TRN Verification in Dubai, UAE: Steps To check TRN Validity Online

By performing the TRN verification Dubai, you may determine whether your FTA registration is still valid when it pertains to business taxes. The procedure is crucial so that businesses and clients can verify the accuracy and prevent tax fraud. In this instance, registering is a requirement that may be completed quickly and easily online.

In this guide, we will walk you through the FTA registration procedure to get your company a TRN number. We will also show you how to spot a fake TRN number and how to complete the TRN verification UAE.

What is TRN in UAE?

TRN verification Dubai

You must first understand what a TRN verification Dubai is and how important it is before you perform one. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of the UAE provides the 15-digit TRN, which is an exclusive order code. The code is also used to identify people and companies so that taxes can be tracked.

Likewise, the TRN is sometimes referred to as the VAT registration number in several regions of the world.

Is TRN the same as Emirates ID?

TRN numbers and Emirates ID numbers are commonly confused by visitors to the UAE. Both of them have 15 digits, but their structures and intended uses are different. The TRN, for businesses, and the Emirates ID, for individuals, respectively, are two examples.

All residents and citizens must also always carry an Emirates ID, according to the authorities. Nevertheless, the TRN exclusively utilizes it for all business transactions and legal reporting for every company in the UAE. The organization that distributes the TRN and the Emirates ID also differs in some ways.

In order to adhere to Saudi law, they can also run a TRN status check.

Why do you need a business TRN in UAE?

In every type of official interaction with officials and regulatory agencies, business owners must use the TRN. In this instance, a corporation must use the TRN for some of the subsequent tasks:

  • Developing tax invoices.
  • Tax credit notary.
  • The declaration of VAT and other taxes.
  • Client invoices for which VAT must be charged.

Why should you do a TRN verification Dubai?

In Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, businesses must use their TRN tax filing number as their official identification. On the other hand, the UAE government raised VAT in the first month of 2018 by up to 5% for businesses across several industries. The aim of the VAT is to increase the nation’s economic activity and decrease its reliance on oil.

On the other hand, in accordance with the tax regulations set by the FTA, it will add 5% VAT to the total amount when billing a client. However, there are instances of dishonest businesses that lack a legitimate TRN. Additionally, they take money for VAT from clients but do not give it to the UAE authorities.

Consequently, the government established a streamlined procedure to verify TRN number in order to stop these malpractices. Customers and businesses can quickly perform online verification. This makes it impossible for business owners to collect VAT without a validated TRN.

Otherwise, skipping the verification could lead to serious issues. For instance, getting fined or even having your business license suspended for filing financial reports.

Customers can also easily continue with UAE TRN verification to make sure the money gets to the right people. Additionally, the business that receives the VAT payment is authorized to do so.

How to do a TRN verification Dubai: Step by step

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can complete the Dubai TRN verification process. As a result, the database registers the business as a legitimate creditor after the FTA tax identification number is acquired. Similarly, anyone can visit the FTA site to check a business’s legal registration.

The FTA also mandates that consumers be able to sign up for accounts on the website along with identification information for verification. The registry ensures transparency in the procedures and is open to all users in the same way.

TRN Verification Dubai: Detect a wrong TRN Visually

The format of the TRN’s numbers can be immediately recognized. Therefore, you can check the number to make sure it corresponds to a TRN before completing the TRN registration in UAE electronically. Consequently, a TRN code starts with 100 and then consists of three groups of four numbers.

The structure in this instance is 100-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. On the other hand, if it has the following, it may denote a fake TRN if the encoding is distinctive:

  • There are not exactly 15 digits in the code.
  • Avoid using 100 for the first 3 digits.
  • Inappropriate format.

The person can validate the TRN number in this way after visually ensuring that it corresponds to a legitimate one.

TRN Verification Dubai: Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Website

Anyone can do it for a firm in a few easy steps to prevent a TRN no verification. What you must do follows below in more detail:

  1. Go to the FTA webpage. Visit the section of the FTA website where you can verify a TRN directly. A user can easily find the relevant web page by searching for TRN verification Dubai.
  2. Type in your TRN number. Once on the verification page, a space for you to enter the verification code will appear there. There will also be a separate box where you can complete the captcha or provide a unique security code. Next, carefully insert the TRN that can be found on the business documentation, invoice, or transactional receipt.
  3. Next, you must correctly enter the authentication code and select VALIDATE.
  4. NRT outcome. Following the aforementioned procedures, the website will check the TRN code supplied against the company database.

As a result, when the system discovers a match with a verified registrant, it will show the text TRN is valid in our system on the screen. The window will also display the legal business entity’s name in both English and Arabic. Otherwise, a statement stating TRN does not appear in our system will appear if there is no match.

If not, the procedure will guarantee that the customer checks to see if the business they are working with has a current tax registration number. The same way, owners of companies can check the status of their TRN.

How to report fraud with TRN Verification Dubai

VAT will be illegal and fraudulent in the UAE if TRN is not verified and not authenticated at the time of billing clients. Customers should therefore report a fake TRN found through visual examination or verification. The process to report a bogus TRN in this situation is straightforward.

People merely need to get in touch with the FTA by phone or email to do this.

How to obtain a valid TRN for your business in the UAE

Using the regulatory web portal, the FTA enables companies in the UAE to submit an online TRN registration application. Therefore, in order to complete registration, business owners and consumers must take the following actions:

They must first initiate the account enrollment on the FTA website at The site will offer materials that detail needs such documentation after registration. Similarly, you must supply all of the business’s information, which involves the following details:

  • Type of business.
  • The corporate office and whether it is a part of a UAE free zone.
  • Requirements for registration.
  • Information about the owner’s personal life.

Furthermore, candidates must upload digital copies of these records when requesting a tax authorization number in Dubai:

  • A partnership contract.
  • The law.
  • Any documentation providing ownership information; a passport or Emirates ID.

Additionally, applicants must include information on the bank account that the business manages. If the applicant does not own the business, they must supply the contact information of a company manager. The authorities can interact as well for legal reasons by providing a contact address.

Ready to take the next step with TRN Verification Dubai?

trn verification dubai

The UAE has been working to change Dubai and its surroundings in recent years in order to make it the hub of international talks. Additionally, it lessens the nation’s reliance on an economy centered on the oil industry. As a result, the government simplified the TRN verification procedure, which enhanced the business environment.

Similar to this, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates offers numerous chances for expansion to foreign investors. The time it takes to complete applications and begin operations in the UAE is also less than a week.

Make sure you possess a valid TRN and can successfully complete the UAE TRN verification before conducting your business there. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have additional queries on the elements that we have covered.

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