The best strategies for managers to engage employees

the best strategies for managers to engage employees


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Your workforce is one of the most valuable assets of your business, for this reason, you have to learn about the best strategies for managers to engage employees, so you can give your leaders directions on how to increase this.

Having workers that don’t feel motivated to go to work and that don’t feel identified with your company’s culture could be highly detrimental for your business. For this reason, you need to start preparing your managers to put their best effort to benefit your organization.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can engage your staff as a manager, so you can start receiving the best performance from them since this will take the company on the road to success. Let’s observe:

  • The best strategies for managers to engage employees
  • Why should your company care about employee engagement?
  • How to increase employee engagement?
  • What are the benefits of having engaged employees?
  • How can you measure employee engagement?
  • How can Connect Resources help you with employee engagement?

1. The best strategies for managers to engage employees

The secret for a successful business is a robust workforce, with employees that do their best in their jobs, and that are well-prepared to face any challenge that may arise so that the organization can continue its operation and growth.

But, there’s one aspect that many business’ owners and managers neglect, and that is employee engagement. If your workforce doesn’t have any passion for what they do, then you’re likely going to have a mediocre business.

The first thing you need to do to take actions in this matter is learning how you can handle disconnected employees, so you can start improving their levels of satisfaction thus increasing their commitment with what they do.

1.1 What is employee engagement?

When we talk about employee engagement, we’re referring to the commitment that they have with the success of your company. Additionally, it relates to how emotionally invested they are about their function in the business.

What are the characteristics of an engaged employee? Let’s observe:

  • They’re motivated to work
  • They work towards a shared goal
  • They feel identified with the company’s mission and vision
  • They relate with the values of the organization
  • They’re happy to work and produce excellent outcomes

Once you know the best strategies for managers to engage employees, you’ll see an improvement in your company’s production and customer satisfaction, so you’ll have one of the critical parts to a successful business.

2. Why should your company care about employee engagement?

the best strategies for managers to engage employees,

Perhaps you’ve never considered having satisfied workers because you think it’s not a crucial aspect for your business, but you may be wrong. Having people that feel happy with their jobs are going to help your company grow, so for this reason, you should start learning about the best strategies for managers to engage employees.

There are many aspects that you have to learn about your workforce, and one of these is how you can start caring about their satisfaction, because if you have excellent employees. Still, they don’t feel motivated to work; then you’re wasting a great resource for making your company great.

2.1 Why is employee engagement critical?

When you have workers that feel compromised with their jobs and feel like they’re an essential part of your company, you’ll have a reliable workforce that is going to take your business in the right path.

Let’s observe some of the reasons why employee engagement is essential:

  • It’s crucial for increasing the metrics of revenue and retention
  • Employees feel great about their work, so they work hard
  • Employees understand the company’s goals
  • There’s a clear link between employees’ work and the company’s goals
  • Managers are well trained and equipped to lead the team

If you’d like to receive consultancy in employee engagement strategies, you can contact Connect Resources because it has a team of specialists that will provide you with the best solutions for your workforce.

3. How to increase employee engagement?

If you have evaluated your personnel, and you see that they don’t have any commitment to what they do, it’s time to apply some of the best strategies for managers to engage employees.

Applying the right approaches with your employees is going to help you save money and time. Additionally, it is going to make your workforce to be more reliable and ready to give their best performance.

3.1 Improve your recognition program

One of the best engage workforce solutions you can apply in your company is improving your recognition program, and this is something that many managers can do without any effort. You have to recognize and acknowledge the excellent job that your workers are doing.

How can you have a great recognition program as a manager:

  • Understand and develop the best ways of recognizing your staff
  • Reinforce the work ethic
  • Make recognition personal
  • Avoid having recognition programs that put employees against each other
  • Have a personal objective for your employees and motivate them to achieve it
  • Implement peer-to-peer recognition

It’s essential to recognize the hard work that your team is doing because it’s a great motivation, and it leads to best practices in the workplace.

3.2 Learn about your employees

Sometimes, one of the best ways to engage employees is by only getting to know them. People like to feel like they matter, so start interesting in them, in their backgrounds, their family. Start small conversations and develop a professional relationship with them.

Being friendly and open with your staff costs nothing, so it’s one of the best strategies that you can apply. It’s a straightforward way to start knowing what other methods can work.

3.3 Provide specific training based on job descriptions

One of the most effective employee engagement strategies that you can apply in your business is providing training for your workers based on their job functions. If an employee sees that they have the chance to grow professionally, they’re going to increase their commitment to the company.

