What are the 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade?

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If you’re considering using the services of an agency for helping you deal with your Human Capital, you need to know the 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade, so you can understand everything about this sector and what to expect in the future.

In this article, you’ll learn about what experts are predicting for the evolution of the HR outsourcing business, so you can better plan your strategies for using this method of hiring for improving your business. Let’s observe:

  • 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade
  • Focus on quality
  • Blended workforce (AI implementation +personnel)
  • Growth in personalized benefits
  • Better recruiting with data generation & analytics
  • Skills development
  • Why is Connect Resources your best solution for outsourcing services?

1. 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade

The world we live in is continually shifting and evolving. If you’d like to be a company that applies the best practices in your work environment, you need to adapt to the constant pace of change, so you can know how to lead your team and your business to success.

Although there are many types of HR outsourcing, all of them are expected to change in the next ten years, so you should be prepared if you want to make the most out of this partnership with your outsourcing agency.

Why is it essential to keep up with the outsourcing trends? Let’s observe:

  • You can offer a better workplace for your employees
  • You can invest in new resources and technologies in advance
  • You can develop strategies with the future in mind
  • You can start training your personnel to learn about these new technologies
  • You can obtain maximum benefits from the developments

Once that you know why it’s essential to keep up-to-date with the HR services, you can contact Connect Resources because, with their help, you can understand the recruiting challenges and how to overcome them, even the ones that you can expect in the future.

2. Focus on quality

One of the 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade is that there will be a shift from cost to quality. Although nowadays, most companies focus on cost-saving as the main reason to choose outsourcing HR services, in the next decade, companies would want to pay more attention to quality rather than price.

What is the future of HR outsourcing in terms of quality? Let’s observe:

  • It’s expected to focus on technical superiority regarding HR services because there’s going to be a better-equipped technology for dealing with these aspects
  • The HR department is going to be a critical factor in handling strategic issues
  • The new capacity and development of HR outsourcing agencies will allow them to play a vital role in strategic activities
  • The HR specialists are going to develop expertise in critical areas, which is going to provide a high-quality service

2.1 Better service delivery

All of this evolution in the quality of the HR service offered by outsourcing agencies will mean that you’ll receive a better performance in any of the areas that you decide to contract with the partner.

In the next decade, companies won’t be focusing on cost-effective solutions. Still, instead, they will be looking for agencies that have the best personnel and latest technologies so they can delegate crucial and important HR activities.

If you’d like to receive the advantages of outsourcing HR services, you need to work with Connect Resources so that you can receive a solution fitted to your requirements, and that guarantees to have specialists working alongside you.

3. Blended workforce (AI implementation +personnel)

The blended workforce is one of the 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade, and employers need to be prepared to start adopting this new technology as a part of their company. Additionally, it’s essential to train employees on how to use AI for their processes.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to become a big part of companies, in the form of a virtual employee assistant, conversational bots, of any other type of technology used for improving HR processes.

3.1 HR technology based on AI

The technology based on AI is one of the HR outsourcing advantages and disadvantages because it has many benefits for the company. Still, it’s also a challenge because it’s something entirely new for some businesses. Let’s observe some of the areas in which bots will work alongside humans in the HR department in the next decade:

  • Chatbots to augment talent acquisition
  • Shorten the screening time of candidates
  • Respond to answer all queries in a short time
  • Improvement in recruiting and HR service delivery
  • HR technology to provide recommendations and workforce insights

3.2 AI expansion to new areas

Nowadays, we’re seeing the AI being applied in several areas of the HR department but is expected to be expanded to new areas. The pushback that we see for the adoption of AI currently is going to shift direction, and we’ll see that it’s going to be applied more ethical standards and regulations around its use.

Employees and managers are going to feel more comfortable integrating technology in their daily processes, and they’ll start fully understanding how it works and how they can use it to have streamlined processes.

Choosing a PEO that can solve your HR needs like Connect Resources is going to be an excellent decision because they have the latest technology, and they can train your personnel so you can be prepared for the ones that are going to be applied in the future.

4. Growth in personalized benefits

When knowing what to expect for the 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade, companies will have a growth in personalized benefits for their workers that address their needs.

Because of the current pandemic crisis that the world is facing, companies will have to offer benefits that meet the needs of their employees, and we can see a particular emphasis on healthcare.

It means that companies will have to select an outsourcing agency that can offer excellent benefits, and it’s a great solution because it will bring advantages in terms of financing and saving resources.

