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Since payroll is one of the most essential functions of your HR department, carrying out its operations efficiently is important. And the best way to complete them is by improving them, which is something you can do with payroll outsourcing. However, these services have pros and cons, so it is important to decide whether to use them or not.

In this article, you will learn everything you must know about payroll outsourcing in the UAE and its pros and cons. This way, you can decide whether you should request outsourcing services or do payroll in-house instead. Besides, in case you choose payroll outsourcing solutions, we will help you discover their benefits and when to request these services.

  1. What is payroll and why is it important for a company?
  2. How many elements are involved in the payroll process of a company?
  3. What should you know about payroll outsourcing services in the United Arab Emirates?
  4. How many pros do outsourcing services offer to your company?
  5. What are the cons of choosing payroll outsourcing services for your company?
  6. Can it be a good idea to opt for outsourcing your payroll functions?
  7. How can Connect Resources help you improve your company’s functions effectively?

1. What is payroll and why is it important for a company?

Payroll is known for being one of the most vital operations that all types of businesses must carry out. The payroll function of any organization is about processing the payment of each employee and worker according to several factors. For example, the distribution of money includes salaries and employee benefits and compensation, depending on the position of each employee.

And you should also know that payroll is an important element in your company or business for many reasons. For example, it affects significantly the morale of your employees, as well as reflects your company’s financial reputation and stability. Therefore, it is essential to efficiently carry out these tasks, and request help from a payroll outsourcing company if necessary.

2. How many elements are involved in the payroll process of a company?

When we talk about payroll accounting and management, we can find several elements that are involved in the process. For example, the main elements of the payroll process are related to the basic information of each employee. And employee basic information includes elements like salaries, gross wages, allowances, bonuses, incentives, overtime pay, net pay, deductions, and more.

In addition, there are other elements that you must take into account when carrying out the payroll process. For instance, you must know when and how to transfer the money to your employees’ bank accounts. And, in order to do that, you need to determine the pay frequency and payroll form of each employee.

3. What should you know about payroll outsourcing services in the United Arab Emirates?

However, completing payroll tasks can be complicated if your company does not count on the necessary expertise and tools. And if that is the case, then requesting help from the experts can be your best choice. In case your company operates in a country like the UAE, finding qualified specialists like Connect Resources is easy.

Besides, requesting the services of payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai can bring you lots of benefits to improve your company. However, you can find both pros and cons, which you must be aware of when requesting payroll outsourcing services. Therefore, we will explain some of the most outstanding advantages and disadvantages below.

4. How many pros do outsourcing services offer to your company?

If you are interested in receiving services related to payroll outsourcing in Dubai or any other location, you can get many benefits. As a matter of fact, some of the most remarkable pros that payroll outsourcing services offer are:

  • They allow you to save time and money.
  • You will be able to get an effective system that improves data security.
  • There will be full compliance with laws and regulations.
  • You can have access to the latest technology.
  • And there will be fewer errors and mistakes during the payroll process.

4.1. Save time and money

One of the main advantages that an excellent payroll outsourcing service offers is allowing you to save time and money. And, as you may know, calculating payroll can be a tedious and time-consuming process for everyone in the HR department.

However, if you count on the necessary services, you will be able to spend valuable time on more important activities. Besides, the payroll outsourcing cost can be significantly lower as well, helping you to save money too.

4.2. Effective secure system to improve data security

Payroll outsourcing is known for providing a more secure data system for companies, especially small ones. If you hire the services of a payroll outsourcing agency, you will receive multiple servers, backups, and more security technologies.

More precisely, your provider can offer end-to-end encryption, a firewall, a backup system, multiple server locations, and more. And with these elements, you can be sure that your employees’ information and your company’s data are secure.

4.3. Full compliance with regulations

Another incredible advantage of counting on a reliable payroll outsourcing services provider is that your company will always stay compliant. In fact, a trustworthy provider will be up-to-date with local, federal, and state laws all the time.

