Managing Director of Connect Group, Aaron Portero, Joins the Israel-Emirates Business Summit 2022 Event

From the 14th to the 15th of March, Aaron Portero – Managing Director of Connect Resources, will be joining the “Israel-Emirates Business Summit 2022” event. Aaron Portero will be serving as a key speaker and personal guest representing the Connect Group and Connect Resources family.

This event conference is brought to investors and entrepreneurs by Solomon Capital. It will bring together many CEOs, CFOs, Business Development Managers, Senior Corporate Executives, Brokers, Bankers, Family Offices, and more. All of these individuals come from the United Arab Emirates and many other countries around the world. Meeting to examine and give their perspective on the corporate market.

This will be the first time the “Israel-Emirates Business Summit” will be in person. Following Salomon Capital’s past successful event “Israel Investment Summit, Tel Aviv 2021”. This year, two years after the Abraham Accord Agreement was signed, multiple organizations, key opinion leaders, potential partners, and investors from Israel and the United Arab Emirates will meet with their colleagues and potential new associates.

The “Israel-Emirates Business Summit 2022” event expects attendance from top managers, shareholders, panelists, fund managers, institutional investors, and more. Attendees will experience business conferences, face-to-face meetings, cocktail parties, and pitch presentations from 10 companies.

Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Resources will be acting as an honorary guest and keynote speaker. Subsequently, he will give his professional insight into the business possibilities in the United Arab Emirates. Coupled with, how Connect Group will help investors and entrepreneurs establish their companies in the region.

Connect Group and Connect Resources

Under Aaron Portero’s Managing Direction, Connect Group can provide cost-efficient services for organizations across the United Arab Emirates. As a paramount company, Connect Group will be offering its perspective on Real Estate Solutions and IT Resources. As well as HR Management, Business Setup, and many other Company Services to the event.

Similarly, the Connect Resources team, represented by Aaron Portero, will be showcasing their well-known Professional Employer Organization, Employment of Record, Executive Search, Payroll Outsourcing, Contract Staffing, and Visa Solutions. Connect Resource’s main goal is that job searchers and partners alike can satisfy their employment necessities.

Through his valuable perception, Aaron Portero, representing Connect Group and Connect Resources, wants to give the chance to other entrepreneurs to build and expand their organizations. Allowing them to benefit from what these service provider companies have to offer. In the end, investors will find out that associating with these fully-established corporations can take their companies to the next level.

The Israel-Emirates Business Summit 2022 Event

Here, many established companies and startups can find the best speakers. These orators will talk about the most popular trends in FinTech, Cyber, Hospitality, Agrotech, Healthcare, and other sectors.

Additionally, they can be part of B2B meetings with business people, investors, and other governmental officials. These B2B reunions are a great way for small businesses to meet with big investors who may be interested in what they have to offer. Thanks to this they can build connections and find new partners or potential new clients.

In summary, entrepreneurs and investors will be collecting experiences from other professionals in their fields. They will also be able to expand their network when mingling with other individuals who are starting or expanding their businesses into the Middle Eastern market.

As a result, every attendee will leave the “Israel-Emirates Business Summit 2022” event feeling inspired by meeting successful personalities like Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Resources. Thus, they will take action and climb the ladder to success.

Moreover, Solomon Capital in conjunction with Connect Resources, Connect Group, Aaron Portero, and many other organizations and business personalities, are inviting investors and entrepreneurs to register and attend this two-day event.

Accordingly, this event will be taking place from the 14th to the 15th of March in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in the Dubai International Financial Centre.

All of us are looking forward to welcoming any entrepreneurs and investors. Especially the ones interested in growing their companies to meet, learn, network, connect and create new business opportunities. We will be in the presence of the biggest names in the United Arab Emirates Market. This will be an event to remember.

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