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Employees and workers are the most important asset of any company, which is why the recruitment process is vital. However, finding, attracting, and hiring them is quite a difficult challenge, even more, if it is about technical talent. Therefore, Technical Recruitment has become an important and efficient method that companies use to attract and hire tech talent.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Technical Recruitment and some tips related to it. You will also discover some interesting facts and strategies that you can use to efficiently recruit tech talent. This way, your company will get the employees and workers it needs to grow and achieve success in the future. Let us observe:

  1. What is technical recruitment and why is it hard to attract tech talent?
  2. How many key points must be taken into account during the tech recruitment process?
  3. What is the correct usage of the technical recruitment tools?
  4. How can you build an online presence for technical recruiting?
  5. What tips should you consider when attracting and hiring tech talent?
  6. What things should you know about remote developers from Europe?
  7. How is technical recruitment different from non-technical recruitment?
  8. How can Connect Resources help you find tech-related professionals for your company?

1. What is technical recruitment and why is it hard to attract tech talent?

Before describing what Technical Recruitment is and learning how to carry it out, you should know what technical talent means. Technical talent is known for being a talent pool that gathers professionals with skills to perform in the technology sector. And tech-related companies need to hire them in order to innovate, grow, and reach success in this particular business sector.

Some of the most common technical professionals can perform roles like IT professional, software developer, computer science professional, and more. And some other remarkable roles can be data scientist, engineer, and many others that are important in this industry. In short terms, technical talent is the most precious asset of the technology sector since they contribute to its growth.

Therefore, finding and hiring these professionals is a necessity that all tech companies must satisfy in order to grow successfully. However, in order to proceed with the tech recruitment process, it is vital to apply certain strategies and other tools. Besides, it is important to keep in mind that completing the Technical Recruitment process will not be an easy task.

One of the reasons why recruiting technical professionals has been a hard task is mainly due to the tech industry. Since the industry has been experiencing rapid growth recently, there is now a high demand for specialized labor. And simply, most tech workers that companies find are not enough skilled to meet the growing demand.

2. How many key points must be taken into account during the tech recruitment process?

Most tech recruitment agencies and recruiters apply specific strategies in order to complete the process and get the best results. However, they first need to receive clear instructions regarding the open positions and the priorities or requirements that they must meet. Therefore, the first step that companies must complete is identifying their hiring needs and establishing clear goals regarding the process.

After collecting all necessary information about the roles and requirements, the recruiters must follow these steps during the recruitment process:

  • Understand the position that the company needs to cover.
  • Understand the required skills for the position.
  • Carry out the interview process and improve it.
  • Use all necessary tools to complete the Technical Recruitment process correctly.
  • Build an online presence and develop a social media recruitment strategy.

Most Technical Recruitment Agencies follow all of these steps since they are the key to successfully completing the recruitment process. And in case you need to understand the way to complete these steps, keep reading below to find more information.

2.1. Understand the available position

The first obstacle that recruiters must overcome during the Technical Recruitment process is this one. The lack of understanding can be a problem and it will most likely prolong the entire process, making it tedious. Therefore, having a clear idea of the position that the company is advertising will be key to starting the hiring process correctly.

A remarkable element that recruiters must create is the job description, which will attract tech candidates. So, it is vital to write a description that captivates the audience and makes the process easier for the company. The description should contain relevant information, like a job overview, duties, responsibilities, benefits, and other elements.

2.2. Understand tech talent

It will be hard to attract tech talent if the recruiter does not understand their aims, aspirations, and points of view. Both the company and the recruiters should have a clear idea of what their ideal tech candidate is like. As a result, it will allow tech talent to decide if the position is compelling or not.

During the Technical Recruitment process, the recruiter should be able to establish a connection with the candidates. And the best way to do it is by speaking their language. That includes having some technical knowledge about technology.

2.3. Carry out and improve the interview procedure

This stage of the hiring process should be concise and accurate, otherwise, candidates might reject the job offer. The most efficient the interview procedure, the more favorable for both the candidates and the company. Therefore, recruiters must develop effective interview strategies in order to complete this stage satisfactorily.

