The Ultimate Guide for Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips

Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips


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If you’re considering transferring your payroll functions to a third party, then you must know all the Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips so you can get the most out of this new business relationship.

When an enterprise experiences problems in the payroll department, there are two options to overcome this challenge. The first one is to invest a lot of money and effort in assembling an in-house team, and the second option is to contact an agency that can offer you a quick and safe solution.

Payroll outsourcing can be a challenge to companies that have never incurred in this activity before. Still, once you know everything related to this matter, you can make a well-informed decision. In this article, you’ll learn everything about delegating this business function to an agency. Let’s observe:

1. Why is it important to know the Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips?

It’s essential to know the entire Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips to have a great understanding of this process. Having the necessary knowledge is going to help you achieve your business goals when it comes to payroll needs.

Since employees are one of the greatest assets of a company, it’s essential to handle everything related to payment correctly, so they can continue working in a great environment so that they feel identified with company’s culture.

There are some basic concepts about payroll outsourcing that you need to know before making this decision, so you can do it at the right time and be confident about the choice you’re making.

  • What is Payroll Outsourcing?

When you’re considering the Outsourced payroll solutions, you first need to know what payroll outsourcing is, and the difference of this option with other solutions offered by agencies.

Payroll outsourcing is when your company delegates the handling of wages and compensations of the employees to a third party. It’s important to know that these business functions are an essential part of the HR department. It means that it should be done with accuracy and consistency.

PEOs can also handle your Payroll requirements, so you have the choice to select between this option and outsourcing.

  • When should you do Payroll outsourcing?

The decision of outsourcing payroll depends on several factors, but it’s usually justified when the company doesn’t have the time and money to invest in an in-house solution. It’s a decision that applies both for small and large companies that want to receive all the benefits of having an ally with this business function.

  • What’s the difference between Payroll solution vs EOR?

The outsourcing payroll solution vs in-house is a well-known difference. Still, there’s also another option that most companies choose when it comes about delegating this business function, and that is contacting an EOR (Employee of the Record).

The significant difference is that the EOR would take care not only of the payroll tasks but also would take responsibility for all employment tasks, and it doesn’t participate in the activity of the employees.

The payroll outsourcing agency is responsible for handling the administrative and functions for paying employees only.

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    2. Tips to avoid Payroll outsourcing mistakes

    When it comes about Outsource payroll services, there’s the risk of incurring in mistakes if you don’t make the right decision or if you hurry up to select the first service that you think without considering your company’s actual needs with these tasks.

    If you decide for the in-house solution and invest in a payroll department, there’s the possibility of incurring in hiring the wrong people, so to avoid hiring mistakes you need to consider outsourcing to receive the best service for your organization.

    2.1 Select the right Payroll provider

    The first of the Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips is that your company needs to select the right provider. Many enterprises decide to contact the first outsourcing agency that they see when the reality is that it matters who does your payroll.

    You must evaluate the competence and ability of the payroll provider in the UAE so you can have the assurance of receiving an excellent service.

    With Connect Resources, you don’t have to worry about this since it’s a trustworthy company that is going to handle your requirements correctly.

    2.2 Have access to high technology

    One of the main aspects of choosing outsourcing payroll solutions is that you need to contact a company that offers the latest systems and software to process these critical tasks.

    It’s not acceptable that the payroll becomes an excruciating experience; on the contrary, it should be something that it’s done quickly and accurately, and the only way you can guarantee this is by contacting an agency that offers excellent resources for their clients.

    The technology provided by Connect Resources is well-designed for your needs because they analyse and understand your business to give a tremendous suited service.

    2.3 Look for excellent service

    Another great tip to avoid mistakes with the payroll outsourcing service is by having a smooth and efficient relationship with your provider. If the agency offers a dedicated specialist for your company, then you can receive an excellent service.

    2.4 Make sure to have compliance

    Since laws and regulations regarding payroll and taxes are always changing, your company needs to adapt quickly so you can continue having compliance.

    To avoid mistakes, you need to have the help of an agency that has a team of professionals focused on meeting the regulations that could affect your business.

    With Connect Resources, you can handle all the necessary changes to have absolute compliance in your payroll department.

    2.5 Work with a recognised company

    One of the Payroll process steps in use to avoid mistakes is that you should work with a recognised company. Stay away from companies that look unprofessional and contact only agencies that have enough expertise in this field.

    2.6 Choose an experienced agency

    Experience it’s vital for processing payroll because you don’t want amateurs handling the payment and compensations for your employees.

