The importance of ethics in manpower outsourcing

ethics in manpower outsourcing


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The ethics in manpower outsourcing is a widely discussed topic among business that are considering delegating some of their functions and tasks to relieve their workload and improve processes.

Although a few years ethics were not a concern in the business world, the times have changed, and now many business owners are looking for working with partners that are committed with addressing the most important concerns and solve them.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about the importance of contacting an outsourcing agency that follows the ethical principles and practices. Let’s observe:

  • The importance of ethics in manpower outsourcing
  • What is business ethics?
  • What are the concerns regarding ethics in outsourcing?
  • How to ensure ethics compliance with your outsourcing partner?
  • How to identify unethical practices in outsourcing?
  • Why can you trust in Connect Resources in terms of outsourcing ethics?

1. The importance of ethics in manpower outsourcing

Knowing about the ethical issues of outsourcing and why it’s important to follow excellent practices could help you make the best decision when contacting an agency.

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1.1 Why is ethics important?

When we discuss ethics in manpower outsourcing, we need to know why it is so important. Let’s observe:

  • It’s a priority to have excellent communication styles between employer-employees-customers
  • It’s essential to regulate manpower outsourcing
  • It ensures the outsourced employees’ rights are protected
  • It helps set the right culture in your company

2. What is business ethics?

Considering the ethics in manpower outsourcing could be confusing if we don’t understand what it means. So, what exactly are we dealing with when we talk about ethics in outsourcing?

Business ethics is a form of professional ethics that looks for solving the moral problems that may arise in all business situations. To sum it up, business ethics means to do what is right.

Many businesses before used the “end justified the means” as a slogan and they didn’t care about anything else. Nowadays, many countries have introduced regulations and laws that businesses have to follow in terms of ethics.

2.1 What does it mean having business ethics in a company?

Having a company means that you have to follow the rules to be a top reference in your industry; for this reason, if you’d like to have perfect business ethics you should comply with the following:

  • Ensure having the right licenses
  • Establish a right code of conduct
  • Follow what has been contractually agreed with customers and employees
  • Comply the laws and regulations established by the authorities

Therefore, it’s important to know some of the unethical outsourcing examples so you can identify when your outsourcing partner is not fulfilling your expectations.

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3.  What are the concerns regarding ethics in outsourcing?

What are the concerns regarding ethics in outsourcing

As with many other areas, companies worry about the ethics in manpower outsourcing and there are some major concerns that many businesses have in regards with this matter.

However, there are four significant concerns regarding ethics in outsourcing, and when you decide to get in contact with an agency, you have to take this into consideration so you can determine how they solve this issues.

3.1 Quality

One of the biggest ethical concerns that companies have is that they are worried that they won’t receive high-quality service deliverance. It’s one of the worries of businesses that decide to have a third party since they don’t know if the service will meet their quality expectations.

Keep in mind that quality services are going to be always in demand, but you also need to know how to identify the outsourcing trends that are going to be highly requested in the following ten years.

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3.2 Security

One of the main ethical dilemmas associated with outsourcing is the security concerns. Since the company decides to trust some of its function to a third party, they’re worried that the partner won’t be able to ensure security for its confidential information.

What are some of the concerns in this regard? Let’s observe:

  • The security systems used by the agency
  • The safety of electronic data storage
  • The information about security measures
  • Compliance with right’s protection laws

3.3 Environment

The environmental issues have become increasingly important in the last few years since many businesses are trying to implement more eco-friendly processes. If you’re considering outsourcing, perhaps you don’t know if the agency you choose practices environmentally damaging processes.

Why is this an ethical issue? Let’s observe:

  • It may damage company’s reputation
  • The company doesn’t want to be involved with an agency that doesn’t have eco-friendly policies
  • The company has to conduct periodic audits to know if the agency has compliance with environmental law

There are many concerns regarding ethics when you decide to do outsourcing, and if you’d like to follow all the codes and become a strong business in this matter, you have to know a little bit more about the subject.

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3.4 Work environment

When we discuss the ethical issues of outsourcing, another major concern is related with the work environment. When there’s poor work environment at agency location the company has to impose rigorous criteria in terms of the work conditions.

Additionally, they should conduct audits to determine if the work conditions and HR policies meet their standards, so it’s a long and tedious process that many prefer not to do, so they stay clear of agencies that have toxic workplaces.

