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On an average, over 100 applicants compete for a single position. Consequently, to make the first shortlist, your CV must stand out. Make that happen by following a set of below guidelines. Remember, HR managers who follow industry best practices in recruitment are looking for the same key elements that we are suggesting as CV tips.

By using these tips, your CV will create the right impression and help yours get to the top of the pile with the result that you are much more likely to be called for an interview.

Checklist on what to include in a CV
Your CV should demonstrate your unique blend of skills and experience. Make sure you include examples of commercial success, problem resolution or management achievements.
Your choice of font and layout are key to making sure a would-be employer carries on reading your CV. Simple formats work best.
Work out who or which industry sector your CV is destined for and tailor it to highlight the right aspects of your experience for them.
Avoid errors at all costs. This means spelling mistakes, dates which conflict with one another and incorrect email address or phone number.


Firing off an old CV will look unprofessional, so make sure that yours is regularly updated to meet the requirements of any jobs you see advertised.
By following a CV template you are not restricting the way in which you can express yourself, but you will find that your CV becomes easier to read and covers all the most important aspects of your work history.