4.1 Focus on workers well-being

If a company would like to hire specialized staff for their business, they will have to offer significant benefits so workers can choose to select them. You can achieve this with an excellent outsourcing agency like Connect Resources. Let’s observe some of the personalized benefits that workers are going to be looking for in the next decade:

  • Access to effective healthcare services
  • Benefits that bring value and advantages to the worker
  • A broad array of options so it can fit workers’ needs
  • Benefits based on stages of life for each worker
  • Financial and lifestyle benefits
  • Initiatives to support workers in terms of studies, well-being, and mental health

4.2 Healthy workplace environment

The HR consultancy in Dubai can even help you achieve a great healthy workplace environment, because you’ll have a dedicated HR team that is going to be focused on your workforce, and you can be sure that there won’t be any troubles or issues with your employees.

How to ensure a better workplace environment for your workers? Let’s observe:

  • Creating a well-being culture where every employee feels part of the business
  • Focus on individual, team, and organizational well-being
  • Equip employees with the necessary technology to carry out their tasks
  • Promote healthy behavior between managers and employees

5. Better recruiting with data generation & analytics

The recruiting field is always improving, but with the new data generation and analytics, it’s possible to obtain better results, and this is another of the 5 HR Outsourcing Trends for the New Decade.

As technology evolves, it’s essential to keep updated with the latest trends that are related with the HR data. It’s expected to have a better analysis of the information so the hiring process can be more productive, in the following fields:

  • Skillsets
  • Employee behavior and performance
  • Rewards
  • Recruitment data

5.1 Technology adoption in HR areas

If you’d like to have a better HR outsourcing model, you need to start implementing new technologies in the several regions that compose your HR team, so you can be prepared for the arising ones that will be part of your department in the future.

Once you have a better data processing and analysis, you can gain some valuable insights about how to improve the performance of your employees.

All of these developments in the next decade could take the HR outsourcing data collection and processing to a whole new level, where companies will receive the candidates that they have in mind.

5.2 Better and faster hiring

One of the main reasons why HR consultancy holds importance is because it helps companies to have an improved hiring process. In the next decade, thanks to the use of new technology, this process could be even better than what we see today.

Knowing the HR outsourcing advantages and disadvantages that this service is facing today, it’s going to help improve processes in the future, and having better and faster hiring is going to be a great result of modifying some of the procedures that are followed nowadays.

6. Skills development

Whether you choose any of the types of HR outsourcing, you need to know that in the future, the training and development of your workers’ skills are going to be a significant part of the department, so you can have specialists working for you.

Having skilled workers is essential for every business that wants to take the road to success, and with HR outsourcing, you can find the perfect candidates for your company. Still, you also need to invest in their professional development.

What are the three types of skills that you need to develop in your workers? Let’s observe:

  • Digital skills: having workers with excellent digital literacy is going to be one of the trends for the new decade, and you need to start training your employees in several areas like AI, machine learning, digital fluency, data analytics, and cybersecurity.
  • Soft skills: Soft skills are going to be highly demanded in the following years, and these are collaboration, creativity, initiative, optimism, critical thinking, emotional and cultural IQ, and adaptability.
  • Thinking skills: in terms of thinking skills, you can start planning to have workers that are great in strategic, analytical, computational, and systems thinking.

You need to consider all of these skills because it’s expected that they are going to be highly valuable in the future, so if you start preparing your workforce in these matters from this moment, you’re going to have workers with power skills that are going to be excellent for your company.

6.1 Personalized learning

Investing in prepare your workers to face new challenges is going to be crucial in the next decade for the HR department, especially if you, as a company, need to face challenges like the one we’re dealing with currently with the COVID-19 pandemic where many businesses had to reduce commitment with outsourced partners.

It’s essential to train workers not only to develop skills for their job position but also to become employees that are willing to face the difficulties and to give their best effort to have the business running.

7. Why is Connect Resources your best solution for outsourcing services?

Connect Resources

If you’d like to improve your HR outsourcing model, you need to contact Connect Resources because they can help you achieve an excellent solution based on your specific needs.

Let’s observe why Connect Resources is one of the best agencies for solving your HR needs:

  • It’s one of the top-leading HR outsourcing agencies in the UAE
  • It has worked with several companies in a variety of industries
  • It has a team of experts readily available to solve your inquiries
  • You’ll receive a specialist account manager to help you in the HR department

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for outsourcing HR services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to contact@connectresources.ae, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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