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    UAE Property Visa

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    UAE Property Visa

    Property Visa Criteria

    10-year property visa UAE

    • Invest at least AED 2 million in properties
    • The amount of investment can be divided across three properties
    • In the case of a mortgage, AED 1 million of property value should be paid to the bank.

    Are you wondering about applying for a UAE Property Visa?

    The Dubai property visa is the best solution for investors looking to boost their income and improve their quality of life. With the property visa in UAE, you can live in the UAE easily and without too much trouble.

    The 5-year investor visa Dubai allows you to reside in the UAE legally with fewer requirements and without needing a sponsor. By applying for the investor visa Dubai you spend as much time in the UAE as you like. Here at Connect Resources, we can make obtaining your investor visa UAE as easy and quick as possible!

    UAE Property Visa

    How it works

    Obtaining your property visa Dubai is very simple, and with us, it can be even easier since you will not have to worry about anything. If you want to make a wise investment, you can purchase property in the UAE and apply for a property owner visa in Dubai.

    With attractive benefits and minimum financial requirements, the investor visa UAE  property is the most suitable for you. Invest and live in Dubai to have access to a flourishing economy with your UAE investor visa provided by Connect Resources. We offer the best 3-year investor visa Dubai price so you can have the best return on your investment.

    Benefits of Property Visa UAE

    As a property investor, you can enjoy the tremendous benefits the UAE Authorities offer to those that invest in the country.

    You can apply for a UAE driving license

    No local sponsor required

    Possibility to obtain visa-free travel to some countries

    Reside in one of the most booming economies in the Middle East

    The investor visa UAE cost is suited to your budget

    Process of UAE Property Visa

    Gather the necessary documentation including your property’s deed

    Our team will process your application and forward it to local authorities for approval

    We can help you with the Dubai investor visa and pay the fees

    Obtain your visa for property owners in Dubai with our assistance in no time

    Requirements for obtaining the Property Visa

     Title deed certificate

    Emirates ID

    Health insurance

    Paying the fees for the investor visa Dubai cost

    Investor’s original passport

    Passport size photograph

    NOC (if applicable)

    Bank letter mentioning the amount paid

    UAE Property Visa

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    UAE Property Visa
    UAE Property Visa

    Why Choose Connect Resources

    Connect Resources is your best option for getting the Dubai residence visa for property owners. With our team of specialists, we can advise you on the best UAE property visa for you. We have years of experience helping investors get their documents and apply for a property visa UAE so they can fulfill their dream of living in this prosperous economy.

    Whether you want to apply for a 3 year investor visa in Dubai or a 5-year visa, we got you covered. Leave this process in our hands and we will provide the best solution for you.