A useful tip that you should keep in mind is that the recruiter should not count on obsolete practices. Otherwise, these practices will only waste everyone’s time and create a negative environment during the interview. Make sure to develop dynamic strategies to conduct an interview in a friendly and efficient manner.

3. What is the correct usage of the technical recruitment tools?

Other important elements that every recruiter must employ during the Technical Recruitment process are the tech recruitment tools. These are valuable assets that will make the process easier and will help recruiters avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. But it is important to learn that every single tool has a different and particular purpose that will lead to success.

For example, there are some tools that allow recruiters to track the applicants’ progress, and some others are for internal management. On the other hand, it is also vital to use some other particular tools when sourcing tech candidates during the process. One of the most useful tools that recruiters can use is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is common for HR experts.

4. How can you build an online presence for technical recruiting?

Due to the popularity of the Internet and social media, having an online presence for Technical Recruitment purposes will also be essential. Firstly, it will be necessary for the company to have a website, which must contain important information for the candidates. In fact, its website should be seen as inviting and attractive in order to get the attention of the best tech professionals.

On the other hand, it will also be vital to have an online presence through social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). These tools have a significant role during the hiring process since they can be used to find and be found. Besides, it will be the key asset to build the company’s online presence and brand.

5. What tips should you consider when attracting and hiring tech talent?

If you desire to succeed when carrying out the Technical Recruitment process, we will provide you with some useful tips. Make sure to keep them in mind and follow them during the process, then you will get the best results. Now then, we shall take a brief look at those tips to follow and drive an effective recruitment process.

  • Take your time to learn and understand everything about the roles and their requirements.
  • Develop a tech-savvy career site to attract talent.
  • Get help from tech recruitment agencies and hire a tech specialist recruiter.
  • Make sure to share job-specific information when getting in touch with tech talent.
  • Establish the company’s presence in the tech community, which can be local or online.
  • Arrange and organize local events for tech talent.
  • Consider setting up an employee referral program.
  • Look for global technical workers who can work remotely.
  • Use skills assessment tests in order to verify IT skills.
  • Be prepared to negotiate the details of the contract, such as salary and benefits.

6. What things should you know about remote developers from Europe?

There are many technical professionals, like software developers and other tech specialists, who prefer to work remotely. Therefore, it is very common to hire remote employees when it comes to workers related to the technology sector. And hiring remote developers remotely includes hiring professionals not only from the UAE but from Europe as well.

Although it might not be easy, some tech recruitment facts confirm that it is beneficial for the company and employees. Some of the requirements that must be taken into account when hiring professionals from Europe are time, dedication, and market knowledge. All of these elements altogether will provide the best results and will improve the company’s productivity, performance, and budget.

Another fact that you should consider is that hiring remote workers improves other areas, like employee retention and costs reduction. Therefore, it is important to know that remote developers from Eastern and Southern Europe are among the best. By hiring them, you will be to make your company expand and become more profitable and stronger.

7. How is technical recruitment different from non-technical recruitment?

As you may know, Technical Recruitment involves finding, attracting, and hiring technical talent for IT and technology-related roles exclusively. Therefore, it is a requirement for the recruiter to have knowledge of technology and technical skills to find suitable workers. And if the recruiter is not familiar with the tech sector, it will be suggestible to find a specialized recruitment agency.

On the other hand, non-technical recruitment can involve similar hiring procedures and strategies in order to find and attract candidates. However, the main difference between these two types of recruitment processes is the target talent or candidates to hire. This second case known as non-technical recruiting involves sourcing candidates for not-technology-based jobs, in short terms, any type of job.

8. How can Connect Resources help you find tech-related professionals for your company?

The most effective method to attract and hire talent for an IT company is by getting professional recruitment services. Connect Resources is there to provide you with the most efficient services, so your company can get new workers. Besides helping you save time and effort, you will also be able to get an outcome that will surpass your expectations.

And in case you desire to open an agency, we will provide you with excellent consultancy services to help you. Plus, our team will offer you the guidance you need and reasons if you are asking why work in tech recruitment. With Connect Resources, you will get all the information, tools, and services you need to set up your company successfully.

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