to get excellent results.

Among the Employer of record responsibilities you can find a comprehensive service that is going to help you settle your business in this city.

If you decide that Abu Dhabi is the best place for your company for doing business, you must know that using EOR services could make a big difference. If you still don’t know what they can do for you, you must know that they cover a wide range of services in this place.

Learn more about the employer of record offering their services in the UAE.

1.1  Employer of Record to help your business

Expanding your business to the UAE is a major decision since involves dealing with a variety of aspects. Having the help of an EOR in Abu Dhabi could make the process easier so you don’t have to worry about handling everything. Why is an EOR a great help for your business? Let’s observe:

  • It’s a quick solution for your expansion requirements
  • You’ll get access to a new market without incurring in risks
  • It helps you have a better management of your expansion

Many businesses still don´t make the decision of working with an employer of record because they don´t know how they operate. For this reason, you have to learn more about this type of partnership to be prepared in case you need the services they provide.

Learn more about the essential aspects of an employer of record.

2. How can an EOR help you?

How can an EOR help you

An EOR in Abu Dhabi can help you with several tasks related with your international expansion. Among the best reasons for using EOR services are the following:

  • A faster and cheaper way to deploy staff in the UAE for your business
  • It ensures compliance with local laws and regulations
  • You won’t have to establish an entity in the UAE to enter in its market
  • It can help you with employment and payroll responsibilities

Keep in mind that you must choose an outstanding Employer of Record if you want to get optimal results. Therefore, you must know how to choose correctly and what you should avoid when considering this significant decision.

Learn more about the recommendations for choosing an Employer of Record.

2.1 Outsourcing employment

Outsourcing employment is part of the Employer of record UAE responsibilities. This is the best way in which you can hire workers. Since the EOR has its entity in the UAE, you won’t have to establish one in this place because their service is aimed for those organizations that are looking for expanding in this country.

What can an EOR do your business in terms of employment? Let’s observe:

  • Help you have a better understanding of employment regulations in Abu Dhabi
  • Ensure you to have compliant employment contracts
  • Onboarding local employees for your business
  • Sponsor foreign workers to get work visas
  • Guidance on hiring best practices and cultural norms
  • Keep you up-to-date with changing regulations

Using EOR services for assistance with employment is a great way of overcoming all the challenges that may arise in this area. Particularly in the UAE since in this country there are many laws that you must follow regarding employment if you want to stay in compliance.

Learn more about employment laws in the UAE and its challenges.

2.2 Payroll processing and administration

Having an international workforce means you must manage an international payroll. Additionally, if you want to enter the UAE, you must have an entity established to run payroll. But, with the help of an EOR, you won’t have to do any of this since it’s properly incorporated in the UAE and it has an active payroll.

What can the EOR do for you in terms of payroll administration? Let’s observe:

  • Management of payments
  • Compliance with taxes
  • Remit salaries and benefits
  • Gather tax and banking information about your employees

Handling the payroll for your business could be challenging, especially if you’re dealing with an international workforce. For this reason, you should partner with Connect Resources to assist you with each task. It’s the best way of getting excellent results.

Learn more about the Payroll Service offered by Connect Resources.

3. Why an EOR can be the best solution for employment contracts?

An EOR in Abu Dhabi can help you with one of the biggest issues companies face when they want to hire employees in the UAE. There are many regulations you must follow to stay in compliance but you also have to meet your unique HR needs, so as you can see it’s a difficult process.

The EOR can help you draft the employment contracts and do it compliantly, so it could be the best decision for your business.

3.1 Employee benefits

The employee benefits are a major part of the Employer of record payroll services, and with the help of experts you can have compliance with everything you must offer to your employees in the contract. Let’s observe how an EOR can help you stay in compliance with the benefits in your contracts:

  • It assist you to consider the appropriate salary for your workers
  • The EOR can help you have a better understanding of working hours, probationary periods and terminations
  • With an EOR you may offer a better health coverage at a better cost for your business
  • It helps you deal with workers’ compensation

3.2 Employee paid leave

The paid leaves are a difficult matter in employment contracts, so the EOR can help you have a better management and understanding of maternity leave, holidays paid leave, and sick leave.

