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Our client is an IT Company based out in Singapore, providing Database Solutions, Software Development and Network & IT Security, won multiple projects with the Financial Institutions in UAE and KSA to provide Software Development and Network & IT Security solutions.


As part of the contract, our client was required to run the operation at a local level and maintain a presence within UAE and Saudi Arabia and all staff had to be employed in-country. Employing staff in UAE and Saudi Arabia presents a number of challenges, including Recruitment of Staff, Setting-up a Company, issuing visa, Running Payroll, etc. Our client needed a local partner to act as the employer on their behalf, providing staff with all employment requirements including HR, payroll services, and more. 

Additionally, there would be over 40+ professionals employed for the project, and they required support for the Recruitment extensively. 

Connect Resources

Connect Resources was selected to support the company on this project based on our extensive knowledge of UAE and Saudi Arabia employment laws and experience to source candidates, contractually employ and provide payroll for all employees. Connect Resources has had a presence in the Middle East since 1998 and has a very strong team of Recruiters. The Connect Resources experienced team met with the Client contract owner for the client and agreed to get into the agreement to support recruitment of all the staff.

Additionally, Connect Resources provided full payroll services and HR support to the company and all contract staff. As employees of Connect Resources, they were entitled to all benefits and support they required.


Connect Resources successfully Recruited 42 Employees (Developers, IT Consultant, IT Admins, etc.) for the project and deployed the staff on Connect Resources Visa, managed the payroll and brought the project on successful implementation within short time duration, quickly and compliantly, leaving zero interruption to the project.

As a result of our ability to provide Recruitment and payroll services in a quick and efficient manner, the company reached out to Connect Resources for direct hire recruitment assistance for their projects in the entire middle east. Since 2019, Connect Resources has recruited 75 candidates for this client.

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