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Expanding to another country involves dealing with several challenges. If you planning to establish a subsidiary in Lebanon, you need to consider hiring talent to build your workforce. In this regard, it is useful to learn about Lebanon Recruiting & Hiring so you can succeed in this task.

Lebanon hire employees is a crucial activity, and it can be even more difficult if you are a foreign employer because you are unfamiliar with labour laws. In this regard, to carry out employees recruitment Lebanon, first, you need to learn all you can about how to stay compliant when hiring.

Here at Connect Resources, we can help you save time with our recruitment services Lebanon. Our team of specialists can deliver the best employees for your vacancies. Forget about worrying about Lebanon recruitment hiring, because our compliance experts will ensure your business stays safe.

Recruitment Process in Lebanon

The recruitment process may vary depending on the country where you are. Therefore, it is advisable to understand which steps you have to take if you want to do Lebanon Recruiting & Hiring.

You have a few different options when it comes to hiring worker:

  • In-house recruitment: your company may decide to do the hiring and recruitment using its internal resources. Thus, you will have to instruct your HR team to learn everything they can about the local laws and local recruitment channels. You have to advertise your vacancies, look for candidates, interview them, and hire them compliantly. It can be a challenge if you do not know how to do it or if you lack resources and time.
  • Local recruitment agency: you can hire a local agency that delivers talent to your business. This is known as a PEO, but you must know that compliance risks will be your responsibility since you will still be liable for your employees.
  • Global PEO companies: a global PEO can offer global hiring, which is also known as an Employer of Record. You will not need to establish a company because we will act as your local employer. We will use our existing Lebanese entity, so you can save time and money.

Employing in Lebanon

It is also useful to know that workers’ rights are protected in Lebanon by a variety of laws. As such, you need to guarantee equal pay for equal work to your employees.

Moreover, you have to protect them against discrimination based on race, age, religion, and gender expression.

How to Hire Employees in Lebanon

Hiring employees in Lebanon involves going through a process to ensure you get the best outcome. Companies recruiting have to understand the employment compliance laws to avoid issues. Here are the best recommendations on how to hire employees:

  • Learn about the local culture so you can respect local candidates and connect with them effectively.
  • In Lebanon, French is considered a second language. Thus, almost 40% of locals speak French fluidly.

Employment Laws in Lebanon

If you want to expand internationally, you will have your workforce composed of global employees. Therefore, you need to comply with the local laws where your employees are located.

In Lebanon, the most important employment law is that you should have an employment contract. It is important to provide your employees with a written contract in Arabic. Also, you need to include all the terms in the contract, such as benefits, working hours, termination terms, and others.

After you hire an employee, you need to register them with the Ministry of Finance and National Social Security Fund. This has to be done within 15 days of the start date.

Here is what you also need to do:

  • Fill out the registration forms (R3, R3-1, and R4)
  • Include the employee’s ID
  • Provide employee’s information: name, date of birth, gender, number of children, marital status, and others.

Once you have reached 15 employees in your workforce, you need to file internal labour regulations. If you find this difficult, you can always rely on employment outsourcing to avoid facing this kind of task.

Important considerations about hiring and recruitment

It is essential to be familiar with the most crucial aspects of Lebanon recruiting & hiring. This way you can start getting familiar with what you may encounter when you start the process.

Here we have some aspects that are good to know:

  • The minimum wage in Lebanon starts at LBP 675,000 per month
  • Statutory benefits by law are annual leave, public holidays, probationary period, maternity leave, sick leave, paternity leave, notice period, overtime pay, and severance pay.
  • Some companies decide to offer transportation benefits, health insurance, education allowances and food allowances.
  • The probationary period is three months.
  • Working hours in Lebanon are 8 hours a day, 48 hours per week.
  • The currency in Lebanon is LBP.
  • Working hours per day can be extended to a maximum of 12 hours, and the employee has to receive overtime pay at 1 ½ time the hourly wage.
  • Lebanon has up to 20 public holidays.
  • Employees will receive 15 days of vacation time after they have completed one year of service.
  • The employer tax in Lebanon is 22,5% of the gross salary.
  • The payroll frequency should be monthly.
  • Employees pay an income tax of 2-20% depending on their salary.

Onboarding in Lebanon

Another crucial part of recruitment global is onboarding. It is important to ensure your employees incorporate smoothly into your company. This way you can ensure a higher retention rate and they can stay in the long term.

Besides, great onboarding ensures that the employment relationships start well. There are several strategies you can implement to ensure outstanding onboarding:

  • You can travel to Lebanon to personally welcome your new hires and introduce them to your team
  • Create a customized training process handled by your managers to help the employee settle in effectively in his or her new position.
  • Ensure your employees sign the employment contract on the first day, so you can have a clear agreement from the start

With outsourcing recruitment, you do not have to worry about onboarding. Here at Connect Resources, we can ensure your employees have a seamless onboarding after your Lebanon Recruiting & Hiring.

Benefits of Hiring Outsourcing

If you opt for hiring services to build your workforce, you can relieve a burden from your HR team. Carrying out the hiring internally can be overwhelming.

Here we have the best benefits of outsourcing hiring:

  • Save resources and time.
  • Avoid having to face fines or delays due to non-compliance.
  • Create a strong hiring process thanks to support from experts.
  • Get assistance with hiring contract.
  • Get employees assigned as per your requirements to fill your vacancies.
  • Ensure your employees have a positive experience during the entire process.

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Our goal is to place high-skilled individuals in your company with our global PEO services. Contact us to receive a tailored solution related to Lebanon hiring people. We will offer you a comprehensive service to solve your needs.

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