Emergency Leave in UAE 2024: Updated UAE Labour law

emergency leave in UAE


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Unexpected things can happen to people’s closest friends and family members at any time during their lives. For instance, a parent’s illness or death, or the illness or death of a grandmother. A person usually wants to be there to assist and support the family as a whole in these kinds of circumstances. When you are abroad, things start to go wrong. They developed something known as an emergency leave in UAE to address these circumstances.

There are no guidelines for emergency leaves in the UAE Labor Law. Therefore, the decision to grant or reject an employee’s request for this kind of leave rests exclusively with the employer. Most businesses typically grant the request.

In this article, you may get all the facts you need concerning emergency leave in UAE labour law. The UAE Labor Law does not contain any provisions regarding emergency leaves. In this view, since emergency leave is not permitted, it is up to the employer whether to grant or deny the employee’s request. However, this kind of request is typically approved by most businesses. Let us see more:

  1. Emergency leave in UAE: Definition
  2. How to make an emergency leave request?
  3. What to do if you do not obtain a uae emergency leave?
  4. How can Connect Resources help you?

1. Emergency leave in UAE: Definition

emergency leave in UAE

Emergency leave is time off from work that is granted for actual, unforeseeable emergencies. Although it is legal in the UAE to take some time off for emergencies, this does not guarantee that one will be paid throughout that period. Additionally, there are no explicit guidelines or norms regarding generic crises under the legislation.

2. How to make an emergency leave request?

You must follow a few processes to request your employer for an emergency leave in UAE, just like you would for any other leave in the region. In addition, you must complete it accurately because any errors could result in an employer denial. You can then see the steps you need to take to submit the unpaid leave UAE request.

2.1 Let your employer know

Informing your supervisors of every aspect of the emergency leave request is the initial step. You should keep in mind, nevertheless, that the company is not required by law to issue this authorization to its staff members. As a result, the request should be made as soon as possible.

If you cannot do it in person, try to request emergency leave by email. Try to include a certificate or other evidence of the emergency you need to cater to in your application as well.

2.2 Make the request officially

You should make the official request after stating the emergency. This is really a protocol step, though, as your company typically responds right away. Sending an emergency leave email and forwarding it to the HR department your company is outsourcing is one of your options.

As we have already stated, we advise that you include some documentation of the situation you are experiencing as it is UAE sick leave policy. Even while it may not always be necessary, doing this can prevent misunderstandings.

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    2.3 Keep the communication

    You will be able to leave your position for a while to take care of the matter if your employer approves the emergency leave in UAE. To keep your connection with your employer positive during a leave in UAE, strive to stay in touch with the business; even if you are under a remote work visa. By staying in touch constantly, you can dispel any claims that you are trying to hide something.

    In this situation, you must give details regarding the person’s health or images documenting the incidents.

    2.4 Respect the leave period

    You have to use the days that your company is giving you after requesting an emergency leave in UAE. However, you can notify the HR team if you require an extension of the sick leave labour law UAE. This is due to the fact that it is an emergency and you could not know how much time you will need.

    Respecting this window of time will benefit you if you ever need to submit a similar demand in the future. You may establish confidence and engagement with your manager by maintaining your word and updating them on your progress.

    2.5 Completion of the emergency leave in UAE

    You can discuss the entire scenario with your supervisor whenever you return to work as a result of the emergency’s conclusion. Additionally, you must follow any agreement reach with regard to your permit. In this instance, it can be a promise to put in extra time to finish off any unfinished tasks.

    Keeping in mind that this is an unpaid absence under UAE labor contract rules, the additional work will assist you make up for it.

    3. What to do if you do not obtain a uae emergency leave?

    emergency leave in UAE

    Your employer could refuse to provide you this leave in specific circumstances since it is not necessary. One of the possible grounds for denying this authorization is a history of problematic interactions between your employer and other employees. For instance, it is possible for an employee to request a leave of absence but not show up for work.

    As a result, if this has occurred, your employer could be reluctant to approve your request for a leave of absence. However, if you and your supervisor get along well, you might not experience this issue and might be granted permission. Nevertheless, it is also possible that the business has a policy that forbids these types of leaves.

    If this occurs in your situation, you might search for further alternatives that the labor legislation might be able to address. You might, for instance, use a vacation advance or your sick leave in accordance with UAE labor rules. In any event, if the response is no, avoid engaging in a debate with your superiors because doing so can lead to them asking for your resignation.

