Saudi Arabia Exit / Re-Entry Visa 2024 Everything You Need to Know


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It is vital to remember that expats living in Saudi Arabia require an exit reentry visa KSA if they desire to travel outside the nation for business or pleasure if you recently arrived there and have plans to leave the country.

The exit re entry visa KSA is valid for three months. However, it can be extended if your vacation ends up lasting longer than you had planned.

The Single Exit/Re-entry visa enables individuals to depart from and subsequently return to Saudi Arabia once during its valid duration, with a maximum period of 30 days. On the other hand, the Multiple Exit/Re-entry visa permits individuals to exit and re-enter Saudi Arabia multiple times within its validity period.

Saudi exit/re-entry visas requirements

exit reentry visa KSA

Here are some conditions that must be met before the exit reentry visa KSA is issued:

  • The candidate is liable for paying the visa application fee.
  • All driving penalties for a person, worker, or employer shall be assessed.
  • The person to whom a visa is being granted must be in Saudi Arabia at the time they receive the visa.
  • The person receiving the visa must have a passport that is valid for at least 60 days.
  • Iqama of the person acquiring the visa must be valid.
  • Fingerprint of the applicant.

For employees

The Iqama must be valid for a minimum of three months in addition to the visa’s validity period for the employees seeking a re exit entry visa. Also, please be aware that a multiple exit re entry visa has a 30-day maximum validity period.

For dependents

The prerequisites and conditions for requesting an exit re entry visa in KSA for dependents are as follows:

  • Valid passport.
  • Valid Iqama.
  • Exit reentry visa KSA can be provided up to 7 days preceding the expiry date of the Iqama.
  • No newborn dependent in Saudi Arabia without an Iqama.
  • No unpaid violation.

Saudi exit/re-entry visa application process

Employees and their dependents may each apply for an exit reentry visa KSA.

Applying for KSA self exit re-entry visa – employees

Through Absher, you can apply for an exit/re-entry visa. Absher is a complete platform for government services. Consequently, you may access via website or the ‘Absher’ app, which is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones.

These are the procedures you must carry out in order to apply for an exit/re-entry visa for yourself:

  • Type your account password and enter to your Absher profile using your login name or Iqama number.
  • You will then be routed to your own dashboard, which contains information on your residency as well as those who are within your sponsorship.
  • If you are requesting a visa on your own behalf, click “Services” from the list of “My services,” choose “passports,” and then select “visa requests.”
  • Next, choose “Exit Re-entry visa (Single)” after selecting “Create application for visa.” Then click confirm.
  • Your employer, who serves as your sponsor, will then be aware of the request for approval. Once they accept the request, you can use the same portal to apply for a visa.

The person must wait at least 10 days after the request is complete. Individuals have 5 days starting on day 11 after 10 days are up to issue the departure re-entry visa before it expires. Make sure you issue the visa and pay the relevant multiple exit re entry visa Saudi Arabia fees 2022.

However, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development will investigate and make a decision within 10 days after the date of the visa application if the applicant’s employer objections.

Applying for KSA exit re-entry visa – dependents

These are the actions you must take in order to apply for your dependents’ exit reentry visa KSA:

  • Depending on how many persons you are applying for and the kind of visa, you would first need to pay the exit re entry visa fees. Therefore, you can accomplish this using an ATM nearby or the app for your Saudi bank.
  • After making the payment, access your Absher account by logging in with your Iqama number or username and password.
  • You will then be taken to your individual dashboard. Consequently, you can view information on your residency and the details of any dependents you are sponsoring.
  • Click on “Services” under “Family members.” Select Visa services next. Consequently, the list of all the relatives who you are sponsoring will then appear. Then, choose the individual for whom you want to submit your exit/re-entry visa application.
  • Choose “issue visa” and then hit “ok.” Next, you can decide how long you want your exit reentry visa KSA to last.
  • Click “Issue visa” after you finish filling the necessary information. Also, do not forget to choose the visa’s duration according to the payment that you provided via your bank.
  • You will then receive information on the visa application from the system. Click ‘Confirm’ after carefully reading the details.
  • Lastly, print the visa.

Saudi exit/re-entry visa status online check

Most people wonder, how to check exit re entry in Absher. Therefore, follow the instructions below to check the exit re entry visa validity online:

  • Go to Absher.
  • Enter the platform.
  • Click guaranteed services.
  • Select “inquiries.”
  • Hit “exit/return visa status.”
  • See the validity.

If you are unable to log into Absher, follow the instructions below to check exit re entry visa Muqeem:

  • Enter Muqeem.
  • Submit Iqama or visa number.
  • Cross-match options.
  • Click “check”.
  • Obtain the validity with this exit reentry visa check.

Saudi exit/re-entry visa print out process

exit reentry visa KSA

Please be aware that applying for dependents only requires a copy of the exit reentry visa KSA so that you can present it to the immigration officials outside of Saudi Arabia. There is no requirement for a printout of the visa for exit reentry visa KSA applicants who are already working in the region.

  • Login to Absher.
  • Select “services.”
  • Click “visa services.”
  • Hit “next.”
  • Select “dependent.”
  • Lastly, select “print visa.”

Saudi exit/re-entry visas validity

  • Single entry visa – 30 days.
  • Multiple entry visa – 90 days.

Saudi exit/re-entry visa extension


If the exit ‘re entry visa validity is not good, people with valid Iqama may request to extend them if they match the criteria listed below:

  • Valid Iqama.
  • Expiration date of entry reentry visa KSA of less than 7 months.
  • Payment of fee.
  • Dependent outside KSA.

By completing the instructions below, dependents can obtain an entry reentry visa KSA:

  • Login to Absher.
  • Select “services.”
  • Click “visa services.”
  • Hit “next.”
  • Select “dependent.”
  • Hit “extend exit reentry visa.”
  • Confirm the selection.

Please be aware that an exit reentry visa KSA cannot be extended for family members who are already residing in the area.


To enter the Kingdom, foreign nationals must have a current exit/re-entry visa as well as an Iqama. After paying the payments through the SADAD program of the employer’s Muqeem or Absher electronic platforms, the exit/re-entry visa for individuals outside of the KSA can be renewed electronically.

Saudi exit/re-entry visa violation

A departure/re-entry visa cannot change to a final departure visa if the recipient is outside of Saudi Arabia. Expats who left KSA with an entry reentry visa KSA and did not come back within the time limit cannot enter the Kingdom for three years, according to the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat).

The authorities further stated that if the foreigner did not come back within the time frame, the employer would have to issue a new visa. Any expatriate who got an exit/re-entry visa from Saudi Arabia will automatically have the phrase “exited and did not return” noted after 2 months.

In addition, the Jawazat indicates that it is now not necessary to go to the Passport Department in order to prove that the expat has gone and not returned, as it once was. The length of the entry ban will be determined using the Hijri calendar and will begin on the day the entry reentry visa KSA expires.

Please be aware that the three-year entry ban from Saudi Arabia does not apply to dependents or those traveling with them. Consequently, as you can see, the re exit entry visa check is essential.

Cancellation of exit reentry visa KSA

An exit/re-entry visa will not be subject to a cancellation fee. However, you must cancel the visa prior to both the “Exit Before” date and the 90-day expiration of the visa.

Thus, follow the instructions below to revoke the dependents’ Saudi exit/re-entry visas:

  • Login to Absher.
  • Select “services.”
  • Click “visa services.”
  • Hit “next.”
  • Select “dependent.”
  • Hit “cancel visa.”
  • Lastly, confirm the selection.

Additionally, if you do not cancel the visa or travel within the time frame, you will receive a penalty.

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