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As a resident of Kuwait, you need to have valid documentation to be able to stay legally in the country. For this reason, you must know how to check Kuwait civil ID validity so you can renew it timely.

In this article, you are going to learn more about MOI Kuwait civil id information check and the different means you can use to check it. Let us observe:

1) What is the Kuwait civil ID validity?

2) See the documents you need for checking Kuwait civil ID validity

3) Timely check Kuwait civil ID validity to avoid issues

4) Step-by-step procedure for checking Kuwait civil ID validity

5) Get to know how to renew your Kuwait civil ID Check

1. What is the Kuwait civil ID Status validity?

Kuwait civil ID validity

Kuwait is a country that attracts thousands of expatriates due to its prosperous job market. Also, it attracts investors from across several industries that want to start a business to improve their earnings.

In this regard, whether you are under a work visa, studying in Kuwait, or under a sponsored residence visa, known as Iqama, you must apply for a civil identity card.

This civil ID Status card is a requirement for both Kuwaitis and expatriates, regardless of the type of residence.

The Kuwait Civil ID information is issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). The identity card contains all the individual’s information. Thus, it has your civil ID Status number, full name, local address, date of birth, sponsor’s name, visa type, blood type and card expiration date.

Each resident will have a unique civil ID number, and it will be the same even if you change sponsor or if you leave Kuwait.

However, each ID card has a set validity. It means that after that time you should renew it if you want to continue residing in Kuwait.

In this case, you have to do the Kuwait civil ID check. This way you can determine when you have to proceed with the renewal.

Generally, the Kuwait Civil ID information has a validity of 2 or three years. This will depend on the duration of your Iqama. Thus, it is recommended to also check your Iqama status to see its validity too.

Kuwait civil ID status check online

Multiple methods are available for checking your Kuwait civil ID status.

Civil ID status check through PACI:

To inquire about their civil status, citizens, residents, and expatriates in Kuwait can use the service provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) by following these steps:

1) Visit the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information.

2) Click on the "Card Status" icon.

3) Input the Civil ID number.

4) Click submit.

5) The official website will display the status of the card.

Civil ID status check on the State of Kuwait website

Checking the Civil ID status on the State of Kuwait website is a convenient service for ID card holders. Simply access the official electronic portal for public services in Kuwait and follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the public services section on the State of Kuwait website.

2) Input the civil number associated with the ID card.

3) Click on the "Query" icon.

4) The portal will furnish the customer with a detailed status of the card based on the entered national number.

Civil ID status check by voicemail

To check the status of their new civil card, Kuwaiti citizens, residents, and expatriates can utilize the voicemail feature by following these steps:

1) Dial the customer service number 188988.

2) Follow the instructions to choose the language.

3) Press 1 to access the query service.

4) Enter the ID number and await the result.

Check the Civil ID status using your passport number

by following these steps on the official website’s electronic services:

1) Visit the official website's electronic services.

2) Choose the option to inquire about the internal reference number.

3) For Kuwaitis, provide the date of issuance of nationality.

4) For residents, input your passport number and expiration date.

5) Click on the 'inquire' icon.

2. See the documents you need for checking Kuwait civil ID validity

To check civil ID information validity Kuwait, you only need to know your civil ID number. With this information, you can check it really quickly.

This is why it is advisable to have this number written down anywhere so you can have it at hand in case you want to check your ID card.

Thus, the most recommended is to have a photocopy of your civil ID card. So, in case you have lost your identity card, you can still have your number and request a replacement.

3. Timely check Kuwait civil ID validity to avoid issues

Kuwait civil ID validity

Perhaps you may be wondering why you need to know your Kuwait civil ID status validity status. As an expatriate residing in Kuwait, you should bring your documentation with you everywhere you go.

Also known as bitaqa-almadaniyah, your ID card is very important for living in Kuwait. You will need it to find jobs, travel within the country, open a bank account in any of the domestic or international banks, inquire about traffic fines on your ID card, and more.

So, the advantages of checking your ID card validity are as follows:

1) Check or update your local address and thus the government services available in your area.

2) Be aware of the expiry date of your document.

3) Being able to plan ahead for the renewal of your ID card so you do not have to face penalties.