    Alternately, if it is possible to delay your vacation while handling the situation, do so. Only if a solution to this problem cannot be reached will this occur.

    3.1 What are the other leaves in the UAE

    While some types of leave are obligatory in the UAE, others are not. The law specifies each of them, so an employer must give them. In order for you to know when to ask for it or request for an advance in the event of an emergency, we will now go over each of them in depth.

    3.1.1 New Year leave in UAE

    The employer of the employee determines the annual vacation, much like with the leave in the UAE in 2021. Working for the business for at least a year is one of the conditions of the UAE labor legislation. This is how the vacation time permit is given out:

    • The employee is eligible for two days of leave each month for employment lasting more than six months but no more than a year.
    • Employees who have been working in a new job for more than a year are eligible to 30 days of annual holiday.

    Additionally, a worker who is planning to send a non-renewal letter to their employer end will also get these vacation days for the unused portion of the previous year. In addition, the business might not consider weekends in this limit; make sure to confirm this with your boss.

    However, employees who are on probationary status are not eligible to yearly leave. Before the employment agreement, workers have the option of using their yearly vacation days as needed. Similarly, there are additional elements pertaining to the annual leave permit, including the following:

    Your base pay will be given to you.

    • You are eligible to obtain your base wage plus a vacation allowance if you work throughout your annual vacation.
    • If the employee has not used the leave, he should be compensated for it.
    • When a worker can take their annual holiday is a decision made by the employer.

    3.1.2 UAE labor law sick leave

    A certificate serving as proof of illness is necessary by the UAE’s sick leave policy in order to obtain the permit. The amount that a worker must get after obtaining this permit is also set by the labor law. The payment must be made as follows by the employer:

    • The worker will obtain full payment during the first 15 days of leave. Payments must not be late or the employer will see penalties.
    • Half of the employee’s salary will be paid over the following thirty days.
    • The worker will not be compensated on the following days.

    Similar to this, a few elements are planned for the sick leave as per UAE labour law. The following guidelines are established by these provisions:

    • For the company’s HR department to assess the sickness’ authenticity, the employee must notify them within the first 48 hours of the illness. You must submit an exhaustive medical report following the sickness.
    • People who are participating in a trial period are not eligible to take this leave.
    • While on sick leave, your boss cannot fire you; however, after 90 days, you need to return to work.
    • Before the initial 45 days of their license for illness have passed, the employee may resign. The doctor approved by the employer, however, is the one who determines if the condition is sufficient to warrant resigning. In this situation, your company will compensate you for the other 45 days of leave.

    3.1.3 Maternity leave

    The authorization given to employees who are pregnant is another leave that is authorized by law in the UAE. In this situation, the Labor Law permits a 90-day leave, including 45 days prior to and 45 days following the delivery date. This is only available to employees with at least a year of employment though, just like with other permits.

    If not, you will only receive half of your base pay during your permitted leave days. Employees who have not been with the company for six months or more are permitted to take unpaid days off.

    3.1.4 Paternity leave

    Paternity leave is not a right guaranteed by UAE employment law, however some businesses do. In this instance, all you need to do is ask the Human Resources division if you qualify to receive it.

    3.1.5 Hajj and Umrah license

    These two licenses are defined under Article 87 of the UAE Labor Law. The Islamic pilgrimage of at least one trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia is known as the Hajj. This once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage should last around 5 and 6 days. Companies may issue this permit if the following criteria are met:

    • This license is not paid for.
    • The journey cannot go longer than 30 days.
    • Throughout the entirety of your employment, you can only use this leave once.

    The Umrah permission, on the other hand, also entails a Muslim trip to Mecca. You can make this journey during any time of the year, unlike the Hajj, which is according to the lunar calendar. Like the prior permission, this one does not require payment from the company.

    The employer also has the discretion to exclude these absences from your annual holiday or to treat them as unpaid time off.

    4. How can Connect Resources help you?

    Since there is no item in the labor legislation that mandates it, the emergency license in UAE is not necessary. There are more permits, such as the ones we have here and the UAE Eid holidays 2021 for private sector. As a result, whether you are an employer or an employee, you must be aware of each of them in order for the law to support your labor decisions.

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