    You need to contact an outsourcing agency that focuses on details, and that has experience providing this service to several companies in a variety of industries. Connect Resources is your best solution since it has been doing this work for over 20 years.

    3. Tips for receiving an excellent payroll outsourcing solution

    Once that you know everything to avoid mistakes, it’s time to see the Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips for receiving an excellent service and for getting the most out of this business relationship.

    To receive the best payroll outsourcing solution, you need to know how to do outsourcing so you can get the most out of this activity. Understanding how a process works, it’s the best strategy to meet your requirements adequately.

    3.1 Asses your in-house payroll department

    Before deciding the tasks and business functions that you want to delegate to a third party, first, you need to evaluate your in-house payroll department to determinate its strengths and weaknesses.

    By detecting the weaknesses, you can contact an agency that can assist in these tasks that your HR employees don’t handle very well.

    If your in-house team starts delegating these tasks that are too much for them, and you receive this service from an external organization, you’re going to have solid payroll management.

    3.2 Decide the course of action

    Once you decide the services that you’d like to outsource, you need to contact the agency that can offer assistance in these tasks.

    What are some of the payroll functions you can delegate? Let’s observe:

    • Wage Protection System (WPS) management and setting up
    • Processing salaries, bonuses, incentives, and others
    • Reimbursement processing
    • Leave management
    • Calculation of settlement
    • Management and maintenance of payroll information for employees
    • Calculation of gratuity
    • Bank transfer, salary, and pay slips certificates

    3.3 Select the best solution for your needs

    Another great tip is to contact the agency and expressing all the services that you’d like to receive, so you can have significant negotiation and determine if they’re offering a well-suited solution.

    You need to receive what you’re expecting, so you need to ask many questions to the provider to determine if they’re offering a great solution, or if you need to step away and contact another agency.

    4. Tips for looking for a great Payroll outsourcing provider

    Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi

    As you probably know, many payroll outsourcing companies in UAE offer their services. Since the offer is vast, it could be overwhelming to select the best choice for your company.

    In the Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips, it’s essential to include the best strategies that you can apply when you’re considering partnering with an outsourcing agency to receive the solutions that you’re expecting.

    3.1 What should you do before using a payroll outsourcing agency?

    When it comes to outsource payroll services, the most important is to select the right agency, and there are some considerations that you need to do before using this service.

    The first thing you need to do is a thorough research of the services that you’d like to receive, as well as examine all the qualifications of the provider to see if it’s the right decision.

    You need to select an outsourcing company that can do its best job so it can help your enterprise to be protected from costly errors.

    3.2 What are the questions you should ask to the payroll outsourcing agency?

    When you’re evaluating selecting an agency to work with your company, there’s one of the Payroll process steps in use that can be of great advantage for you, which is to ask the proper questions.

    In the negotiation process with the agency you have the chance to ask all the inquiries that you’d like to know, and with Connect Resources you can be sure that they’re going to answer all of these questions to keep you satisfied with their service.

    What are some of the topics you can ask? Let’s observe:

    1. Amount of clients: You can ask the agency how many clients do they have, so you can have an idea of how reliable and experience it is regarding these tasks.
    2. Services: It’s essential to ask the agency the services it provides, because you might want to receive a service that they don’t offer, or perhaps you’re looking for a more complex business function.
    3. Errors: you need to work with an agency that can guarantee that mistakes won’t happen on employee’s checks and taxes. Hence, you need to know the error rate.
    4. Communication: it’s essential to have excellent communication with the agency, so you need to ask how to get in touch with the experts when you need to.
    5. Software: ask about the software platform to know if it’s safe and easy to use to have the reasonable control of the finances.

    5. Why is Connect Resources your best solution to Payroll outsourcing?

    Once that you know all the Payroll outsourcing Abu Dhabi tips that you need to avoid mistakes doing this activity and the correct way to select an agency, then you need to contact the specialist to help you achieve your financial goals.

    When considering outsourced payroll solutions, Connect Resources can be your best ally to have an excellent management of this task, so you don’t have to worry about payments for your employees.

    Why Connect Resources? Let’s observe:

    • It’s a licensed company in the UAE
    • It grants on-site solutions
    • It offers solutions managed by its HR Managers
    • It has a team of experts readily available
    • It offers competitive solutions at custom rates
    • It counts with different resources and technology for payroll activities

    Would you like to contact Connect Resources for Payroll outsourcing solutions? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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