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Headhunting is a very common tool used these days for companies in general which seek for fresh talents that bring new ideas, better methods to the workplace so things get easily done. When you want to hire a set of new employees, the idea itself may seem easy if you have the qualified and well-trained HR team. Now, Headhunting in Dubai has become a highlighted option for companies, so it may come handy if you want to invest money wisely and manage your time so it works for you.

In the next article, we will explain you in detail how this Executive headhunters Dubai services work.

Headhunting in UAE, as previously said, is very useful. But, it should not be only targeted to people living in dubai, if the employers want imported talent, there are a few things to take into account so the decision they make benefits them in the long term.

  1. How does Headhunting in Dubai work?
  2. What happens when the headhunting in Dubai process plans to seek talents abroad?
  3. How profitable is to look for a job in Dubai?
  4. What do you need to know about headhunters?
  5. How do companies pay the Headhunters for their services?
  6. What are the differences between the traditional recruitment process and the Executive search firm process?

1. How does Headhunting in Dubai work?

Well, at first sight it may seem as a simple process, now, when companies’ requests are higher, headhunting agencies have to be meticulous in choosing qualified candidates because companies will ask for a certain type of qualifications and will not accept a simple profile as an offer. So, if the employers seek options or effective solutions to ease the process of hiring, executive search firms may have the answer to their questions  

They will go further in the selection process and they may even ask you to have an interview with them. Additionally, the interviews are asked by the big companies where they can afford to pay an agency to do the process for them when the company does not have any local candidates to choose from.

2. What happens when the headhunting in Dubai process plans to seek talents abroad?

Headhunting in Dubai

This factor may be a little bit risky, mostly for employers because they want someone whose interests are working for a company in the long-term. Here we can tell you some aspects you have to take into account when exploring the possibilities of hiring foreign and also local candidates:

2.1 In terms of local applicants we have these aspects

  • The companies normally will seek for locals, because laws say so. Take into consideration the applicants who are already in your country.
  • It is certainly cheaper to go for the locals first because they will require less means of transportations to go to the interview.
  • The time spent by the hired recruiting agency will be less, since they will find an applicant and contact them and inform them about the job offer.
  • The time spent with foreign applicants is uncertain because the profile they upload may not be the one the company is looking for, and will end up in a waste of time.

2.2 In terms of foreign applicants we have these aspects to take into account

  • The time and money invested in this type of candidates need a more meticulous analysis if the employer wants to have an interview with the prospect
  • In case of having a face-to-face interview the employer will have to cover the expenses the prospect may have. 
  • Transferring a prospect to the country where the company is located is expensive.
  • An online interview, even though may be helpful, may not be what the company wants.

3. How profitable is to look for a job in Dubai?

Headhunting in Dubai
Human resources officer think about employees. FAQ and customer care concept.

No one has ever said Headhunting in Dubai is easy. However, headhunters need to only look for experienced applicants if their goal is to recruit people who can deliver their best effort. Now, you may want to know some of the steps you have to take if applying for a job opportunity in Dubai are in your interests.

  • Coming to Dubai as a person who actively looks for a job may be a little  problematic for people, because going there does not give them the certainty the will be chosen by the company they apply to
  • There is a 50/50 percent chance the company accepts or not the applicant’s profile.
  • Gathering several interviews from the country you reside in may be one of the best options if you want to be more confident when it comes to options.
  • Some companies take a step ahead and decide to make a prior interview through the phone to ask some details and then proceed to the actual interview. This is why the applicant needs to be prepared with some of the questions the employer may ask to the applicant in order to know them a little bit better
  • The more jobs offer you apply to the more chances you will have of getting chosen by one of the requesting companies.
  • Making a prior agreement with the employer can assure you more time to plan your trip to the country.
  • Once all the arrangements are done, you can have more certainty that you can dive into Dubai’s floor really soon.

4. What do you need to know about Headhunters?

Headhunting in Dubai is a challenge, but not for that you will conform yourself with seeking at the first Executive search agency that shows up in front of you.

