The complete guide to understand the work of a PEO in Dubai

PEO in Dubai


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Working with a PEO in Dubai could be the best decision you can make to benefit your business. Companies tend to face challenges with their HR responsibilities, and for this reason they contact an agency that can help them overcome all of these issues.

In this article, you’re going to learn how a PEO can help you improve your operations and boost your business. Even if you’re planning an international expansion you can trust in a Global PEO to help you meet your expectations. Let’s observe:

  • The complete guide to understand the work of a PEO in Dubai
  • What is a PEO?
  • PEO services in Dubai
  • What is a Global PEO?
  • How can you select a PEO?
  • Why is Connect Resources your best option for PEO services?

1. The complete guide to understand the work of a PEO in Dubai

Many companies tend to contact a PEO provider to receive assistance with some business functions. Oftentimes this service is referred to as co-employment, and it’s a great way to deal with the issues that may arise when handling human resources.

When you’re planning on using PEO services, you also need to request assistance with visa processing for your employees. Dealing with all the necessary paperwork and sponsorship for your staff could be challenging, for this reason you have to contact Connect Resources to receive assistance with this matter.

Learn more about the Visa and Government Service offered by Connect Resources.

1.1 Why do you need to know about PEO services?

HR tasks can be challenging, particularly when the company doesn’t have the qualified personnel to handle them. For this reasons, a PEO in Dubai can be the best solution for your business.

Why is it useful to know about PEO services? Let’s observe:

  • You learn about the best way to solve your HR problems
  • It can lead you to make a well-informed decision that can boost your business
  • You can design strategies to partner with a PEO to reduce your operational costs

It’s common to confuse between a PEO and EOR and many businesses don’t know the difference between them. It’s important to know how to differentiate them so you can make a better decision about which service you want for your business.

Learn more about why PEO services are different from EOR services.

2. What is a PEO?

What is a PEO

When we talk about a PEO in Dubai, we’re referring to a “professional employer organization”. It’s a third party that offers services to companies by being their co-employer. Hence, a PEO manages several responsibilities for the employees of a company.

To understand better the work of a PEO, it’s advisable to take a look at its characteristics. Let’s observe:

  • It has staff with extensive experience in several areas pertaining human resources
  • The businesses that partner with PEOs do it to reduce expenses since they offer better benefits at lower costs.
  • A PEO it’s an outsourcing agency used to have a better management of human resources
  • PEOs are experts in managing compliance

Visa processing is one of the main services offered by a PEO. For this reason, if you’re planning on hiring staff for your business, but you don’t want to waste time on any paperwork, you have to know how this service can benefit your company.

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2.1 How does a PEO work?

Many businesses don’t know exactly how PEOs work. For this reason, it’s crucial to know how they operate to determine if they can be a good choice for your company.

  • A company contacts a PEO to start the partnership
  • The company’s employees become part of the PEO’s payroll
  • The employees still receive their assignments and responsibilities from the company, but the PEO is responsible for payroll and benefits

Working with a PEO can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t know how this type of organization works. Understanding everything in relation with a professional employer organization is going to make you feel more informed; therefore, you can strategically plan the type of service you want to receive.

Learn more about how PEOs operate in the UAE and the service they offer.

2.2 Who should work with a PEO?

PEOs work with any type of companies, although the ones that can get more benefits from this partnership are small and medium-sized businesses. Let’s observe why companies should contact a PEO:

  • A PEO can take the administrative burden and the company can focus on its core business functions
  • The company can outsource some tasks that are difficult to handle by its in-house team
  • A PEO can assist and train the company thanks to its direct expertise

3. PEO services in Dubai

A PEO in Dubai can offer several services, so it’s essential to know which one of them could be the best for your business. Some of the services you can get from a PEO are the following:

  • Payroll: payments, calculation of tax contributions, direct deposits, and more.
  • HR/Legal: research of labor law, compliance with regulations, adjustments, and more.
  • Benefits: health insurance, employment package, compensations, and more.
  • Additional benefits: performance management, termination pay, and any other employee requests.

When it comes to handling the several HR functions, it could be challenging for your business if you don’t have any HR specialists in your team. Since there are many HR tasks that have to be done correctly, you can trust in a PEO to help you solve all the issues surrounding this matter.

Learn more about how a PEO can help you manage all of your HR needs.

