Ethical codes in the manpower outsourcing business in the UAE

ethics in manpower outsourcing in the United Arab Emirates

In every aspect of our lives, there are certain codes and rules that must be followed in order to achieve our goals in the right way. Doing what is right is essential to build trust in a business environment, and several ethics in Manpower Outsourcing in UAE have been implemented to accomplish it.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about ethics in the manpower outsourcing business in the country of the UAE. Take into consideration that this information could help you make improvements in your business and help you find a reliable agency. Let’s observe:

1. What are the ethics in the manpower outsourcing business?

2. What benefits can these ethic codes give to your company?

3. What could happen if these ethical codes are not followed by your manpower outsourcing agency?

4. How to build an ethical environment in a manpower outsourcing organization in the UAE?

5. How can Connect Resources help you obtain more information about reliable manpower outsourcing services?

1. What are the ethics in the manpower outsourcing business?

Ethics and moral codes are those vital elements that boost every businessperson to do the right thing while working on their businesses. These rules are valid for every type of business, including the manpower outsourcing business and services that are more requested every day in the country of the United Arab Emirates.

In previous times, ethics were not really applied in the business environment and, therefore, we could say that end justified the means to many in business. Most businesspeople used to think that rules were meant to be broken to provide flexibility for them, but this would just end up being an unethical business practice.

Nowadays, doing the right thing and following ethical business practices is mandatory in any country if you want your business to thrive and to be trusted. With these practices, your professional services can guarantee excellence and avoid any type of troubles, especially legal ones. Now, let’s take a look at some of the main ethical principles for manpower outsourcing business and any other businesses.

1.1. What are the most common principles regarding business ethics in general terms?

There is a group of several principles that every businessperson should follow to gain a better reputation among clients and colleagues. Any manpower outsourcing agency that follows these patterns can ensure a successful future in a short period. Let’s get started with the honesty principle, which is probably the main one to achieve this goal.

  • Honesty: telling the truth to clients from the beginning is the first step to start building a safe environment for everyone. In the case of the UAE’s manpower outsourcing companies, they are known as reliable firms due to their good business practice of always telling the truth respectfully to their clients. This is because they are expected to work with acceptable levels of fairness and honesty.
  • Transparency: it is also a vital element to start building a reliable manpower outsourcing business in the UAE, and along with honesty, this principle will lead us to the next one known as trust. The leaders of these companies must develop a business decision-making skill to start being transparent to both their clients and employees.
  • Trust: this is the result of being honest and transparent, and it is a virtue that only good businesspeople possess. It is known that the main enemy of trust is secrecy, which destroys any relationship whether personal or professional. Avoid secrecy if you want your customers and workers to trust you.
  • Privacy: confidentiality with every customer and employee is another main principle to allow your reputation to grow and be trusted. You cannot use any of their information without previous permission unless it is necessary for legal reasons. In the UAE, every manpower outsourcing company maintains this principle and that is the reason why their reputation is higher.
  • Compliance: just like the previous ethical principles you need to follow to be a reliable businessperson, you also must follow legal rules and do your legal obligations to avoid troubles and satisfy your customers, who will probably give you positive feedback just by following all of these principles and tips.
  • Integrity: we could describe it as a whole or as an ethical behavior that is based on good practices and morals. These certain values that give us integrity are the ones that we mentioned before plus many others, which will give your customers the confidence they need to provide positive feedback and attract new clients.
  • Protect customers’ rights: it is mandatory to ensure the protection of your customers’ rights and the assets that are related to the duties performed within the business. In cities that are specialized in these business affairs, like Dubai, this aspect is ensured by law, which makes Dubai recruitment services a reliable business.
  • Provide professional service: as a final but not less important principle, you have to make sure your company provides a professional service to ensure success within the ethical framework. A high-quality service will bring you many benefits like good feedback to make your reputation and your company grow exponentially in a matter of time.

2. What benefits can these ethic codes give to your company?

ethics in manpower outsourcing in the United Arab Emirates

We have already mentioned some of the most noticeable facts that you can take as advantages just by following certain ethical codes within your company, which work for any kind of business, including the manpower outsourcing business and many others related to it, which have been growing lately in the United Arab Emirates due to their efficiency.

Among those remarkable benefits, we can include reputation and reliability growth as a result of good relationships with customers and their positive feedback. Building trust gradually is another factor that will benefit everyone in the workplace, besides, you will start giving shape to a certain reputation in the market as your business grows.

