How do temping agencies work? Everything you need to know

How do temping agencies work


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If you’re a company looking to hire new temporary staff, or you’re a worker looking to be utilized as a temp staff, you may ask yourself the following question: How do temping Agencies Work?

Temping agencies are typical in the UAE since they provide their clients with the best staff to fill the job positions that they need, whether for a short period or indefinite time.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know regarding temping agencies and how do they work with their clients and workers to achieve a great business relationship that can benefit each party. Let’s observe:

  • How do temping agencies work?
  • What do temping agencies do for their clients?
  • What do temping agencies do for their workers?
  • What is the process of using temping agencies as a client?
  • What is the process of using temping agencies as a worker?
  • What are the characteristics of temping agencies?
  • How to use temping agencies?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best choice for a temp agency?

1. How do temping agencies work?

If you’d like to know the answer to the question: How do temping agencies work? You need to know what they are and the process that they follow to offer their services for both clients and workers.

Temporary staffing is one of the hiring methods that many companies use to find a great candidate to fill a job position immediately. Hence, it’s an excellent solution for both parties.

1.1 What is a temp agency?

A temporary employment agency is the temp agencies meaning, and these organizations are popularly known like that. Many companies in the UAE decide to contact temping agencies when they’re facing challenges in production like a high workload or a high demand during holidays.

Temp agencies provide qualified candidates for companies that contact them because they’re facing staffing needs, and they need a quick solution. Some of the needs covered by temping agencies are the following:

  • Staff for the busiest weeks of holidays or specials seasons
  • Specialized workers with specific skills or qualifications
  • High-commitment positions for a short-term period
  • Staff for flexible schedule (particular hours, particular days, or seasonal work)

2. What do temping agencies do for their clients?

To know the answer to the question: how do temping Agencies work? It’s necessary to understand how do they work for their clients and what is the service that they offer. If you’re a company looking to hire a temp agency to find the best fit for a job position, then you need to know this first.

If you’re a company looking to use temping agencies, you should know what they can do for you. Let’s observe:

  • Match qualified staff on short notice
  • Provide a large volume of talent
  • Provide temp-to-hire staff
  • Find specialized workers for a specific position
  • Provide personnel to work in a particular schedule like night shifts or weekends

2.1 Temp agencies as a contracted human resources department

One of the main reasons why companies decide to use temping agencies services is because they lack resources or personnel to find the staff that they need in a short amount of time.

If you’re a company that is having trouble finding staff for your business because you don’t have experts in your HR team or because there’s too much work and they can’t handle to find temporary workers, then you should know that temping agencies can be of great help for you.

You can contact Connect Resources, which is one of the Temporary staff agencies in Dubai that can help you during the hiring process of your desired workers, and that can offer you an overall solution based on your needs.

3. What do temping agencies do for their workers?

What do temping agencies do for their workers

Know that you know what these organizations do for their clients, it’s essential to understand what do they do for their workers, so you can have a complete answer for the question: How do temping Agencies Work?

When you’re a professional that is looking for a job, it might be challenging to find it, especially in a place where’s too much competition like the UAE. Let’s observe how temping agencies can help you:

  • It can provide a job in any category: flexible, seasonal, part-time, and temp-to-hire.
  • You can find a job for a specific project
  • It can offer you a complete onboarding process so that you can be well received in the company
  • You’ll be part of its database, and you’ll be contacted whenever there’s an open position that matches your skills

If you’re hesitating about accepting a temporary job when you’re looking for a permanent one because you think it might not be a good idea, you should consider it, because it can have many benefits for your professional career. Additionally, with Connect Resources, you’ll have a partner that will help you find the perfect job.

4. What is the process of using temping agencies as a client?

If you’re a company planning to use temping agencies as a hiring solution for your business, you need to know: how do temping Agencies Work?

Companies often contact temping agencies because they provide a great solution in short-term labor needs.

For this reason, many companies opt for working with several temping agencies. Still, you must be careful with this, because it’s advisable to reduce commitment with outsourced partners, especially during a crisis, which means that it’s best to hire only one agency to offer you a single contract.