3.1 What can a PEO do for your business?

A PEO provider can do several tasks for your business, but it’s important to know what exactly this partner can do for you:

  • Handle HR services for you: payroll, benefits, risk management and compliance
  • The PEO can assist you with employee recruitment
  • It can reduce the liability for several areas like payments and taxes
  • Save you time by handling small tasks
  • Make your business efficient and more appealing to candidates and potential employees

3.2 What a PEO can’t do for your business

There’s so much confusion about the scope of a PEO, and many companies don’t want to opt for this kind of partnership because they’re afraid they may lose control of their business.

Don’t worry; there are some things that a PEO can’t do, which are the following:

  • The PEO can’t take control of your business
  • Make decisions about hiring or firing employees
  • It won’t make operational decisions

As you can see, you can still have the entire control of your company, and the PEO will only be responsible for some tasks related with HR.

Knowing how to work with a PEO can help you obtain the most out of your partnership. For this reason, you have to know the best tips on how to work with this type of organization. Knowing it could help your business grow and improve its operations.

Learn more about the recommendations on how to work with a PEO in the UAE.

4. What is a Global PEO?

What is a Global PEO

A PEO in Dubai is a valuable partnership for several companies. But, when it comes to Global PEO services, we’re referring to an agency that offers the same services but for companies that have employees in more than one country.

A Global PEO will offer the same comprehensive service of a PEO to businesses that are looking for expanding themselves to outside of their home country.

4.1 What are the benefits of working with a Global PEO?

A business that is planning an international expansion can use Global PEO services to receive the following benefits:

  • Compliance: local regulations about employment may change from one country to another. If the company wants to stay in compliance, it needs to have enough knowledge about regulations and practices, and a Global PEO can help with this.
  • Benefits: offering great benefits to employees in the new market could make the difference to recruit top talent. With a Global PEO, you can improve recruitment by offering excellent benefits while being cost-effective.
  • Employee retention: since Global PEOs handle everything related with your employees’ compensations and benefits, and you’re offering excellent employment packages, you improve employee retention.
  • Financial forecasting: a Global PEO can help you develop accurate budgets in relation with human resources.

4.2 How can a Global PEO help your business?

There are three areas in which a Global PEO can help your business when you’re planning an international expansion:

  • Payroll services: facing the challenges of handling an international payroll could be daunting, for this reason, a Global PEO can improve your operations in this matter.
  • Global benefits: administering and managing the benefits for an international workforce could be easier with the help of a Global PEO
  • Technology: when you partner with a Global PEO you’ll have access to the latest technology and resources that you can use to improve your HR operations.

Handling the payment and taxes of your workforce should be done carefully to ensure compliance. If you’d like to receive assistance with your payroll department, you have to trust in Connect Resources since we’ve been providing this service for the past 20 years to several companies.

Learn more about the Payroll Service offered by Connect Resources.

5. How can you select a PEO?

Before working with a Global PEO in Dubai you have to select the best one for your business. It’s not easy to select a company, so there two crucial steps you have to take so you can make a well-informed decision.

5.1 Determine your needs

The first step to select a PEO that can be the best option for your company is to determine your needs. Let’s observe how you can do it:

  • Make a list about the tasks in which you need help in the several areas: payroll, employee benefits, human resources, and risk management.
  • Establish which tasks you can do in-house and which ones can be outsourced
  • Search about the several PEOs that can help you with the tasks you want to delegate

5.2 Match the PEO to your needs

Once you know which tasks you can outsource, you have to find the perfect PEO for your company. Let’s observe how you can do it:

  • Find about the PEOs that have worked with companies of your same industry
  • Learn about the range of service they offer
  • Ask about the package they offer
  • Search for the PEO’s certification and accreditations to know their reputation
  • Ask if they can tailor their service to your specific needs

One of the solutions you can get from a PEO is the payroll service. Managing the payments for your employees and dealing with all the taxes related with it could be challenging. Hence, if you don’t want to worry about it, you can obtain this benefit from your partnership.

Learn more about the payroll solution you can get from a PEO.

6. Why is Connect Resources your best option for PEO services?

Why is Connect Resources your best option for PEO services

If you’re looking for a PEO in Dubai, you have to contact Connect Resources. We’ve been working with several companies in a variety of industries; therefore we can help you solve your issues related with your workforce.

Once that you know everything about how a PEO work, you may want to receive a comprehensive service that helps you achieve your strategic goals. You can trust in our team of experts because we’re readily available to answer all of your inquiries.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for PEO Services? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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