How can you engage your employees with tools for success? Let’s observe:

  • Make sure your staff understands what they’re doing
  • Arrange specific training for every job position or team
  • Start improving troubleshooting skills with your employees
  • Ensure a strong foundation for the tasks that each team member is carrying out

3.4 Motivation and coaching

If you’re a manager, you need to understand the scope of your staff’s work, and this is great because it helps you to inspire, motivate, and coach them. If you don’t know what they have to do, they won’t know what to do if a problem arises.

How can you motivate and coach your employees to increase engagement? Let’s observe:

  • Try to help them if you see them struggling with a task
  • Say words of encouragement
  • Offer guidance in procedures
  • Encourage senses of cooperation and consideration among your employees
  • Make sure to increase confidence in your staff

One of the reasons to choose an excellent workforce outsourcing agency for dealing with your workforce is because they have excellent policies that address employees’ satisfaction, and they make sure to keep your workers motivated in every aspect.

3.5 Create a workplace environment that allows growth

If you need some help to start improving your decision-making as a business, you may begin to consider because it’s time to decide to create a pleasant work environment that allows your workers to grow both professionally and personally.

What are the characteristics of a workplace environment that encourages growth? Let’s observe:

  • It’s free of fear
  • Employees are free to make choices and suggestions
  • Employees aren’t punished for making mistakes
  • Employees are willing to create risks for the sake of the company
  • There’s a chance for personal development
  • Employees strive for the best outcome

4. What are the benefits of having engaged employees?

the best strategies for managers to engage employees,

If you apply the best strategies for managers to engage employees, you can receive a lot of benefits that are going to improve your business. Employee engagement is one of the best resources you can have because it’s capable of doing more for your organization.

4.1 Help increase profit

As you may know, there are many costs associated with hiring employees, so every worker that you have in your company is costing you money. If you want to make the most out of the inversion that you’re making in your workforce, then it’s time to engage them to give you their best performance.

4.2 Receive a high-quality performance

The effects of engaged employees can be seen throughout the entire company, and it’s a great way of having increased production and excellent outcomes.

Why do engaged employees provide better performance? Let’s observe:

  • They have greater feelings of pride for their work
  • They have enough motivation to work harder
  • They focus on solving any problem that may arise
  • They have increased productivity
  • They feel satisfied with their job and what they do

If you’d like to engage workforce solutions, you can rely on Connect Resources because it’s one of the top-leading agencies in the UAE that can help you have committed employees. You can achieve it by arranging a service with this agency, and they’re going to take care of everything related to your personnel.

4.3 Provide a better service for your customers

If you have employees that work with customer service, you need to make them feel happy and satisfied with what they do, because this impacts directly the image that your clients have of your business.

The goal is to have high customer satisfaction because this makes your profits to rise, and in turn, your business starts growing, and you can even have more shareholders that have great returns.

4.4 Emotional commitment to the company and job

Suppose your employees feel supported and they feel like they matter to the organization, and you additionally provide a great work environment. In that case, it’s going to be excellent for the entire company.

You can see the following benefits with your employees and organization:

  • Your employees are going to report less sick days
  • Your business will have committed employees
  • You’ll have fewer complaints related to your workforce
  • Your employees will help your business to reach the strategic goals
  • You won’t have a high staff rotation because your employees would want to stay for a longer time
  • You’ll have well-prepared leaders and personnel

One of how Connect Resources can help you is with the recruitment service for your business, so you can start hiring workers that feel identified with your company’s culture and that are the best fit for the job. This way, you ensure to have an emotional commitment to your employees.

5. How can you measure employee engagement?

You may be wondering that if you apply the best strategies for managers to engage employees, how you can know if it’s resulting positively or not, and there are some tasks that you can do to understand.

Let’s observe some of the strategies that you can apply to measure employee engagement:

  • Carry out team member surveys
  • Interpret and analyze the results of your surveys
  • Identify the areas that need assessment

One of the main reasons that affect workers in the UAE is the lower salaries that have resulted from the crisis, so if this is your case, you have to work even harder in measuring their satisfaction and engagement, so you can start applying the best strategies to make them happy with their job.

6. How can Connect Resources help you with team members engagement?

Connect Resources

If you’d like to learn more about the best strategies for managers to engage employees, because you want to increase your company’s chances to succeed, then you have to reach Connect Resources.

It’s an agency that has been working with several companies in a variety of industries, providing a wide range of services like HR consultancy for businesses, and it has helped many of them to achieve their goals and objectives.

Would you like to contact Connect Resources for services related to your workforce? You can call at +971 433 166 88 or send an email to, and you’ll talk to one of their representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions.

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