4. How to ensure ethics compliance with your outsourcing partner?

ethics in manpower outsourcing

Knowing there are some concerns with the ethics in manpower outsourcing could help you determine if the agency of your preference takes measures to address them. It will allow you to know if that agency should be trusted and if their main purpose is to provide high-quality service.

4.1 Data privacy and confidentiality measures

Since security is one of the biggest worries about outsourcing ethics, you need to choose an agency that ensures data privacy and confidentiality.

How you can know if it’s an agency that takes security seriously? Let’s observe:

  • It has firewall protected networks
  • It ensures having password protected systems
  • It has encrypted servers
  • It protects its workspace with cutting edge security devices

One of the advantages of choosing an outsourcing solution is to have privacy and confidentiality while you receive a service that is going to increase your productivity an income, but you need to know that there are many other benefits waiting for you.

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4.2 Legal measures

When it comes to unethical outsourcing examples the most common one is related with agencies that don’t implement clear and strong legal measures with their clients.

What does this mean? It means that an agency should make a Service Legal Agreement with the client and specify with high detail all the legal aspects of the outsourcing relationship. Additionally, it helps you having an overall description of the service you’re going to receive.

Non-disclosure agreements are also part of the legal measures that an agency should take to reduce the concerns about ethical matters.

4.3 Clear lines of communication

 Communication is essential in any business relationship, and many agencies fail to provide clear lines of communication with their clients.

How can you know if the agency ensures communication with you? Let’s observe:

  • They’re transparent with their pricing and services included
  • They provide every detail needed about the service such as schedules on transition
  • They share their privacy policies with their clients
  • They have clearly defined their outsourcing ethics and share them with their clients

Choosing the perfect outsourcing agency for your business is crucial for obtaining all the benefits that you deserve as an expanding business, so you have to learn how to identify all the characteristics of an excellent agency.

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4.4 Hiring and selection measures

An outsourcing agency can help you find perfect candidates for your company, but you have to make sure that you receive only the top professionals of their fields, and this is also one of the concerns regarding ethics.

Your company’s reputation is going to be only as good as the people you hire, so with a correct agency that has excellent employee selection measures you can be sure that you’re going to receive great workers.

How can you be sure that the agency addresses this issue? Let’s observe:

  • Conduct thorough background checks to the candidates
  • The selection processes are tough
  • It focuses on selecting ethical, honest and responsible candidates

5. How to identify unethical practices in outsourcing?

Identifying bad practices regarding ethics in manpower outsourcing is the best way of choosing the perfect agency for you.

Identifying bad practices regarding ethics in manpower outsourcing is the best way of choosing the perfect agency for you.

5.1 Business practices

When an agency isn’t honest and transparent with its processes, then you can identify that they don’t follow any ethical codes. Always make sure to discuss how the agency will deliver its service, and if there’s something they omit, you have to step away from it.

5.2 Non-compliance

When it comes to ethical dilemmas associated with outsourcing, the non-compliance with legal rules and legal obligations is also another sign that the agency doesn’t follow the ethical codes.

You need to work with an agency committed with the legal obligations so you can avoid troubles.

5.3 Breach of confidentiality

If the agency doesn’t ensure you that your information is going to be secure, and if they don’t request any permission for using your sensitive data, then it may incur in breach of confidentiality, so you can be sure that they’re not following the ethical codes.

Confidentiality is one of the biggest concerns of businesses when they decide to outsource, but there are also many other factors that you have to take into account if you’d like to succeed in your outsourcing goals.

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5.4 Non-professional service

Regarding ethics in manpower outsourcing you have to receive only the best professionals to work in your company. If you receive bad candidates, the agency won’t be complying with the ethical framework, and you won’t be able to offer a high-quality service.

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6. Why can you trust in Connect Resources in terms of outsourcing ethics?

Connect Resources

Once that you know that ethics are a crucial part of an effective outsourcing contract, you’re probably wondering how you can find an agency that provides you with an excellent service and that also follows the ethic codes.

With Connect Resources you won’t have to worry, because we follow the best practices of outsourcing and we also take into consideration the ethics when we do business. We’re one of the top-leading agencies in the UAE and we’ve been providing this service for the past 20 years, so we can perfectly understand your needs.

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