How to Check Saudi Visit Visa Status Online 2023: KSA E-Visa Enquiry

The visa check Saudi Arabia is an important issue for everyone who has applied for a Saudi visa. In this sense, knowing the status of the visa and validity before traveling is important because it will avoid the inconveniences of time and money. Therefore, you should be aware of how to do these procedures with the available methods in the country.

In this guide, you will see how to check the visit visa status in KSA as well as the authenticity and validity time of the document. Also, you will know the types of visas available that authorities can issue in the nation.

Saudi Visa Verification Status Online 2023

visa check Saudi Arabia

To check online Saudi visa status there are several methods at your disposal. However, we will show you the most frequently used:

Saudi visa verification in Muqeem by Iqama or visa number

The easiest way to check Saudi Arabia visa status is through the Muqeem website. In addition, to use the portal you will not need to start a session but you must enter all the information requested by the portal. Once you finished the process of entering your data, you will receive the validity time of the visa quickly.

Thus, both visitors and expatriate residents can use the Muqeem portal to make the visa check Saudi Arabia. For this, they enter the visa and Iqama number and the system will compare one with the other. Also, to cross-check, enter the passport number, the date of emission of the Iqama, or visa expiration date.

Saudi visa verification on the Absher portal of the Ministry of Interior

You can do the visa check Saudi Arabia through the Absher portal of the Ministry of Interior by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Absher portal and then sign in with your account
  2. Click on MY SERVICES and select INQUIRIES
  3. Then click on PASSPORT and then ENTRY/EXIT VISA STATUS
  4. Once there, enter the following details: Sponsor ID, Iqama number, Visa number or Passport number, and Capture Code
  5. Finally, click on SEE

You can also pay for visas for dependents on departure and re-entry through this portal. However, it is the sponsor or company who will make the procedures for some changes of exit and entry.

Saudi Visa Verification at Enjazit – By Visa Number

Visa verifications that were done through the Enjazit portal must now be done through the MOFA web portal. In this sense, residents and visitors should go to this portal to check the status of their visas for Saudi Arabia.

In addition, using the MOFA platform for Visa check Saudi Arabia is very easy since it works using the number issued by the visa or the identification of the sponsor. Also, enter the information of the authority that issued the visa. Once you do this, you will receive the recent information you need instantly.

Hence, a Saudi visit visa status check is an easy task if you use a tool like this website.

Saudi Visa Verification at MOFA – by Passport Number

Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the visa check Saudi Arabia available for travelers. Therefore, by entering the passport number on the MOFA web portal, you can get the information you require. Thus, you must follow the steps that you will see below:

  1. Go to the web address
  2. Click on VISA APPLICATION in the inquiry type
  3. Enter the application number plus the passport number
  4. Put the captcha code correctly
  5. And finally, click on SEARCH

Also, make sure you enter the information requested by the page to check the visa status for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Exit/Re-Entry Visa Validity Check

The exit and re-entry visa is for family members and domestic workers of Saudi visa beneficiaries. In addition, it is a valid document for employees who need to leave and return to the country within a certain period.

Also, for another Saudi Arabia work visa check online regarding the validity, you can use the Muqeem portal. The way to do the verification process

  1. Enter the Muqeem website
  2. Enter the Iqama number
  3. Select DATE OF BIRTH to check the Iqama number
  4. Click on VERIFY

Then, once the system provides the exit/re-entry visa details, you will be able to see the following:

  • The status of the visa if it is still valid or expired
  • The type of visa
  • Number of the visa
  • Visa permanence
  • Date the visa is issued
  • Stipulated date to return inside or outside Saudi Arabia

In this way, you will be able to follow the visa application status Saudi Arabia without any problem.

Saudi visa validity

visa check Saudi Arabia

Generally, the online check visa status Saudi Arabia ensures that you know the validity of the visa up to date. In addition, the visa validity time is arranged as follows:

Tourist visa

The visa has a validity period of 1 year, with entry of 90 days at a time, and can be used multiple times. On the other hand, tourist visas issued with a single entry have a validity period of 3 months. Likewise, the stay at a time has a maximum of 30 days.

Business visa

The validity period of the Saudi business visa can vary from 30 to 60 days. However, the time varies depending on the place of origin and the invitation letter issued by MOFA-KSA.

On the other hand, multiple-entry business visas can be issued for periods of 6 months or 1 to 5 years. Likewise, each multiple entry has a validity of 90 days.

Family visit visa

The single-entry family visit visa has a validity period of 30 days compared to the multiple visa has a valid period of 90 days, in addition, in the multiple visa each entry can last up to 90 days and can be used 4 times.

Personal visit visa

The visa allows visitors a maximum stay of 90 days in Saudi Arabia. Likewise, visas issued with multiple entries have a validity period of 1 year.

Hajj and Umrah Visa

The Hajj visa is issued for 30 days. Instead, the Umrah visa can be issued with a maximum term of 3 months.

Saudi Arabia work visa

The visa is valid for 1 year after the date of issue. On the other hand, the work visa allows foreign workers to work in Arabia for 6 months in the year. In addition, it does not require applying for a residence permit and facilitates the process of it.

In conclusion, doing the Visa check Saudi Arabia is a simple process that only requires the Iqama number and the visa application number. Additionally, you can verify the approval, if it is in supervision, or if it was rejected. If the visa is approved you will be able to travel with no problem.

These platforms provide about the Saudi visa number check but if you want to know more about the visa and verification process, you can contact us. We can help you and we will gladly advise you in this process.

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