Five things to remember when drafting your resignation letter

Resigning from a job involves dealing with several aspects that may be stressful. The main concern for employees is knowing how to inform their managers of their decision to resign. In this regard, you should submit a resignation letter that includes relevant information.

Aaron Portero, managing director of Connect Resources, a leading provider of HR services and solutions in the UAE, provided valuable insights on how to draft the best resignation letter so you can leave your job on good terms.

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Details that your resignation letter should include

What is the right way to resign? Aaron Portero explained that although it is not legally required for an employee to inform the employer about his or her resignation, it is best to notify before filing the papers.

“It might result in a fruitful two-way discussion in which you can explain why you are leaving. Additionally, it helps the employer establish a long-lasting relationship and have a better understanding of the employee,” Aaron Portero said.

Therefore, to draft a perfect resignation letter that allows you to ensure a hassle-free exit from your job, you need to include some basic details:

1. Reason for leaving

“You should give a reason for leaving, as it always helps foster a good working relationship,” He also added: “if you do not give any reason as to why you left, it may lead to speculation and misunderstanding surrounding your departure”

Aaron Portero also stated that departments should know the reason for leaving so they can then rectify issues based on it.

2. Notice period

As an employee, you need to check your contract to know the notice period you will have to serve when you decide to leave. This is in order to comply with the UAE’s labour law and your resignation is considered valid.

In this regard, Aaron Portero advises: “You may have resigned but check your employment contract to find out how much notice you need to give your employer, include a statement that states that you are going to resign, mention your last date of work, and explain in brief the reason for resignation.”

3. Transition-related details

Aaron Portero also mentioned that if you want to leave your current job on good terms, you need to know who is going to take over your role since you can offer your assistance with the transition.

You can say something positive about the person who will fill your position, and about your experience working with them.

4. Resignation channels

According to Aaron Portero, you need to adhere to company policies and this is noted when you address the resignation letter to the Human Resources department and your line manager or department head.

5. Printed letter or via email

Lastly, employees may doubt whether to send the letter via email or hand it over in person. According to Article 43 of UAE Labour Law, you can serve the letter either way.

Nevertheless, it is important to obtain the management’s acknowledgment of receiving the letter, and you should provide two original resignation letters, so you can keep a copy.

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