Muqeem Visa Validity Saudi Arabia 2023: Check Visa Validity Extension and Status

muqeem visa validity


For anyone planning to visit Saudi Arabia, a valid visa is a necessary piece of travel documentation. In accordance with the terms of their visa validity, travelers must be careful not to overstay their welcome. Through the Muqeem registration online, individuals can check the status of their Saudi visas. This also pertains to people who want to verify the validity and specifics of their exit/re-entry visa.

To learn more about how to check a Muqeem visa validity Saudi Arabia as well as an exit/re-entry visa’s validity, keep reading.

Visa for Muqeem Saudi Arabia expires in 2023

Muqeem visa validity 2023

The time between the issuing and expiration dates of a visa is often referred to as its validity period. You are free to leave or visit Saudi Arabia whenever you want. This, as long as your visa is still in effect. Therefore, it is essential for anyone with a Saudi visa to check the of their Muqeem visa validity Saudi Arabia.

Keep note of how long your visa is still valid to prevent problems with immigration officials. Use of the website Muqeem visa validity check is one way to do this. Users can check the state of their departure and re-entry visas on the website

It is simple to use the website to check the KSA Muqeem visa validity. In light of this, you can easily and quickly check the current condition of your visa. You only need internet access and your Iqama registration number, birthday, or passport number.

Check for Muqeem visa validity Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Interior is now offering a lot of helpful online services to foreigners. One of these is the Muqeem Site. Consequently, you may do an online Muqeem visa check there. The Muqeem visa validity check allows you to check the status of your visa as well as other details. Therefore, utilize Muqeem to check the status of your exit/reentry visa.

Regardless of if you are a resident or a visitor in Saudi Arabia, you may quickly and conveniently check the current condition of your Saudi visa using the visa validity Muqeem. Furthermore, logging in is not even necessary. If you have the necessary information, you can also rapidly determine the legitimacy. Here is how to check the status of Muqeem Saudi Arabia visa:

Go to Muqeem

Enter Iqama or visa number

Cross-check your details

Enter your details

Select “check.”

See your information.

Validity of exit and re-entry visas

An exit-reentry visa is the name given to a temporary travel permission in Saudi Arabia. Non-Saudi citizens may leave and reenter the country as long as their visa is still in effect. This visa is regularly issued to foreign workers’ families. Moreover, other non-Saudi nationals who want to leave Saudi Arabia for a short time and come back without requiring a new visa.

The validity of the exit re-entry permit ranges from a few days to many months. It depends on the kind of visa and how long the trip would last. An exit/re-entry visa for Saudi Arabia is essential for beneficiaries who have family or local employees abroad. For employers whose employees need to leave Saudi Arabia and return within a certain window of time.

The site makes it simple to check the validity of a Muqeem visa:

Access Muqeem

Enter visa or Iqama number

Cross-check data if necessary.

Select ‘check’.

When you submit your details, the following will appear regarding your exit/re-entry visa:

Valid or expired

Visa type

Visa number


Issuance date

Return before date

Inside or outside KSA

How can I use Muqeem to verify my final departure visa?

Please note that although businesses can issue final exit visas to foreign workers through the Muqeem site’s validity check feature, the service does not yet support verifying the current state of final departure visas. To check the status of your final exit visa, visit the Absher system or the Ministry of Labor website.

KSA visa expiration

Muqeem visa validity

There are numerous types of visas available for tourists who want to enter Saudi Arabia. The most common types of visas are the ones for travel, business, religion, family, and employment. According to the purpose of the travel, Saudi Arabia issues various visas with the following periods of Muqeem visa validity:

Tourism visa:

The duration of the visa is for one year (365 days), with multiple entries and a 90-day limit stay each visit.

Business visa:

The length of a Saudi business visa depends on the applicant's place of residence and the MOFA-KSA invitation, and ranges from one month to sixty days. With a 90-day limit stay per trip, business visas with numerous entries are offered for terms of 6 months, 2 years, or 5 years.

Family visit visa:

While visas for multiple entries last for 90 days, those for one-entry family visits are only good for one month. You can visit KSA a total of four times on a multiple-entry visa, for periods of up to 90 days each.

 Umrah / Hajj visa:

The Hajj visa is only good for 30 days, however the Umrah visa is good for three months.

 Work visa:

Foreign people can work in KSA for a maximum of six months without needing an application for a permit to residency thanks to Saudi work visas. From the date of issuance, they are good for a year.

Expiration of Muqeem Iqama in 2023

The Muqeem portal does not presently allow you to check the Iqama’s expiration date. Therefore, you must accomplish it via Absher.

If you are a foreign residing in Saudi Arabia, you should verify the duration of your exit reentry visa before making travel arrangements. Through the Muqeem visa validity Saudi Arabia or Absher websites individuals can check the status of the visa. Consequently, you can avoid any complications with the law after you return.

Anyone planning to visit Saudi Arabia needs to be in possession of a valid visa. The Muqeem visa validity expiration term must be respected by travelers to ensure that they do not remain longer than is permitted. Those who want to check the status of their Saudi visas can do so by visiting the Muqeem website. The same holds true for those who wish to verify the specifics and status of their exit/re-entry visa Muqeem.

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