Other advantages that you can get if your business follows ethical practices can be:

  • Giving a clear vision and mission to your company to make it grow with efficiency and a clear purpose.
  • Keeping your staff and partners from breaking the rules or violating regulations and laws, otherwise, your company will be in trouble.
  • Setting the right culture in your company and your employees through the application of ethical codes. With this practice, you will be able to uplift your company’s beliefs and core values and make them stronger.
  • A healthy environment will also possible only through these codes that everyone must follow, which means both employers and employees.

Before you can obtain these benefits and improvements in your workplace, you should make sure your employees and colleagues are aware of the existence of these ethical codes. Having a general knowledge of them can also help you choose the right manpower outsourcing partner in case you are looking forward to getting this service in the UAE.

3. What could happen if these ethical codes are not followed by your manpower outsourcing agency?

Several damages can be caused if there are not any behavior codes within the company’s environment, creating chaos and a bad manpower outsourcing service as a result. Some of the consequences that might appear during the absence of ethical codes among employees and employers could be:

  • First of all, the productivity of the company would drop along with its reputation in the market, causing awful results for the business and its members. Without reputation or efficiency in the service, your company could fall to abysmal levels and many other tragedies could happen.
  • A demotivated environment can be created as well, and dealing with disengaged employees might not an easy task if there are not ethical codes to follow. Along with demotivation, the absence of ethical codes will not allow your employees to develop their skills as they should, and lastly, your company can waste valuable potential and talent.
  • Since there are no ethical rules, your workers might start doing unethical practices that can put in danger your company and involve it in legal troubles. As a result, you will have to go through tedious legal procedures to solve these issues that you could have avoided with behavior codes in the workplace.

As a result, you would manage a corrupt company with disengaged employees and lower productivity, not to mention that it will not count on a good reputation among customers or their positive feedback.

4. How to build an ethical environment in a manpower outsourcing organization in the UAE?

If you want to avoid having these problems in your manpower outsourcing company, we will show a short guide to build a healthy and ethical environment that will boost your business and help you achieve your goals. Besides, you can also check on our tips to save time and money with some manpower recruitment strategies in the UAE that will help you a lot.

Put into practice these following tips and be sure you will develop a new environment. Some of the best practices you can do to boost an ethical environment in your company could be:

  • Ask each department of your company to make an annual presentation regarding if the ethical codes have been followed or not and if your employees have been satisfied with the environment in the workplace. It can help you evaluate what needs to be improved in the future to get better results.
  • Create an online platform in which only employees can access confidentially. They can use it as a free space to report wrongdoing or complains about violation of the ethical codes anonymously. With this tool, you will quickly know about the flaws there are regarding this matter, and create a plan to confront the situation along with your employees.
  • Motivate your employees by recognizing their good practices and rewarding them for it. This can help your employees keep motivated and develop new skills and good behaviors while they work. In this case, both the company and the employees are benefited from this method and ensure a profitable business with a healthy environment.
  • Just like rewarding the good practices, you can also punish the unethical ones to prevent them from happening. Develop this system and let your employees be aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviors within the company. Some of the most common punishments that employers usually give could be salary or benefits reduction.

5. How can Connect Resources help you obtain more information about reliable manpower outsourcing services?

Connect Resources

It is known that several strides have been made in the United Arab Emirates to regulate the manpower outsourcing industry, and some new licenses were introduced in 2010 regarding On-Demand Labor Supply, which covers manpower outsourcing companies and their executive search or recruitment services. This facilitates this task and helps them avoid unethical practices.

To summarize, the UAE’s Ministry of Labor has applied rules and ethical codes to ensure transparency in the manpower outsourcing business and any other that works inside the country. With our team’s help, you can learn more about this affair and obtain benefits with our services, which will be convenient for your company to grow.

With Connect Resources, you can be sure you will obtain excellent manpower outsourcing and other related services, including staff outsourcing services and many others. But if you only desire to know more about this service that many agencies provide in the United Arab Emirates, you can contact us to get more information.

If you own a company that needs to be boosted with these services but you are still not sure about it, you can learn some reasons why outsourcing can be an excellent solution for your business and request our services whenever you need them.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources to get more information about manpower recruitment agencies in the United Arab Emirates? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you will talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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