4) You can complete a transfer or assistance if your ID card is still valid.

Generally, you will be able to renew your ID card on time if you know when it expires. This will help you save a lot of trouble when residing in Kuwait. Also, according to Kuwait Government, the ID card will replace the proof of residency on passports.

We understand that you may be busy with your work and responsibilities. However, it is essential to check your ID validity regularly so you can know when you need to renew it.

4. Step-by-step procedure for checking Kuwait civil ID validity

Once you know how important it is to do the MOI Kuwait civil ID information validity check you must know how to do it.

Here are the steps you can follow to do this process in just a few minutes.

4.1 Do the civil ID status validity inquiry Kuwait through PACI’s website

Checking your ID card validity is very simple if you have access to a computer. You can check it by following the next steps:

1) Go to PACI’s official portal (paci.gov.kw).

2) Look for the icon “Civil ID Status” and click on it.

3) You will see several options such as card status, card renewal, and others. Click on “Card Validity.”

4) Enter your Civil ID number on the box and click on submit.

5) The next page will show all the information about your Civil ID along with the expiry date.

4.2 Checking your ID validity through PACI’s App

If you do not have a computer, or if you prefer to check the validity using your smartphone, you can do it easily.

First, you have to make sure to download the Kuwait Mobile ID App to your mobile. Avoid troubles by downloading the official App of the Public Authority for Civil Information.

After that, you have to follow the next steps:

1) Create an account if you do not have one.

2) Log in to your account using the information provided.

3) Once you enter, you will see detailed information about your Civil ID. You can check your Civil ID number, full name, nationality, gender, date of birth, and ID expiry. Also, the system shows additional information such as your COVID-19 Vaccine Status.

4) If you want to see your address, you have to click on the top-middle option “Address”. Here you can see your block, floor, house number, and other.

As you can see, this App allows you to check your ID information very quickly. You also have the QR Code option, which lets anyone that scans it retrieve your civil ID information.

4.3 See how to check your ID validity through phone

In case you cannot access PACI’s website or you cannot download the App, there is an easier way to check your document. You just need to call the PACI’s helpline and you will get the information you need in no time.

Nevertheless, if you do not know Arabic, you do not have to worry, because you can choose the English language during the call. You just have to follow the next steps:

1) Call 1889988.

2) Press (2) for English. If you speak Arabic, you can press (1).

3) Choose the service.

4) Follow all the commands and provide the information requested.

5) In the end, you will hear your particular ID status.

4.4 Checking the Civil ID validity through the Kuwait Government’s official page

You can also process Kuwait civil id status check using the official page of the Kuwait Government. To do it, follow the next steps:

1) Go to e.gov.kw

2) The page will be in Arabic by default. To change it to English, click on the “English.” option located at the top left of the page.

3) Hover on “Citizens and Residents” on the menu.

4) Click on “more” under the option of “Personal and Family.”

5) Select the option of “Inquiring about Civil ID Status” which is under the tab “Frequently used” at the right.

6) Enter your Civil ID number on the box.

7) Click on the “Query” button.

The next page will display all the information about your Civil ID, including the expiry date.

5. Get to know how to renew your Kuwait civil ID Check

Once you have verified the validity of your ID card, you will see the expiration date. If this date is near, you have to proceed with the renewal.

However, this is not the only case when you need to renew your ID card. You have to renew it in any of the following cases:

1) When the ID card expires.

2) If you change sponsors.

3) If you have changed your residence in Kuwait.

It is very important to point out that you must renew your ID card when you change your local address. You could face a hefty penalty on your ID card if your address is not updated. In this case, you will have to check the fine on your ID card and pay it before renewing it.

5.1 Get the documentation to renew your Kuwait Civil ID Check

To renew your Kuwait civil id check you will need the following documents:

1) Copy of your Passport.

2) Sponsor’s declaration.

3) A recent photograph.

4) Current ID card.

5) If you are changing your address, submit proof of the new address.

5.2 Renew your Kuwait Civil ID in no time

Renewing your Kuwait Civil ID information is quite simple. You just have to do the following:

1) Go to any of the PACI’s HQ.

2) Fill out the application form.

3) Pay the fees (5 KD).

4) Collect the new ID card at the PACI’s HQ.


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