Besides, they also have experience and knowledge when it comes to tax calculations and payment, as well as labour laws. This way, you will not have to worry about fines and penalties since your company

4.4. Access to the latest technology

Currently, there are many payroll services providers who use cloud-based systems in order to manage vital data. And with systems like these, it is possible to ensure better data integrity, visibility, and audit-tracking of the payroll process.

In addition, having systems like this make it possible to centralize payroll operations. And this is a great advantage for companies that have subsidiaries or branches in other locations.

4.5. Fewer errors and mistakes

Since you will be working with specialists with enough expertise, the chances of making mistakes are low. And if there are no mistakes during the payroll process, all operations will be carried out more efficiently.

Furthermore, there will be also lower chances of getting penalties. Nonetheless, you must choose a reliable services provider with an excellent reputation.

5. What are the cons of choosing payroll outsourcing services for your company?

Although you can get many benefits by getting the services of payroll outsourcing companies in the UAE, there are also challenges. If you do not keep them in mind, you might find complications when outsourcing your operations to a third party. Some of the most remarkable cons related to outsourcing these functions are:

  • In some cases, outsourcing services can be more expensive.
  • Also, you might not have immediate access to wage and employee data.
  • If there are errors or mistakes, they might take additional time to correct.
  • In some cases, payroll services providers may go out of business.
  • Although there is security, there is still the possibility of information theft.

5.1. Services can be expensive sometimes

You might not be able to save money in some cases, which is why it is essential to choose a reliable provider. In fact, you must do some things before actually choosing a payroll outsourcing that provides you with services.

For example, you must research well and choose an economic option that fits your needs and budget. And in case you own a small company, make sure to choose a provider that offers tailored services and prices.

5.2. It may be difficult to immediately access wage and employee data

On the other hand, there is another situation that can be a con for you and your business. You might not have it easy to access vital data if your system is not intricate with your services providers.

In other words, there are some cases in which you may miss out on payroll figures and employee data. And that could happen because that information is on some other firm’s system.

5.3. Errors and mistakes may take time to correct

Although it is possible to reduce mistakes when delegating your payroll functions to a third party, there can still be some. It is the case, these errors may take some extra time to correct.

For example, if there is a late employee payment, you will not be able to fix this right away. You will have to contact your services provider to let them know about the situation. Then, they will take their time to fix it.

5.4. Payroll services providers may go out of business

There are some cases in which your payroll outsourcing services providers might go out of business due to different reasons. And when that happens, you and your company may be put in a messy situation full of mismanagement.

Furthermore, there are also high chances of losing access to your company’s data during the process. Plus, you can also lose money in such a complicated situation.

5.5. Information theft can still be a dangerous possibility

Even if your chosen payroll outsourcing company signs a non-disclosure agreement and privacy statements, there is still a risk. And that risk is that someone working for that company steals your organization’s data.

And when some third party steals your data, they can use it for their own benefit. As a result, this situation puts your company in serious danger. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a services provider.

6. Can it be a good idea to opt for outsourcing your payroll functions?

In order to answer this question, you must analyze your company’s current situation and determine its most urgent payroll needs. And also, you must analyze whether there are more benefits than risks if you request the services of payroll outsourcing companies.

However, if you still cannot decide whether you need payroll outsourcing services or not, you can answer these questions:

  • How much time does it take for you to carry out these operations on your own?
  • Does your payroll team have enough experience and expertise?
  • Can you focus on your core activities while taking care of payroll functions?
  • Are your current methods and strategies effective enough to complete these tasks?

7. How can Connect Resources help you improve your company’s functions effectively?

Now that you know the pros and cons of payroll outsourcing services, you decide whether you need them or not. If you opt for requesting them, Connect Resources will provide you with the best payroll outsourcing solutions in Dubai. With them, you can be sure that your operations will significantly become more efficient, as well as more effective.

With our vast experience in this area, we can take care of many processes that count as payroll functions. For example, some of the most outstanding ones are employee benefits administration, WPS payments, leave management, bonus and incentives management, etc. Make sure to get in touch with our specialists so you can get more relevant information about our available HR services.


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