SIGNING OF MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MoU) BETWEEN Connect Resources AND City University College of Ajman (CUCA)

Connect Resources and City University College of Ajman (CUCA) established an industry-academic collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU was signed in favor of delivering services that contribute to the development of local, federal, and private establishments in the local community.

With this alliance, the City University College of Ajman will provide its facilities and resources to conduct various training programs dealing with diverse areas of employee performance improvement. Therefore, allowing qualified students to opt for employment opportunities. City University College of Ajman will offer scholarships and discounts on the Bachelors and Masters Programs to those employees of Connect Resources who intend to study in the institution.

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On the other side, Connect Research will grant its services to exceptional students and employees of City University College of Ajman. Subsequently, allowing capacitated individuals to enter a recruitment process for posterior internships and job placements with their guidance and support. Connect Research will provide its services to promote and participate in these training programs process.

Ultimately, the main objective of this Understanding is to provide the population with opportunities to develop and establish local industries in the near future. Both parties agree to provide their services altogether, focusing on offering assistance in the fields of research, studies, and surveys.

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