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Qatar employment contract


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If you are one of the people who want to go to work in Qatar and you have been offered a job offer, you have to know about some topics. For instance, everything related to a Qatar employment contract. You should know that a contract is an agreement that is reached between the employer and you before starting to work in a company. The clauses may vary depending on the country and if you want to work in Qatar, you have to know about those legal aspects.

In this article, you will see everything you need to know about Qatar employment contracts. The first thing will be to define them and see the types that exist. The second thing will be to show everything that a Qatar employment contract should include. In addition, we will teach you how to authenticate your agreement digitally. Finally, we will give you relevant information about the trial period.

  1. What should a Qatar labor contract include?
  2. What are the agreements that exist in Qatar?
  3. How to digitally authenticate a Qatar contract?
  4. What should you know about trial periods?
  5. If you wish to obtain advice on the subject, contact Connect Resources

1. What should a Qatar labor contract include?

Qatar employment contract

If there is a company that wants to hire you in Qatar, you should know about the basics of a contract. This must be in writing and must be authenticated by MADLSA. The contract will be written in Arabic as well as in the language of your country of origin or, failing that, in English. This will be issued in three copies, each party will have one and the third to deposit it in the MADLSA.

It is important that you read the entire employee contract before signing it. This must be done to avoid discrepancies between what was promised and what will be granted. If you are not satisfied with what is written in the contract, you can decide not to sign and have the contract restructured.

The employment contract in Qatar must specify the provisions that govern the entire employment relationship that exists between the parties. The labour contract should contain the information that will be seen below:

  • Business owner’s name and employment address.
  • Name of the employee, his abilities, nationality, the address where he lives, and his profession.
  • Date the contract enters into force.
  • All job descriptions.
  • The date the job started.
  • What is the duration of the work contract if it is for a temporary and contract employee.
  • How much is the agreed salary, and Qatar compensation benefits, be it accommodation, transportation, employment leave salary, and food. It will also include the form and date on which the payment was made to the employee.
  • The trial period.

You should note that if you sign a new contract for the second or third time, it must include the start date of the first contract.

1.1  Is it possible to keep a copy of the contract?

It is of the utmost importance that a true copy of the employment contract is kept. Failure to obtain a copy of the contract is considered a violation of labor law. If you wish to file any type of complaint, you should contact the Labor Relations Department. In short, it is mandatory that you request a copy of your contract

1.2  What should I do to check my employment contract?

Apart from the copy of your employment contract in Qatar that you can obtain from your employer, you can view this contract online. To do this online inquiry, you will need to visit the MADLSA website The online service will be available in Arabic and English if you need it. You will only be required to fill in your QID and your mobile phone number

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    2. What are the agreements that exist in Qatar?

    In Qatar, you can find two types of employment contracts that will have different characteristics. Below you will see all the information regarding these two types of contracts:

    2.1 The fixed-term contract

    This type of contract indicates that you will be working for your boss for the period that is agreed upon in the contract. This period may not last longer than five years. In addition, this can be renewed for a period or other similar periods depending on the agreement reached by the parties.

    After having passed the trial period established in the employment contract, some agreements must be followed. One of these is that neither the worker nor the employer may terminate the contract independently before the specified period. If the opposite happens, this will be considered wrongful termination. Also, employees should know if they could terminate the contract shortly after starting it.

    When this problem occurs, the other party will be entitled to compensation for the damages suffered by the illegal termination of the contract. It is important to know the details of employment law to avoid getting in trouble with this kind of thing.

    2.2 The permanent contract

    This type of contract states that you will work for your employer for an indefinite period. In this case, both the employee and the employer may terminate the contract without giving explanations at any time. This may be done after the notice commitment period.

    2.2.1 What is the duration of the notice for the permanent contract?

    By having an indefinite contract, the parties can terminate it without giving a reason. If the contract is terminated, the other party must be notified in writing as follows:

    • In the case of workers whose salary is annual or monthly, the employment resignation letter must be given before the termination of the contract; all for a term of not less than one month, if the time in which you have worked is five years or less. If this period exceeds five years, this notice will be about two months.
    • There are other cases where you are charged per day or sale of the product at work. For these cases, the notification will be made at the following times:
    • When the work period is less or greater than one year, the notice period will consist of at least one or two weeks.
    • When the period is greater than five years, the notice period will be at least one month.