How do temping agencies help companies in the hiring process? Let’s observe:

  1. The company contacts the agency when they’re looking to hire temporary workers.
  2. Both parties have a meeting, and they discuss the job description and qualifications needed. In this meeting, they sign a contract with all the details regarding payment, the number of workers required, and others.
  3. The agency searches the potential candidates within its talent pool and selects the top ones that could be an excellent fit for the organization
  4. The agency and company carry out the interviews, and if the worker gets elected, they receive a contract
  5. The company pays to the agency, and the agency is in charge of paying the worker and solve all the issues that may arise

5. What is the process of using temping agencies as a worker?

If you’d like to know the temp agencies meaning and what is the process that a worker needs to follow, you should continue reading so you can understand everything that is involved in this partnership.

How do temping agencies work for job seekers? Let’s observe:

  1. Contact the agency: the worker submits their resume to the agency and makes contact with them to let them know that they’re available.
  2. Fill the application: Usually, the worker will need to fill the form to provide all their information regarding their skills and qualifications
  3. Become part of the database: the agency includes the worker into its database to be a potential candidate of a job
  4. Job search: when a company contacts the agency to find a temporary employee, the agency searches in the database, and if the worker meets the requirements, they become a potential candidate and starts the hiring process
  5. Background check: if the candidate passes the background check, they’re selected to have an interview
  6. Interviews: the agency will interview the worker, and if they get selected, they will have an interview with the company also.
  7. Become the agency’s workforce: if the company wants to hire the worker, they become part of the agency’s workforce, and they receive a job offer.

Another great benefit of choosing to work for temping agencies like Connect Resources is that they handle all the paperwork that you need to start working with the company, and they even work as a Dubai working visa agent.

6. What are the characteristics of temping agencies?

To know the answer to the question: How do temping agencies work? It’s essential to know some of the main characteristics of temping agencies since these are crucial to understanding how they work with their clients and workers.

6.1 The staff is employed by the agency

A critical aspect of temping agencies is that workers are employed by them, although they are working for the client company.

The agency pays the salary and offers the benefits for temporary workers, as well as they take care of everything, so it’s an excellent solution for companies because they don’t have to worry about all of this.

6.2 It’s a partnership relationship

Companies have a business relationship with the temping agencies they decide to use, and this can last several years. Workers also need to have a great relationship with the agency so they can receive great job opportunities.

The temping agencies near me like Connect Resources are looking for establishing a stable business relationship with their clients and workers, so they can have a vast database to become the perfect link between the employees and their dream job, and between organizations and their ideal staff.

6.3 Temporary work could lead to a permanent job

Some workers and companies might have the question: Are temp agencies worth it? Because they don’t know if they’re going to obtain benefits or advantages by choosing this model of the business relationship. The truth is that it is perfect for finding a permanent job.

6.4 Agencies are specialized recruiters

One of the advantages of temping agencies is that they have a vast talent pool where they can choose from unskilled workers that can be placed in any essential job position, up to specialized workers for high-level jobs.

There are many fields in which temping agencies can help you and provide the best worker to fill a specialized job position.

7. How to use temping agencies?

Are temp agencies worth it? This is a question you may ask before deciding to use temp agencies, but it’s essential to know that they have significant benefits for you as a company. Temping agencies can help you find great employees in no time, and they help workers find an excellent job in a challenging market like the UAE. If you’re wondering how to use temping agencies, there are some factors that you need to consider so you can understand how they work. Let’s observe:

  • Quantity and skills of workers needed: the first thing you need to determine is if you need a large or small supply of workers, and what skills are you looking for in them.
  • Standards and fees: the cost of using temping agencies depends on the number of workers and their skills. Typically, unskilled jobs are low-cost, while technical jobs are expensive. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t choose a temping agency based solely on price; you need to receive a high-quality service. Connect Resources can be your best ally because it offers great workers for competitive prices.
  • Contact a trustworthy agency: It’s best to work with an agency that has many clients in your industry or field, and that has been providing this service for a long time so that you can get some references from their current or past clients.

If you don’t know how to do staff outsourcing, you can contact Connect Resources because it offers its services in the UAE to many companies that work in different industries so that they can provide you with the best service.

8. Why is Connect Resources your best choice for a temp agency?

Connect Resources

Connect Resources is one of the temping agencies near me that can help you solve your hiring requirements for a specific job position for a period. The best part is that they offer a customized solution so you can receive the staff for your business.

It’s one of the top-leading agencies in the UAE, and it has been providing a wide range of services to several companies in a variety of industries for over 20 years, so you can trust in its team of experts that are going to help you along the process.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources to use it as your temping agency? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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