Making wise decisions is what makes a company successful; therefore, hiring the best Headhunting agency should be one of the top priorities. Now, if you want to have qualified applicants who give you results in the long term, you need to know some aspects you may be interested in and some you may want to avoid. These can be:

4.1 The experience of the Headhunter will give you reliability

Now, headhunters will contact the prospect in advance because they know when a person can be a potential applicant basing on the requirements of the company and by reading the skills and background work of the applicant.

4.2 Minimum wage expectations

The most common thing to happen when going for an interview or maybe going through the process is to ask for the salary that the company offers, of course, this needs to be a conversation between the applicant and the headhunter. However, a mistake that can be present in these situations is the fact that the headhunter asks for the previous salary the applicant had.

This may bring, as a consequence an undesired answer by the applicant because they want a job that offers them a sense of security in terms of money, not a question of how much money they were being paid.

4.3 Interviewing with no prior knowledge of the applicant’s profile

This part can be a not usual yet possible mistake performed by the headhunter, not doing the proper investigation of the applicant requests can result in a misunderstanding. The headhunter can ask questions that may not be in the protocol. They may also perform an improvised set of questions that do not go along with the company’s requirements.

If you are Headhunting in Dubai that means that you will have to perform a very high and remarkable job, companies will not accept loosing time and money with a process it can be easily done by them. So, it is necessary to prepare all the require things to get a contract with an applicant, that is to say, paperwork, necessary questions, get to know a little bit more of the applicant’s interests and why are they choosing that job offer.

Creating a link between the applicant and the headhunter is the key to have a successful contract. Empathizing and having communication with your client is will be one of the reasons why hiring a service like this is recommendable.

4.4 Communication is the key to success

It is a well-known fact communication is everything, so your hired headhunter needs to be willing to express himself with a good tone of voice and talk in a way the applicant can understand what the process is about. It would not be a good sign if the headhunter is difficult to understand and to contact; as a result this causes waste of money and time for the employer.

5. How do companies pay the Headhunters for their services?

Headhunting in Dubai

The process of paying headhunters is mostly simple and does not take too much time to understand. It is true that this is like a sales business, this means, if the applicant does not get hired the headhunter will not receive the payment. What companies usually do in order to make a successful contract is to give the headhunter an incentive so they feel more committed and finish the process as expected. 

There is no protocol to become a headhunter, this tells us that anyone can be a recruiter but it would mean that unexperienced recruiters will compete with professional ones. However, this does not mean a problem whatsoever because they can work in a similar way as the high-skilled ones.  But their workload would be less.

Working as an online recruiter in a network level is one of the things unexperienced headhunters can do. Making a proper connection with applicants through LinkedIn can make things easier for both parts. That is how you can see if anyone is interested in applying for any of the options offered in the market would be one of the possibilities to work for unexperienced headhunters.

5.1 Getting to know a little bit more of the role of a headhunter

It has been plenty of times before, Headhunting in Dubai are very challenging so it is required that Headhunters have a background experience in the process of locating applicants. Their main role is to work in behalf of the search firm to find the best fit for a company.

Now, their role also applies for individuals who want to aspire for a job offer, so, they may contact a headhunter in order to have more chances to get chosen by a top-notch company. It has become such an important role that even through social media they can contact applicants and they can do the same.

5.2  Some keywords that may be useful for an aspiring headhunter

As headhunters they are assigned a job which brings them responsibility and, thus, a series of things they may want to know:

  • A headhunter can be also known as an recruiter, basically an individual who works for an employer or company to seek or hire talent
  • The salary for headhunters is based on the process done between them and the applicant and a third party which is the company who has the last word.
  • The skilled headhunter won’t like to know anything about your previous job nor your salary. They will go straight to the point and make an offer interesting for the applicant

6. What are the differences between the traditional recruitment process and the Executive search firm process?

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There is sometimes a misconception with these two processes. The thing is that if the company is requesting a job in which the applicant needs high skills, this may take a little bit of thorough investigation and exploration. That is the reason why hiring recruitment services are best choice because the results will be better.  Some differences may be:

  • The headhunters, with executive search firms normally are going to target applicants whose profiles have good profiles overview and a good background experience.
  • The traditional process aims for a junior place in a company while the executive one goes for a senior position in the company
  • Another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that in the traditional process, a headhunter seeks applicants who are actively looking for a job
  • In the executive search process the headhunters seek for applicants who are actually looking for a job or not. 

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