Leave Application For Mother Illness 2024

You might apply for a leave of absence from work due to your mother’s illness in order to take care of this kind of circumstance. For your manager or superior to review, you should write it in an honest and professional manner. But it should not be a long letter or request; instead, it should merely concentrate on explaining why. Learn how to write the perfect application leave for mother treatment here!

In this guide, we will give you the tips and examples to craft the ideal leave application due to mother treatment.

Common formats for application leave for mother treatment

application leave for mother treatment

The illness of your mother is a significant circumstance that may prompt you to request time off from work. This is one of the situations that could have an impact on a worker’s or student’s performance. Nevertheless, there may be repercussions if the application for treatment leave fails to arrive on time.

As a result, the following are some samples of leave letters for illnesses of mothers. However, you are free to alter them as they are merely examples of how one of these letters should seem. So all you have to do is be genuine and express the request’s purpose properly.

How to write the best application leave for mother treatment?

The best way to get a permit for this reason is, as we previously stated, to send a letter describing the mother’s sickness. Because of this, the instances that follow provide a standard framework for the request; nevertheless, you will later find certain examples tailored to different scenarios.

As a result, get proficient in writing an application for a mother’s medical condition. As a result, the general structure ought to have the following elements:

You should start by extending a cordial hello.

  • The subject has to be clear.
  • After that, state why the request is being made.
  • Indicate how long the authorization will last. Because of your mother’s condition, you can provide a leave extension letter for mother medical treatment if necessary.
  • After that, provide your contact details.
  • Add your full name and signature last.

Medical treatment leave application letter form


(Company Name),
(Company Address)
(Date of application)

Subject: Leave for mother’s illness


Dear Mr./Mrs.

Body of the letter


Request reason

Days of leave

Approval request


Yours sincerely,

Your name

For an official application leave for mother treatment, this block format is therefore appropriate. Also, since bosses only examine significant correspondence, make sure the subject line appropriately sums up the message.

Student’s medical treatment leave application format

Similarly, we provide you with an application for a student leave of absence owing to the mother’s illness. Nonetheless, the structure is comparable to the preceding one, and you can modify it to suit your own circumstance.


(Name of the institute),

Subject: Leave for mother treatment from (name) for (days).

Dear Mr./Mrs.

With all due respect, I, (your name), attend this university as a student in (name of major/section/class). My mother has been sick for the past (number of days) days, I regret to notify you. I therefore believe that I must miss (amount of days). As a result, I am hoping you will give me permission to correct the problem.

I will come back as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Your name


So, if you need to apply for a leave of absence because of your mother’s illness, here are 2 forms you can use. For a variety of reasons, but both formats demonstrate your expertise and deference to authority.

Application leave for mother treatment examples

Composing a medical treatment leave application appropriately might be done for a number of reasons. The following are some more factors that need the request’s urgency:

  • Illness
  • Surgery
  • Operations
  • Heart attack
  • High blood pressure

Next, we will provide you with some sample mother illness leave requests that you can use in a variety of circumstances. You can, however, modify it to suit your needs, making sure to constantly state the reasons clearly and omit any unnecessary details. To assist you better understand what you need, we give 12 examples.

General letter for leave for mother treatment

Dear Mrs./Mr.

My mother is currently hospitalized and in critical condition. I therefore appreciate that you will allow me to take a few days off from work so that I can spend time with her. Thank you in advance for allowing me to miss (number of days).

Sincerely yours,
(your name)

Other example:

(Company XXXX)

Subject: Application for treatment leave

Dear Mr./Mrs.

Since my mother is ill, I am kindly requesting a leave of absence. I have to bring her to the hospital so she can get the treatment she needs because she has a terrible illness. I will therefore need to take the next two days off from work.

As a result, I am hoping to get your permission to take a leave from (xxxx) days and come back to work on the (comeback date).

Many thanks in advance.

(your name).

Leave letter for mother’s accident

(Boss or immediate superior),
(Name of the Institute or company)

Dear Mr./Mrs.

I regret to inform you that I have a familial emergency since my mother was in an accident (briefly describe the circumstances). Furthermore, I am the sole individual who can look after her because (express your legitimate arguments). I am therefore grateful that you are able to accept my application.

(your name),
(Contact phone)

Application leave for mother treatment (operation)

The following format can be used for the mother operation leave application:

Dear Mrs./Mr.

I am, (your name), (position), and I am requesting permission to be absent for (number of days) days in this letter. This is because I want to travel to the hospital with my mother so I can take care of her and accompany her for her urgent operation. As a result, I am asking for your permission to take a leave of absence that will begin tomorrow.

Thanks in advance,
(your name).

Leave application due to mother treatment (emergency)

Dear Mr./Mrs.

On this occasion, I am writing you requesting an emergency leave of absence because my mother is in poor condition. (Here, you can explain your health issue). I just got a call/message requesting me to come to her place. I would be thankful if you could allow me to withdraw at this point.

Sincerely, yours,
(your name).

Leave request for mother illness/hospitalization

Subject: Request for permission for mother hospitalization

Due to (reason), my mother is currently being admitted to the hospital. I am writing to ask for a period of absence from (date) to (date) because of this. If you could approve my leave of absence, I would be grateful.

(Your name).

Leave application for mother surgery

Subject: Leave request for mother surgery

I am writing to ask for (number of days) of leave so that my mother can have (name of procedure) surgery. This is the reason I want to be there until she starts to feel better. I will, however, remain reachable if you have any questions or concerns about my work.

As a result, if you could authorize my leave of absence from (date) to (date), that would be greatly appreciated.

(your name).

Leave of absence request to take mother to hospital

In the event that you need to take your mom to the hospital due to an illness, this is an instance of a part-time leave. It can also be used as a sick father’s emergency leave letter.

I am (your name), (title), and I would like to go to the hospital with my parent(s). He/She told me over the phone that he/she was not feeling well, so this is only for a half day. So, if you could give me this permission, I would be very appreciative.

(your name).

Leave request for mother’s eye operation


Subject: Leave request for mother’s eye operation

With due regard, I am writing to you to ask for a license for my mother’s eye operation from (date) to (date). I have to go with her to (name the medical facility) where she is having surgery. I can also send you copies of the health records attesting to the necessity of the aforementioned procedure.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours,

Leave application for mother’s sickness due to stomach ache

Subject: Leave application for mother’s sickness due to stomach ache

Dear Mr./Mrs.

I am writing to let you know that my mother has been experiencing excruciating stomach aches for the past few days. She hasn’t gotten better, which has led me to bring her to the clinic multiple times. I thus ask for your permission to visit her at home and bring her to the clinic so that I can treat her.

So please allow me, I would be very grateful.

Sincerely yours,

Leave request due to mother illness

Kindly provide me with a permission for the day (date) so that I can take care of my mother. She is currently at home because the physicians have advised complete rest because of the severity of the situation. I would thus like to be able to take care of her at home since the relative who was looking after her is unable to do so on that particular date.

If it is possible for you, I would appreciate your permission.

Thanks in advance.

Your sincerely,

Application for leave due to mother’s fracture

Subject: Application for leave due to mother’s fracture

Dear Mrs./Mr

My mother broke her hip (you can guess where) today, and I have to get her to the clinic right now. I would thus appreciate it if you could give me a period of absence from office. If you could give it to me, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,

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