    Additionally, when the contract is terminated without taking these notice periods into account, the party terminating commits to one thing. This is having to give compensation equal to the worker’s salary. All this for the period of notice or the remaining part of it.

    3. How to digitally authenticate a Qatar contract?

    Qatar employment contract

    Currently, the minimum wage in Qatar has been modified making this country much more attractive for foreigners to want to work there. If you are one of those people who are interested in this, you have to know certain things about Qatar employment contracts. For instance, how to authenticate them digitally. Next, you will be given a step-by-step guide on how to do this procedure. This process is valid for contracts written on paper and for Qatar e-contracts or also known as online labor contracts.

    3.1 Step 1

    To start you must enter the Ministry page and go to the e-services section. Once you are there, you must log in. For this, you need your smart card, through the National Authentication System. It is important that you know that for each contract you wish to authenticate you must pay QR 60.

    3.2 Step 2

    Select where it says to create a new contract. You will be asked to enter some personal information about your employee. Among them, are the visa number, Qatar ID, the worker’s country of origin, and the employee’s phone number. You also need to enter contract information. Among them is the date of entry to the company, duration of the contract, date of the agreement, duration of the trial period, salary, and all the benefits that must be granted in Qatar.

    3.3 Step 3

    Once you enter all the information, it allows you to review what you wrote. When you have completed this process, you must print the Qatar employment contract. Once you have it printed, the employee and the employer must sign.

    3.4 Step 4

    After those involved have signed, the employer must scan the Qatar employment contract to upload it into the system. In addition, you are given the possibility to add some additional relevant files, depending on the type of contract. Once you click on the save changes button, the option to send for review will appear; you must click on it and the contract will reach the Ministry for verification.

    3.5 Step 5

    Once the verification process has been completed, the Qatar employment contract will appear in the section of contracts ready to pay. To make the payment, you must select the agreement you want, and you must click pay. A new tab will appear for you to enter the payment information. If everything goes correctly, you will see on the screen that the transaction has been completed successfully.

    3.6 Step 6

    Finally, after the payment is ready you can print a receipt that proves that everything went well. You are also given the option to send it to yourself by email. In addition, the contract is ready, it will appear with a barcode that you can print or send to yourself by email.

    4. What should you know about trial periods?

    Generally, the clauses referring to the trial period are very similar depending on your country of origin. For instance, the general policies established in the UAE employment contract are very similar to those of the Qatar labor agreement. In this section, you will see all the information you need about trial periods in Qatar.

    4.1  What is the length of the probation period?

    When talking about the trial period in a contract, refers to the time in which the new employee is evaluated. That is, all the skills that the individual showed in his resume and said in the interview are tested. In Qatar, this time must last a maximum of 6 months from when the worker signs the employment contract. However, it can have a shorter duration if the employer considers it appropriate.

    4.2  Can an employer do without a Qatar employment contract during the probation period?

    If an employer considers that the employee is not capable of fulfilling the job functions if he can do so. However, this decision must be notified to the employee at least one month before the termination. On the other hand, if due to the completion of this, you cannot stay longer in Qatar; the employer is obliged to cover all the expenses to return to their country of origin.

    4.3  Can an employer do without a Qatar employment contract after the probation period?

    If the employee has not shown good performance for the job if he can do it. The only condition that is imposed is that you have to give advance notice; For this certain policies must be followed. As you can see, in general, the conditions for the termination of the trial period in Qatar are very similar to the termination of the probation period in Dubai.

    5. If you wish to obtain advice on the subject, contact Connect Resources

    As you can see, if you get a job in Qatar or if, on the contrary, you want to set up a company or a branch of your company in Qatar; you must have this knowledge about the employment contract in this country. If, after reading all the above content, you still have questions about the topic, it is time to contact Connect Resources. We have two communication channels phone at +971 433 16 688 or write to Meet our team and trust us with your possible queries!


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