As you can see, an EOR can offer you a comprehensive service to have a better management of your workforce. However, there are many things you must know about this kind of partnership. It’s crucial to learn more about it because it will help you have a better overview of the service.

Learn more about the basics of an EOR and what it can do for your business.

4. When should you use EOR services?

When should you use EOR services?

Planning the international expansion of your business involves a lot of aspects to consider, so it’s helpful to contact an EOR in Abu Dhabi to get help. But what are the common reasons to contact a firm to assist you? Let’s observe:

  • You want to set up an office at a manageable cost
  • There’s lack of local expertise
  • You don’t have enough resources to establish an entity in the UAE

There are also common situations in which you may consider EOR services as your best option. Let’s observe some of them.

4.1 Explore a new market

When you consider the international expansion, perhaps you’re not sure about which country could be the best for you.

For this reason, you may use EOR services to evaluate the UAE market so you can test it. Thanks to the EOR hiring service you can have workers in the target country, so you may start operations to test how it goes, without compromising your time and money.

4.2 Avoid risks of noncompliance

If you opt for managing your international payroll with your in-house team, you may be putting your company at risk since the regulations change constantly. And, if you don’t have any local experts, you’re even in more danger.

Getting the Employer of record payroll services could help you avoid incurring in noncompliance with your payments of taxes. So, it’s a safe way of managing your payments and your workforce.

4.3 Quick solution for entity setup

If you have decided you want to set up an entity in the UAE because you’ve identified it as an excellent market, but the process for establishing a legal company is too long, you may contact an EOR to start your operations right away.

The EOR can hire workers for your business and you can ask them to start working, while you do the work of setting up your entity. So, the EOR will act as an entity stopgap.

EOR Services could be of great help for your business even during difficult times. You can decide to partner with a third party and follow the best advice for employers on how to manage challenging times, and you’ll see you’ll get excellent results.

Learn more about the best recommendations for employer for managing tough times.

5. Can an EOR assist you with onboarding?

An EOR in Abu Dhabi can help you hiring workers for your business, and it can also assist you with onboarding. So, you should look for an EOR that offers you a comprehensive service in terms of hiring, which should include onboarding too.

What is the process of employee onboarding with an EOR? Let’s observe:

  • The EOR will assist you on writing and validating your employment contracts
  • You will have to approve the employment agreement and provide the relevant information needed
  • The EOR will design a streamlined onboarding process for your employees

It’s helpful to get this service because this way your employees will have a better adjustment to their functions and they’ll start working for you immediately.

5.1 Onboarding services by an EOR

What kind of services can you expect from an EOR in terms of onboarding? Let’s observe:

  • The EOR can welcome the employees and give them an employment formation
  • It can prepare the employment contracts
  • The EOR can share all the information about the contract and benefits to your employees so you won’t have to deal with this
  • It can set up the payroll for your employees and gathering all the necessary information
  • The EOR can be the local point of contact and it can solve all the issues it may arise regarding payroll, local HR or their employment. It’s an excellent solution for you because you won’t have to deal with it.

An EOR can help you with several aspects from hiring to onboarding your talent, and the best part is that you’re going to receive a solution adapted to your requirements. Therefore, if you’re looking for senior staff you can also get the personnel you need by partnering with Connect Resources.

Learn more about the Executive Search Service offered by Connect Resources.

6. Why is Connect Resources your best choice as an EOR?

EOR in Abu Dhabi

Connect Resources is a top-leading EOR in Abu Dhabi since we’ve been providing this service for several companies in a variety of industries for the past two decades. We have a team of experts readily available to help you solve all your problems regarding your international workforce.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with your employment contracts or with your payroll administration, we’re here to help you overcome the challenges you may face. Hence, don’t be afraid of choosing our comprehensive service adapted to your specific needs.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for EOR services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to contact@connectresources.ae, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.


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