In the Khaleej Times, Aaron Portero discusses how Europeans are flocking to the UAE.

On January, 17th, Khaleej Times, one of the most popular news websites of the UAE, posted an article about the reasons why European citizens are moving to the region. Consequently, to provide professional insight, Khaleej Time reached out to the Managing Director of Connect Group – Aaron Portero.

Source Link: Tax-free salary, health insurance: 5 reasons why Europeans are flocking to UAE

Talking about why the UAE is a common destination for Europeans, Portero says: “Europe is not in the best shape; with its high inflation, sluggish GDP, and energy crisis. The majority of the applications for work visas in the UAE, which come from Europe, are at an all-time high. 17% of the 2022 visas were for individuals from European nations. Therefore, for better tax advantages, businesses are aiming to relocate their corporate headquarters to the Middle East. People are searching for a better work-life harmony. As a result, professional workers are departing, notably from the IT sector.”

Stating his opinion about this phenomenon, Aaron Portero says: “People are now looking to move their families into a more stable nation. One that does not see the effects of the war; because of the impact the Ukrainian conflict has had on the economy.”

We express our gratitude to the team at Khaleej Times for reaching out to Aaron Portero, our Managing Director. Subsequently, as a visa provider, we are thankful to be a source of information for such a prestigious website.

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