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Today the whole world is like a global village. Technology has made us only a few clicks apart. We can see our dear ones millions of miles away with just a click. The internet has a very significant effect on our lives. Though we can see and talk to each other on the devices, we are not really in touch. The sense of touch and being with someone plays an important part. However, traveling from one country to another can be bothersome. All the visa applications, passport, Visa Government services, and stuff can be very tiring on your health. Also, immigration or emigration applications take months or years in some cases. So it is not an easy task.

Paper Work

If you are looking for a job abroad you will need a work permit. Getting a work permit requires time and effort. Otherwise, your work would be considered illegal. So, you can not risk your career our a single document. If you are establishing a business and need qualified staff from other countries. The process can be very time taking and bothersome. Also, establishing a new business requires attention to different departments. So you cannot risk exhausting yourself from the visa application and work permits of your staff. 

Here leading outsourcing agencies are very handy. You can contact an authentic agency and outsource your work of dealing with the visa applications and documentation of the hired staff from abroad. If you are looking for this kind of agency in the UAE. Connect resources is your best option. New employment visa, visa renewal, visa cancellation are no longer your worry. You can connect resources for these visa services. We are adept at these services. Our agency is very experienced in immigration/emigration and work-permit documentation.


Also, a manager will be provided to your company who will keep you up to date on the document processing. So outsourcing work is one of the best techniques to lessen the workload and increase the efficiency of your company. Well, you can also contact us if you are in need of any consultancy or need for more staff. Connect resources have the best job portal and will provide you with qualified staff. Also, the visa and work permit, documentation will be done by the agency. Our range of services goes past the range of other agencies in the Visa and government services.

Visa and Government Services

This is one of the important takes of our agency. We have been working as an agency in the UAE for more than thirty years. We know about all the official work permit offices and visa companies. It might be a troublesome task for you if you are new to it. But connect resources can help you get through it. You can outsource this task to connect resources. We have built up trust over decades and are the leading agency in the UAE. Our service includes Import/export documentation, visit visa, company visa and immigration-related all the documentation of your staff. Also, the checking for renewal of visa and stuff comes under our services.

Company Immigration Card or Labour Card:

Company immigration card is very essential if you are working in an international company. It is like your license. It gives you identity in the company and makes you a worker of the company. However, if you are a new business, you might find it difficult to place in all the company ID of your employee in time. Establishing a new business is no easy task. You have to focus on different departments, working capabilities, future plans and work out a proper plan for the company. So, you should outsource this to connect-resource and focus better on the progress of your business.

Company Trademark Registration:

Registration of your company is important for legalization. It makes up the esteem of your business and helps your recruit more qualifies members. The trust of the candidates is greatly dependant on the legalization of the company. No one blindly trusts any company r business for their career.  People are very cautious in this matter. Therefore, company trademark registration abolishes all the mistrust and help you build mutual trust and good relations with your employee. You can trust connect-resources with the registration of your company’s trademark. We will get you registered before you know it. With our expert staff, we will put you on the right path.

Emirates ID and Consulate Services:

If you are moving to emirates for work, you will need the visa and immigration documents. It is a must for every employee you want to move to the country for your business. But when you hire a person out of the country, it is up to the company or business to provide them with consulate advice and work permit. So, it will be up to your company or business to dwell in these affairs and make your employee settled. But the efficiency of your company will be affected if you put in attention in these affairs rather then the progress of the company. But connect resources can deal with all this work for you. 

Company Bank Account:

A company bank account needs continuous attention and qualified accountants. You have to open a company bank account of your own and have to hire employees for it. Making a separate accounts department for your business can be very cost-effective. It may not work if you are a small business. So, the most cost-effective method to support your business is to outsource your accounts. Connect resources is very adept in maintaining the accounts. You can trust us with your accounts, The emirates ID and permits of your employee.

Import/Export Documents Attestation

If your business deals in a greater fraction of import/export of different goods. You definitely will need the important documentation for it. Our services cover all the documentation and processing. You just need to outsource your work to connect resources and we will provide you with services with a wide range. All the visa government services, company trademark registration, Employee ID and all the legal documentation will be done before you know it.

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